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March 17, 2011


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Just stopping by to say hello! the kids are getting so big!

Karin @ Quilt Frenzy

the thought has been going through my head - and I have yet to try it, but wondered if anybody else has - what if you used NO foot? I mean, a quilting foot really doesn't ''hold'' anything down like a regular presser foot. Do we really need a foot at all?

Sarah H.

Your post comes at a perfect time as I have a dear friend who wants to talk feet this afternoon! I will load this page when talking to her. I have the really horrible Janome foot, but I am making it work.

So, do you use any programs to design your quilts or are they all done by hand? I am just starting to branch our from patterns and wondering what people use. I love your applique and am wondering how to make some of my own. I have a few designs in mind...


I have the Janome clear plastic open foot. I'm not completely happy with it - can you explain why the metal one (same shape) is so much better? What's wrong with the plastic one??


I have a Janome foot I "modified" by cutting the front off... it is a dream foot NOW!
What a difference a good foot makes. Loved your analysis and I concur: seeing what you are doing is critical. Love your site, btw.


Good tips, thank you.


you've mentioned the Bernina foot no 24 before and I duly went and bought one and I have never looked back. Thanks so much for all the info we get here free of charge!
Your kiddos are indeed growing up. Even the little one doesn't need any training wheels! Wow!!!


Hi Kellie! A fried hard drive is a very scary thought indeed! Hope you didn't lose anything you can't live without or get back easily enough. The foot tips are great - I had one of the closed oval plastic things - yuck! The one I have now is much more open and works like a dream! Can't wait to see your latest project!!! Danielle x


I have a Brother foot which is the same as the 'horrible' Janome one. Maybe that's why I can't free motion quilt as well as I'd like. Or maybe it's just that I can't be bothered to practice LOL

Will have to investigate that other Brother foot now.....


Very interesting! I have a Janome and will have to go have another look at the foot I have, the brother one looks great! Thanks for the info!
My sons love going riding with their dad on the weekends, it is such a great family activity!


I have a Janome, I have a solved the problem a little bit by sawing a bit out of the foot, so it is more open, but I will try the brother foot it looks wonderfull. Thanks so much for sharing


You're so funny! I can't believe you've had procrastinators in your classes -- the shock! The horror! And oh, the fun!!! And Yay for your sweet little Joshua -- he looks so proud on his new bike!


love the cycling! last year I bought a set of 3 janome feet for free motioning, one of them is like your first bernina foot and it's a joy. you can't get it seperate so it works out expensive but I love it.



Do you have a foot that you recommend for a Pfaff?

Sew Create It - Jane

Nothing like a little retail therapy to cheer a girl up. I've just ordered one for my Brother machine Yeah! :o)


Thanks for the heads up on the Janome feet thing Kellie. I have tried many times to FMQ without success. I agree that it is hard to see where I am going. I will check this out when I am next at my Janome retailer.


Thanks for the informatin on the Open Toe foot. I am definitely going to check this out. I have all Janome machines and would not trade them for anything else.


Are you going to make the pattern available for the lovely quilt shown in the workshop photo? Please, please, please . . . It is so beautiful and just what I am looking for to make as a wedding present. I already made one of your other patterns and the gift was very well received. Thank you for the beauty and color you add to the world! :-)


Love the post, Kellie! I am working on my procrastination problem, might even set up a support group - we will meet at a fabric shop and drink coffee and dawdle until it's time to go home - want to join?! Thanks again so much for the class, I am loving the technique and practicing as much as I can. Kirsty x


Can you tell me if you quilted the white fabric before you made the pillow? I think your work is amazing. My daughter made a quilt for

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