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October 06, 2010


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My gosh, your kids have grown up a lot these last few month. What a lovely bunch you have! Congratulations.

Patricia R Campion

The picture of the two children walking along with their arms around each other is one of the most precious I have ever seen. Sometimes, all it takes is a lovely photo to set the mood for the whole day - thanks for starting mine with such a delicious example of love!!!


Thank you for sharing all the birthdays. I loved it. We just celebrated my son's 18th b'day. He's an only child and it was fun because we went to his fave pizza place, a scary movie and he actually had his 2 friends sleep over for a nite of video games and soda/snacks. Time does fly.


happy birthday to all of them, all the parties look fantastic xoxo


NINETEEN days???? Holy Cow, there's work to do!

Your little angels all look adorable -- although, didn't anyone tell you it might have been a little easier if you'd spaced their birthdays out a little bit??? ;-)

Maree @ Farmyardcrafts

That's alot of celebrating and preparing in one hit!! Glad that they all had great birthdays and that they have such great times to remember! The pencil roll is cute. I'm assuming my copy is sitting in my mailbox about 8klms away at the entrance to the farm. I just couldn't be bothered packing up three kids into the car (including the baby!) to go driving!! Can't wait to see it though!

Katy (France)

Please tell me you meant sporadic?! ♥ ♥ I LOVE the pencil roll and the sewing party looked like such fun! :-)


I can't get over how grown up they all look , you are going to have problems with boys hanging around when those girls get older I can tell you, proper little stunners . You also realise you are going to get asked about the tree pictures don't you, well by me at least anyway ?? If we don't speak before good luck in houston and give yourself and Anna big hugs from me seeing as how I can't be there to do it myself x


I wish you were my mum what fun parties.


Happy birthday to everyone!!!
You must be absolutely exhausted.
Glad to hear your lack of bloggery is due to happy life happenings!!
Andi x


Happy Birthday to all your gorgeous kids! I think the sewing party sounds so much fun and their wall hangings are just beautiful. I will have to definately grab that Homespun mag, your the second blogger who has a project in it that I like! Cant wait to see Joshua's birthday photos too.


You're making some amazing memories for your kids. They've grown up a lot in the last year and have changed. Have fun in Houston even though you'll be working hard.


Happy birthday to everyone...

LOVE colour my world pencil roll...

Have fun in Houston... Do you need anyone to carry your bags???


tracey petersen

You have beautiful children - smiling or not. Good luck in Houston.


Gorgeous photos. Do you have a pattern for the tree wall hanging? It is beautiful and I know a little girl that would love one of those for her bedroom!


Just dropped by to let you know that I took a photo of the Worry Doll and Little Monster quilts at the Craft Expo in Melbourne yesterday. I have linked back to your blog and online store and also to In Stitches. Let me know if there's a problem and I'll fix it right up for you :-)

Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts

Happy Birthday to ALL your little cheribs... I just picked up my Homespun magazine and recognised this beautiful project. Look forward to more posts when you can....


oh kellie they really have grown up so much, in their faces they all look so much older! love all the parties and especially the sewing party - how cool to go home with things you've made instead of a lolly bag. I love it

and I picked up homespun when I saw your name on the cover for my hospital bag, still wrapped in plastic so I have something to read!

I think you're excused from regular blog posts with your schedule!


Lisa LeBlanc

I missed your 'blogging' are a busy, busy wife/mom/quilter/designer...I am going to Houston this year, I have missed it for the last few years...can't wait to see what you have to show! Lisa in Texas


Is there a way to get your pencil roll pattern and the car quilt pattern? I went to buy the Homespun magazine and they had all been recalled? Please tell me these patterns will be available. My son loves the car quilt and the pencil roll! (I'm in the US).

ugg boot

I had to refresh the page 2 times to view this page for some reason, however, the information here was worth the wait.

Gretchen Schock

Oh I can't wait to hear about the science party!

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I totally love this pencil roll,,,,is there a pattern for this? Also which month magazine is it in?

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