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June 21, 2010


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The worry dolls are adorable! I don't know how you do it - but keep up the good work we are all loving it!


wow, this is amazing!!!!


Love the worry doll quilt it looks like such fun, it reminds me of paper dolls. In spring is just lovely, i hope you will be teaching it!


Such an adorable quilt!!!


WOW, this quilt is amazing, I LOVE it!
hope i can make one for my 6 y.o daughter soon (psst..daydreaming me) :D


that quilt is adorable, we bought worry dolls for my daughter, but then she worried about losing them as they were so tiny....... xxxx


Ok, having lurked for simply ages your competition has tempted me into quoting. I can't tell you how much I love your work (although there are days I could weep at how lovely your stippling is versus mine!) What I like is how approachable your patterns are, though. I might not be able to produce a work of art, but you really make me feel like this is something I can do — and the cushion I have just made for my cousin's baby using your tutorial is proof that I can!


What a sweet quilt that has so many possibilities to personalise it to the child you are making it for. You're certainly a talented designer.


I can honestly say I think you are one of the best designers I have seen in a very long time! I have just ordered worry dolls and can't wait to get started! All your others are on my list too! Keep up the good work... can't wait to see what's next!


Beautiful! I love Anthony Browne's work (my favourite is: My Dad) - how wonderful that his work inspired such a gorgeous quilt!


So much detail, I've never seen a quilt like it! I'll have to hunt down that book :)

bellgirlblog [at] gmail [dot] com


The dolls are unbelievably sweet without being sickly. What a wonderful idea for a child that worries.

Yvonne Benson

sO SUPER COOL! jUST LOVE IT AND SO DOES MY DAUGHTER!! Thanks for more wonderful ideas....


How cute! Your children are so lucky to have a talented mom like you! Best wishes from Taiwan!


Oh Wow! What a fabulous quilt, the intricate applique is beautiful. I would love to win a pattern although I am certain I could never manage anything quite so lovely. May be the cushion would be a good start.


Oh Kellie that story is great I've read it to groups of children and they love it too - your quilt is just simply divine you are such a talented lady.


Funny quilt, so original!


They are sooo lovely - great idea Kellie!


These are adorable and so clever! I have boys, so the football players intrigue me!! :)


Amazingly stunning quilt! i'm far too impatient to try this one.
What a lucky girl your daughter is!

Jenny of Elefantz

Kellie, you REALLY are amazing! What a fantastic quilt!!


OMG! You are such an inspiration! I'm sure Jessica can sleep well with the safety blanket.

Sally Morris

Very pretty pattern, can see using it for borders or a strip quilt.


What a beautiful quilt! They are really, really cute dolls! Looks like a lot of hard work though!!


Just Love all those worry dolls :-) Great Idea


How very creative you are!! And what a special quilt for a little girl to wrap up in! Very nice. I'd also love to be entered again for your giveaway. Thanks!


Poor Jessie, we'll have to check out Silly Billy as Milo is a bit of a worrier too. Great quilt , especially the fact that you can do boy football teams .


You do the most incredible work! This quilt is beautiful!

Megan Butel

Very cute - love the little girls!


Your work is amazing. I love your new quilt and everything else you have made.

tracey petersen

Who could worry with this lot looking over you?


OOH! what a treat! two grreat posts in a week! Love the alphabet quilt, hope your trip to Minnesota was fruitful...did you get to the Mall of America? Susan


That quilt is too sweet, esp. considering the story behind it. I just love the pillows, too. ~karen


soy incapaz de decir cual de todos me gusta mas, asi que me quedo con todos

la colcha de niños, si tengo que elegir es mi preferida
gracias por hacer cosas tan bonitas y enseñarñas



What a gorgeous quilt! I am sure Jessica loves it. You are so very talented!!

Penny G

I love the worry doll quilt. What a wonderful comfort for a small child.

lucy locket

What a totally GORGEOUS quilt! It is stunning! Lucy xx

Linda T

What a cute quilt - can't wait to see a boy version??

Count me in - I love those pillows!


Silly Billy was a hit in our house too...we had to buy a little box of worry dolls after reading it...your quilt is much more snuggly though!


These dolls are adorable. The pillow idea is great too!

Renee Carter

The worry doll quilt is quite perfect - it looks like a lot of work! Please count me in on the beautiful cushion giveaway.

Warm regards from Renee in Perth, Western Australia


Absolutely gorgeous - again! Thanks for the chance to win a fantastic giveaway, would love to win it.

Jessica C.

This one looks just a little more daunting than the alphabet one, but so cute. I love the story behind it. You are amazing -- your ideas are so unique. I love all your stuff!


Your quilt is adorable! Love the idea!


Making that quilt was genious, seriously. I'm sure your daughter will remember for the rest of her life (except maybe teenhood) how you made something especially for her to feel better. Love your stuff, I have Lilly Pilly and Meg's Garden and really would love to have either of those patterns.


This is beautiful, very nice!!!!!!!!!
congratulations for your work , and sorry for my english, kisses for you from Argentina


So cute Kellie. I am a worrier and think maybe I need one of those quilts! I love the quilting on it. Very pretty!


I love love love the worry doll quilt! I still have my worry dolls from when I was a little girl, and my kids play with it all the time. What a spectacular idea!!!


As always, I adore your work! Stay creative.


That quilt is crazy cute!!1 I adore it.. seriously you must have the patience of a saint - I can't imagine how time consuming it must have been.+

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