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July 11, 2010


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Wow Kellie and Emma, what a great giveaway. I'd love to do the class again! It would give me a chance to ask all the questions I have about trapunto.

Elizabeth McMahon

Fabulous giveaway, count me in pretty please, Ballarat Patchwork is my local quilt shop and I'd love to do the class. Thanks for the chance...


Fantastic giveaway! I'd love to be entered :-)


My husband and I went to a remote island in Fiji for our honeymoon it was so beautiful. Really untouched, spectacular scenery and the snorkling was amazing. We visited a local village and got to participate in a festival. The Fijian people were so friendly. I'll never forget it.


Sounds like you are having a delightful (and well-deserved) holiday. Enjoy the last few days away and hopefully we can find some time to catch up once you're back!


Good to know that you are taking some time out to recharge the batteries. Enjoy the last three days.

Megan Kay

Wow Kellie, I am so excited that I won!!! Thank you so much! Can't wait to receive the kit and get started. Enjoy the rest of your beautiful weather and I am sure I will hear from you soon.
(Don't enter me in the comp - much as I would love to be able to attend, baby number 4 is due on Aug 30, so probably a better idea for me to be staying put in Adelaide around that time!!!)


Looks like you're having a wonderful vacation Kellie! Love that shot of the legs -- I'm assuming the very cute little Don't Look Now legs!!!


What a great holiday!
I'm very jealous!
I would love to be entered into the giveaway, I would be there with bells on! : )

Account Deleted

Your blog is very nice with beautiful works and fabrics. Congratuletion!!


wowee! i would love to go to one of your classes and learn from the master, But sadly I don't think my husband would give me the ok for airfare to Australia.

Cath Roberts

Kellie, Look like I great holiday...wish I was there. Instead I have 2 little people with terrible headcolds to look after in cold Sydney! Enjoy your last few days... Cath



I LOVE FIJI... I want to go back. I just love the children.. their smiling faces... Beautiful place.

I won't be able to attend the workshop...sad, sad, sad.

Sandy N

Yvonne Benson

Would I love to win a two day class in my local town - yes please!!! Could you please put me in the draw for Emma's class offer at Ballarat Patchwork!


Looks like you're having a wonderful time in Fiji!!!
So sorry to be missing your class in Sydney but definitely keeping my eye out on another one of your wonderful classes soon.


Such a tease, I'd love love LOVE to come to one of your workshops but will have to wait until bubs isn't so dependant on me. In the meantime I can't wait to see what you've been working on.


I have been bugging the family to let Mummy have a holiday and what a fantastic excuse this would be!! Please enter me in your draw. Thank you!!


oooh wow, I am so happy to have won - thank you!
looks like you are having a truly wonderful holiday - enjoy xoxoxo


Have a ball in Fiji.
We were there a few months ago in the same parts and had a blast!!
Unfortunately, I can't be in the giveaway as I can't make the classes but good luck to everyone..... what a fabulous prize!!
Catch you soon, I hope.
Andi :-)

Lynne S of Oz

Wow, I'd love to get away at present. But alas no can do.
Please enter me in the giveaway for the class you are giving at Ballarat Patchwork. Thanks!

Jessica C

Wow, Fiji looks great! I am so excited that I won. You have NO IDEA how much I love all your patterns. Please, don't enter me into your giveaway for the class. I would, of course, love to come, but I live in the States, and there's no way I could make it. :)


My mom said Fiji was the best place she ever traveled to. She said the people were AMAZING. I can't enter as a trip Down Under isn't on the books for a few years. Good luck to everyone!


Your so lucky! As I write this, in Adelaide, its pouring down and super windy!!

Wow Kellie - I've just been catching up on your last few blog posts and it sounds like you're having a well deserved family holiday!!

I love your new designs!! You really have brought something fresh, exciting and new into the crafting world - and that's no mean feat!! You Go GIRL!!! You are a brilliant designer! So happy that you had a great time in the US, the stall looked fab!

All the best!!!
Vikki :-)


I would love to be entered into the Ballarat Patchwork giveaway. Thank you soooo much!


Your holiday looks amazing! So jealous.
Amazing prize, I would love to be entered please!


That looks like a great holiday and it looks warm - roll on summer. Don't enter me sadly Adelaide is to far to commute.


Enjoy your holiday. It's nice to be able to get some warmth in winter though Melbourne is not quite as cold as Wellington (this year is colder and wetter).


hi there

it all looks gorgeous!!!!!! you certainly deserve a break!

Well I've filled my spots for the weekend, thank you and we have 18 very excited students looking forward to your weekend + me!

oh and Finn now has 50m of wool/poly batting wrapped in plastic in my hallway to play around with - he thinks its a big log to roll around on!!



As much as I'd love to come to your class it's just a bit far I'm afraid . Fiji looks just gorgeous , glad you had a lovely holiday


What a great escape. I have just found your blog. I wondered if I could use a picture of the cars quilt and the worry doll quilt on my blog. I think they are so cute. I would of course link back to your blog. Also is there a place here in the states to buy your patterns? My blog site is thanks.


How super fantastic would it be to do one of your classes, i have a few of your patterns and haven't yet been brave enough to leap into them. I think a class is just the thing to encourage me to take that leap, to select my fabrics, start cutting and sew to my hearts content. I'd love to be entered for this fantastic giveaway!!!!!

Wendy Forbes

Wow I would love to learn how to make your beautiful colourful quilts. Please enter me for your giveaway I think I could use it before cricket season hits in earnest. Wendy


Hi Kellie, your raw edge applique has inspired me to get the machine out and start sewing again. The vibrancy and fun in your work is heart warming I absolutley love it.

I have already signed up for the class at Emma's on the 7th , can't wait!


Hi Kellie, you Gorgeous Girl!
I dont wish to be entered in anything, but just wanted to say how happy I am to see you are getting a break, & all enjoying your holiday!
Love & Hugs XX

Cath Roberts

Kellie, I'm so looking forward to meeting you tomorrow at Corrie's workshop and learning lots! Ciao, Cath x

Norma Bradley

I am going to try and book for a place at Ballarat Patchwork, I love your patterns. I am doing the Homespun Block of the Month that you designed, and have to find the stabiliser. As I live about an hour from Ballarat, perhaps I can do this in a class, then tackle the Rush Hour quilt for my grandson. :)

Craft Town Fabrics

Love the monkey


Come BAAAACK! glad you are having great holidays though. but missing you!


Thanks to your inspiration, I have been able to start something beautiful! I love all of your creations, and had to come look again today for some cheering up ;-).


It's been two months now. Are you coming back soon? Did you fall down a hole and can't get out? We miss you!!!

Susan in Texas


I am wondering where you are too Kellie! Hope everything is ok?!

Was so excited to be a winner from your last giveaway, just wondered if you had sent yet as I haven't seen anything in the mail, - absolutely no problem if you haven't sent yet and no rush, just didn't want to seem ungrateful if you had sent and it has gone walkabout, and you thought I was being rude by not emailing you to say thank you.

Anyway, looking forward to your next post, I'm sure you have had wonderful things being whipped up on the Bernina and I am ready for a good drool!

Julie in WA

Is winter over yet?

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