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October 13, 2010


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Claire - Matching Pegs

Good Luck Kellie,

I hope it all works out, and you get some sleep between now and when you fly off into the sunset !


All the best for Houston. Quick people, I'd be getting in fast, Kellie's class was the kick off for me getting on the machine to quilt. Did you get your mail from me Kellie.


Oh wow what a great offer - peoples, get in fast! I can't recommend Kellie's class enough - imagine, some private tuition! Best of luck Kellie, with the whole Houston thing!


Ditto. Go for it ladies, it's well worth your effort for a day with Kellie. Very inspiring.


Hi Kellie,

Wow, I have been lucky enough to make an appearance in this blog post! (green sweater). Kellie, I have posted a link to this post on my fabric, sewing forum that I am a member of that is US based, so you may get someone from there that might be able to help you out. If I lived in Houston I would be jumping at the chance of a private lesson!

Megs x

Jo in Tas

Wish I lived in Houston, what a fabulous offer!


Good luck !! I hope you can get the help you need. Some peeps are going to be lucky for helping you out :-)


I wish I lived nearby and could help you out but unfortunately not - a little old thing like the Atlantic is in the road (plus a bit more) - I'm sure you'll be helped out, as you know the quilting community is fantastic - I'll post a link back in DQS on Flickr as you took part in it recently when you weren't quite so busy. Here's hoping you get help sorted soon


if i lived nearer i would be there!! have a great show!



To bad Michigan is so far away 1311 miles, 21 hours driving in the car. Feasiblility of getting all that stuff on a plane, probably not. It sounds like so much fun good luck, I can't imagine it will be to hard to find someone interested in helping.

Kathy Brown

Kelli - your link to your email is not working. I will have a booth at Market - and am driving in from Louisiana. I can help you with a couple of things - just email me and we'll discuss!
Kathy Brown - The Teacher's Pet : [email protected]


Kellie -- you crack me up!!!! Sounds like we have a winner!!!

pat sloan

kellie I am SERIOUSLY meeting you this market!! missed you in your booth last market!

sorry i am flying in and of no use to you!


LOL Kellie!!! I am glad you struggle as much as we do for these crazy overseas shows!! I have a bit of help this year for the first time with props but every other year it has been pins and string - LITERALLY!! LOL. Cant wait to see you in Houston, will try and catch up and say G'day with my very "Aussie" accent - we do stand out there hey? What booth number are you? Of course I could look this up but that takes effort - I am number 616. Take care and good luck preparing!

Nancy Rathbun

I am going to be at quilt market, we are drving so I may be able to bring you some things if you still need them. I will be there the 29th in the afternoon. Is this too late to help?


How I wished I lived there! Kellie, I want to take a class from you so badly. I love your stuff. Hope it all works out! And remember, deep breath.... have fun.

Mona Keegan

I live in Houston and am a total fan. If I cannot help you out, I can find someone in our guild who can. We have family coming in for a wedding on the 28th and the wedding is in Galveston the 30th and 31st. Contact me via e-mail and let's see what we can find to help you out on this.
I can imagine your distress.

Nay from Nays Place

This is what I love about this lovely past-time called quilting - no matter who you are or where you are people are always willing to help. To all the lucky designers and stall holders Good Luck for Quilt Market and enjoy yourselves - dont forget to take time to look for yourselves.

Account Deleted

Kellie, wishing u a very successful Quilt Market, saw yr patterns at CraftExpo last weekend and thought of u.........u r popping up everywhere. Congrats. Sharon


OK girls pull out all stops......we really need help here! And the TROLLEY is top of the list so please please please.....I'll make you tea and coffee and go find some cupcakes to keep you fed and watered during your class! Jan


Ha HA Kellie good luck with Houston. I'm sure just draping your wonderful quilts everywhere will be enough enticement for any one to buy your pattens.

Laura in Stitches

Having seen all the beautiful quilts & patterns etc that you are planning to take to market in your limited luggage allowance, I would have thought you would have put out a call for clothes to wear - not ladders & trolleys! But good luck with it all!
Enjoy. Lx


I wish I lived near Houston!!! I would help you out with all of this. If you ever come to Utah please let me know. I have lots of contacts and could be of help. I hope to meet you someday and taking a class from you would be wonderful.

Angie Zukywich

what day is set up day? i may can deliver a trolley or two!
[email protected] I'll be at the quilt show Monday, Friday Saturday and Sunday.

Angie Zukywich

Michaela Laurie

All the very best of luck Kellie. I love your work. I am thinking of doing the Craft & Hobby Winter Show in January 2011 and you are giving me inspiration to - JUST DO IT GIRL!!! I look forward to reading about how fantastic it was and how well you did there. M


I see your booth on other sites, so I'm sure that you got the help you needed? Everyone is commenting on your patterns, I hope you had a terrific time in Houston. I'm sorry that I wasn't there to see you, but maybe next year, and if you need stuff, let me know.

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