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September 29, 2011


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Oh my goodness Kellie, how exciting! And I can't believe you've been keeping such a huge secret for such a long time! Congratulations!! Danielle x


Looks cute! Congrats!!


OMG I love that!! Guess I have plenty of time to plan what to do with it :)


WOW, You are amazing Kellie! Congratulations!

Teje & Nero

Congratulations! So beautiful designs - I love your new line!


Oh wow Kellie. These are gorgeous! Seriously going to challenge my "buy no more fabric" pledge!


Oh congratulations Kellie, what a gorgeous range. Clever girl!!! xo


Congratulations Kellie - you should be so proud


That is so cool! Congratulations :D


I've already been drooling over the pictures of your new fabrics. Just can't wait for them to hit the shops. Well done! Of course I can't stop wondering what comes next? A pretty line of flower fabrics ;). Well, one can hope, can't one???

Karen Wilson

It'll come out just in time for my birthday, YAY!


Congratulations! Looks great from what I can see :)

Jantine Urban

Wow, love it indeed! You can be very proud of yourself!


Congratulations Kellie! and I can say I 'knew' you when! Hope all is well.

Nay from Nays Place

Love It Love It Love It Love It Love It Love It Love It Love It Love It Love It Love It Love It Love It Love It Love It Love It how cool is it to see some great boys stuff - CONGRATULATIONS what a lovely reason to be missing for a while


That's is fantastic news Kellie!
HUGE congrats mate!!!
I can't wait to get some!!!


Whoo hoo - that's fabulous!!


Congratulations Kellie! They look great! May you gave a looong friendship :D with the Riley Blake company so we get to see even more lovely stuff :)


Congratulations my friend , very well deserved too . Belated wishes to Josh , that one I did completely forget .. big hugs and well done xx


Congratulations! Those cars are so cute!

Auntie Pami

I so want this! I'll go check it out today...I was so excited to see your fabric.

sarah @ fabric seeds

I think it is darling! I own an online shop based in the u.s. I was at riley Blake and saw the storybook for it. I kept telling them how excited I am that you are now designing fabric. :)

Chelley Black

Cute! I love the dots and stripes and it's so nice to have a great group for little boys!

Mary Grace McNamara




Congratulations! That's BEYOND exciting, it looks so cute!


Love this! Would be great for quilts for my boys... March to May leaves little time to make two quilts, but I think I can do it. Adding to my wish list!


Wow! That looks very exciting. Congratulations.


I love it, my son just saw it too and requested a new nonni(blanket)! Can't wait to get some!

Judith. (Crete)

However did you keep this quiet? well done your new line of fabric looks lovely.

Archie the wonder dog

Congratulations, it looks great!!!


So THAT's where you've been hiding!
The range looks amazing ... especially love the idea of the classifieds ..... Can't wait to get my hands on some.
Yay you!!!!

(And Shana Tova to your little lot!)


I like it already! Congratulations! I can't imagine how exciting it must be to see your designs made into actual fabric. I'll bet you're rolling around in it now!


WooHoo! You've FINALLY spilled the beans! I love it -- especially that box car in the classifieds ROFLOL!!!!!

Amanda at Sew Awesome

news print! Those are car ads, right? I already have visions of it on my mental cutting table.


How fantastic.

Good on you!


Congratulations!! It looks amazing can't wait to get some.


so cute! congrats!!


very cute :) Congrats!!!

Jo in Tas

Congratulations Kellie!! It all looks fabulous and I love that it's for boys or girls that like trucks!!


That is so exciting! I can only imagine what it feels like to see your designs like that!


Oh, how funny! I was just on their blog and looked at the new designs coming soon, and yours was the one I got most excited about (not even realizing who designed it)! Nice work!!


Kellie, SQUEAL! That is such exciting news. I am so thrilled for you. The designs are wonderful and I am sure that you are entering a new phase of world domination....
Love Lara (who is now working part-time again and would love to see you soon)


Whoo Hoo! I can hardly wait...

Elizabeth Wright - broderie

well done you kellie ! congratulations !


Are you kidding me??? How in the world do you keep that a secret??!! Congrats!


WOW I have been waiting anxiously for your updates as they have been few and far between lately - But this was well worth the wait!! Congratulations - I cant wait till it's out so I can snap some up!!!


Congratulations Kellie!!!

Jo from the farm

that's exciting Kellie:) congrats...


Well done!Congratulations! I can't wait (and I hope that my favourite QS's stock the whole range) This is definitely a collection for which I'll break my (self-imposed)fabric-purchase-ban

Lisa LeBlanc

Congratulations! It's nice to know when we don't see you for a while you are up to good things! Lisa in Texas

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