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March 03, 2011


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Knowing your classes, I'm sure it was as fun as it looks! :)
That's a gorgeous new pattern! Can't wait to have a closer look at that one!

Dianne Ritter

I so wish I could attend one of your classes but either you or I would have to travel half way round the world to make it happen! I love your work and for now will have to be content with seeing it on your blog :0)


That class project looks gorgeous! Maybe I should try and do another workshop!!

Sheryl Scholte

what a wonderful weekend,just blook at those projects,whow !!!


I am SO looking forward to coming up from Tassie to do a class of yours in September - woo hoo! This has been a log time wish ; o )


your classes look like so much fun !!!! I think you need to come to Canada and teach a few classes : )


wow loving that new pattern even more! looks like a great class


Looks fabulous- shame I live the other side of the world!
Just me being stupid- but what are the gloves for?

Ann Higgs

Awesome photos and projects, looking forward to you coming to New Zealand. Is there any chance of you doing an online class?


I love the quilts!

Sarah H.

So, you are coming to the states to teach me, right??? :D
Or hey, I should just come to you. I have been meaning to get my passport. I wonder how much it would cost to ship my sewing machine?

Nan S.

It's always such fun to see your work. It always makes me smile! Could you do a review of your Sweet 16 machine? The foot on my machine doesn't allow me to see behind the needle at all, so I have a hard time when I'm doing feathers or swirls. I just can't see where I'm going. So...I'd like to get input a couple of different machines, and the Sweet 16 looks great. Are you happy with your purchase, and did you consider other machines as well?


Wow looks so great, I have to get more time to quilt. Thank you for the inspiration. Hug from Moia

Kris Hopper

I had a question for - it looks like they finished there project then flipped it over and quiltied it. I was just wondering if you could explain that?



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it looks like they finished there project then flipped it over and quiltied

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