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September 22, 2010


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What a busy lady you have been lately! Glad to have you back. Enjoy Queensland.

Jessica C

I wish I could take one of your classes. They all look like people are learning lots. As an aside, I won one of your patterns, and I had emailed you my address, but I didn't know if you had ever gotten it -- if it ended up in your junkmail or what.

I love everything you do!


You have been missed ;-)

Debora Analia Rivero



Welcome back. What a busy (hectic?) time you have been having. I bet it was fun meeting all these quilters and watching them embrace your technique. Fun!


Missed you! Hope there wille be an quilt along update soon. I am having fun again with the quilt along and would like to piece row 3, 4 and 5


Kellie.... Wow you have been busy. One day I will attend one of your workshops.. Looks like you need to go back to Fiji... and so do I.

I am still slowly working on the DLN...



Sharon L F

Hi Kellie,

Wow you have been busy...I guess thats the reward for success. We do miss you though, so its nice to hear from you. Remember to breathe :0
Hugs, Sharon


funny.....I was making up the bed this morning and admiring your pillow (as I do every day) and thought it's been a while since you have been a busy girl. Fantastic that the family can go along with you when you teach - and tough gig having to go to the theme parks while you are there! Have fun.


Glad to hear that everything is OK, Busy but OK!
Enjoy QLD!
Thanks again for the awesome class at Ballarat, I am definitely hooked on Raw edge applique now! : )


Yay! You're back. Missed you and can't wait to see what you've been up to.


You're back! Hello. That's a lot of quilting.


It's good to hear from you again Kellie, I have been checking your blog a lot in case my blog reader wasn't working! LOL! Have fun up here with the family, sorry about the rain!

Sandy Gray

I'm so envious of these girls with their projects!! Enjoy your break with kiddos - hope not too much rain. Love & hugs...

Vanessa Charlton

Hooray you have reappeared...Thought you'd gone to the Never Never! Looking forward to your next surprise, whatever it will be...Glad to see you actually get to spend some time with the family. Enjoy all the precious time with the family that you can have! See you next week at Patchwork Angel...I'm NOT missing that!!!It will be a BLAST.


so glad you're back but knew you'd be head down busy!

love the pics of the kids jumping in the pool and how lovely you brought them all with you for the weekend! I dream of the day my guys will all play in the pool without me!

love the new pictures up of the classes, thanks for getting them up there they are just fabulous!



Holy Cow Woman -- you could give a girl a heart attack by posting out of the blue like that. You're working too hard. Slow down or you'll be too tired for market!!!


It is lovely to see you having so much fun, and also, having no time to blog! I know this seems a silly comment, but I think you will know what I mean!
Hugs and Best Wishes for youXXXXXXXXX


I have missed your posting! Glad to hear you are busy teaching. Can't wait to see what you have been working on.


Happy to read you again Kellie!!!
What a minister's aganda:)
Have fun!


Hi Kellie,

I only stumbled upon Don't Look Now a few months ago and i've already started to make one of your pillowcases and joined the quilt along using some of my daughter's old baby clothes as scraps! I love your work, you have inspired me :) Thank you!x


Glad to see you are back. I admit, you had me worried, since you hadn't posted in so long. I always enjoy your posts.


Hi Kellie!
I have finished you design
Not this perfect... but I have done what I have could ja,ja
I invite you to see it in my site bloguer:

I wait expectantly for your opinion,tank you very much.

Regards Ana from Spain


cool job you have! when you combine work with talent and fun, it can only turn out a great thing. ;)


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