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June 21, 2010


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Lisa LeBlanc

Oh my, what an awesome quilt!! Your work is amazing and keeps getting better...if that is at all possible. I wish you were here in the US, I would love the opportunity to take a class. Two thumbs up! Lisa in Texas

Indiana Lori

This quilt and the pillows are simply awesome. I keep meaning to send you a picture of my finished puppet theater! The reaction has been overwhelming.


Those dollies are soooo cute, I have a little one who would love me to make her one.


Of my goodness, what an awe-inspiring quilt! Thanks for the giveaway.


That is so fun! It must have taken a long time...

auntie pami

you are so amazing! I just got an email from Quilt Market and you were one of the featured hot new items/designers! And this quilt is adorable!


Your talent never ceases to amaze and inspire me!!! You (and this quilt) are incredible!


Stunning quilt Kellie, but like the other Linda said it looks like it would take a month of Sunday's to make.


You are one of the most talented quilters I follow. I love this quilt. Great job!


This quilt is so gorgeous. I've just bought the pattern and I am thinking of making it up with a different doll to represent everyone in our extended family. I've got the idea now but when will I make the time. You just ooze talent!

Melissa B.

I have a worrier probably because I tend to be a worrier sometimes too. I love this quilt!
Melissa B.

Karen Martin

WOW! (A) You come up with the most wonderful creative ideas, and (B) How do you find the time to make these intricate quilts?! This is absolutely on my wish list, but WHEN?! :)


I love the story behind your inspiration for this quilt. I may have to find that book for my 8 year old great nephew, Jake. He has sleeping issues too. Seems now he has to listen to one of the 24 hour news channels to get to sleep, comment would be best here,lol. I can see all kinds of projects spinning from this pattern, with the kids helping pick fabrics and maybe duplicating friends and family who would help the young recipient feel comforted...granny, grandpa, great aunt debbie, heehee. Thanks for your inspiration again!
BTW, does the alphabet quilt in yesterdays post have "hidden words and names" in it or is that just my over active immagination?

Robin C


your talent just amazes me. That worry quilt is marvelous. how long did it take you to make it and did you make the girls separately and then applique the whole person to the background?

what ever you did, it's just wonderful. Wish I was a little girl.

Robyn Brown

I saw this quilt in someone's photos from Market and I've been anxiously waiting to find out more about it. It's beautiful.

Sarah B.

This is the one! Perfect for my 3 year old son who has nightmares a lot. I want to make it up with boys and girls who resemble his cousins and friends. Wouldn't that be wonderful if you wake in the middle of the night?!? I think I can even embroider their names on their shirts or something and then he can name them as well!


I love that blanket. I think I need one because I'm such a worrier. The blanket is so cute and perfect. Oh I need one.

Kate L.

Those kids are amazing! Beautiful stuff!

kathie l

Either of these pillows would look great on my new sofa. Kathie L in allentown

Kristen Perschon

I love In spring!!


Love the new quilt!


Super cute!! Thanks


Ohhhh, that quilt is ssssso adorable, but so are the pillowcovers. I'ld really like To Be There, In Spring (or any other time of year LOL) and be able to join one of your workshops :-)).
But I'm afraid it's a bit far, from the Netherlands :-))

Marie Saborio

Incredible, it is wonderful. In Guatemala those little dolls are nightmare eaters. You buya little box with 10 or 12 dolls inside that eat your nightmares. Your quilt is fantastic I hope there will be a pattern for it someday.

Mama Spark

This is an amazing quilt! The possibilities are endless!


Wow, more gorgeous quilts and pillows. Stunning!


Wow! This one is amazing! So girly! It's perfect! I'm in awe!


Those dolls remind me of paper dolls as a kid. How fun! I could see so many projects from this... It would make the cuties dust ruffle with the dolls around like a border! So much fun!

Your choice of colors and presentation are wonderful!
Hope your finger is doing better, too!
Paula ;)


What a good idea for kids who worry. I hope Jessica sleeps better now. *S*


I love the little girls!

Catie Roche

I love this quilt! What a wonderful idea!


Hi Kellie
Another fabulous quilt which I'm sure will help Jessie overcome all her worries! Thanks for offering all these generous give aways :)


This was such a great idea! After having heard that story, I'm sure your daughter was comforted by all these worry dolls! I could see plenty of other ways to use this pattern. For example, my great-niece and her best friend have American Girl dolls - quilts for them and for their dolls would be perfect! As always, your designs are wonderful!

karen otto

I absolutely adore this style of quilting. I'm busy learning the applique techniques. Thanks for a great blog.
Karen o.


I love the worry dolls quilt. Are you selling them?


I love how their arms are open for hugs! And I'm impressed that every one is different -- I can't imagine how long this has taken you!


Your dolls look so cute, especially their faces. You definitely have a knack for design!


Your quilt is amazing!


I just LUV looking at your work!


The quilt is amazing - I can't imagine quite how many hours it must have taken to complete.

We too have our own little worrier in the house - and so we all loved the Silly Billy book when we found it at the library.

We also found a really good workbook on Amazon for helping young children deal with worrying...It's called 'What to Do When You Worry Too Much' by Dawn Huebner.

Florence x


Wow, they are sooo cute. I am seeing these in colours to match my grandkids rooms. Wow. (oh, yeah, I said that already!)


What an absolutely charming quilt and a loving story behind it! Putting love in something I make for my children is one of my favourite points about crafting. Thank you for the give-away!
Have a nice day
Daniela from France


This one was my fave in your booth, glad to see it's now available!!!!!


Sheila Lesure

Once again, amazing. I don't know how you do it I mean come up with such beautifully cute yet complex patterns and the quilting is awesome. I have a 16 year old son who is a football player--he wants his whole team put on a quilt. I'm planning on getting the pattern from you (I'm not so computer literate I had to have my daughter help me figure out how to post a comment ah but I'm a quick learner!)and I promise to send a picture when it is done.


I just love the new girly quilt! I really need to get started on the project from Quilters Companion....


I love the new quilt..maybe something I will tackle for my new sweet.


That is amazing.. what a special quilt...

Anna Koziol

Gorgeous work; so crisp and clear and colourful.
I would like to make one of your uilts but i am fearful that it would be too difficult for me.

Shauna Lynch

Beautiful dolls


Every child should have a worry doll. This looks like fun. Can't imagine how you can top this.

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