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October 09, 2011


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Awwww Kellie, now I'm going to have to smack you around at market. I've got to beat some Viking sense into you and get you out of that Bernina rut you were in! ;-D

Love LOVE those twinnie pictures! I'm glad you were able to get away and have a wonderful break!


loving the photos - you poor thing having to put up with that view! Great pics of the kids!


It looks like a new boys quilt is on the horizon! It looks great! I love the shrinky photos, I will have to try that!


love that last pic Kellie so funny.


Looks like you had a great holiday, even with the quilting to do.
It's amazing how generous people are in the quilting world - the loan of a machine to sew on - wow
I hope you get everything done over the next few weeks and that the Market goes well for you - take care


So glad you managed to get away from it all - even though it seems you still took some of it with you! I was sewing on the plane too - glad it's not just me!




Oh great kid shrinking photos! Congratulations on the fabric line Kelli, I just read about it- how exciting! Looks great.


The photos of the shrinking kids are great, very clever and well done as for the new quilt....perfect!


I can't wait to see the whole quilt. I'm not sure how you got any sewing done though, with that view!

Sarah H.

when can I get the pattern! being a mom of 3 boys, robots, aliens, monsters, bugs and the like are some of our favorites around here!


Oh man, is that a robot quilt? I am totally into robots for my 11-week old (I have no idea why). I can't wait to buy that pattern!


You really take quilting to a whole new level! Fancy taking a sewing machine on holidays; lol!!! Well, the new quilt is going to be another winner. Love the "shrinking twins" photos.


Great pictures!
Honey, I shrunk the kids...!


You are the best juggler I know ...... Holidays - fall market - kids . What fun photos.

Heather Heasler

Love your quilts! Will you have a pattern available for the Robot quilt? Im expected a baby and if its a boy that will be his quilt! (Ive made the Monster quilt and Megs garden for my other children)

Archie the wonder dog

Love your holiday photos!!


Your quilts are so amazingly quilted -- do you have any tips for doing larger projects on a regular sized machine??

Rachael Rabbit

That is an amazing shrinking picture! I can't believe you take your sewing machine with you on holiday - that is true dedication - although a holiday alone with my sewing machine might actually be quite nice and relaxing these days! I mentioned your art smock pattern on my blog today - I hope that is ok.

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Hahaha funny :D


Great snaps! it looks like you had a great time. I love that Robot quilt! When will that pattern be on the market? I can't wait to make it for one of my girls. (yes, I make boys quilts for girls. They love the cars, the monsters (aliens in our house) as well as all the girly stuff too!)( And their mom loves making them)


It seems that you had such a lovery time! And vacation time also suits your quilt craft as you managed to get inspired and sew such a wonderful and colourful new quilt. Your children are very cute as well and the photos are a lot of fun!


Lynn T

Kelly, I love the new pattern and the twins pictures are so cute! Your fabric line looks like something that I will have to have in my stash! I am still waiting on a dvd tutorial of your classes seeing how I cannot travel that far to see you~! So, the next best thing is a dvd tutorial for which I will be first in line to purchase!


What a great holiday! Sewing and fun pics of the kids...


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