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June 21, 2010


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Wow. Your designs are brilliant! I love the story behind this design and I hope it helps your girl with her worrrying.

Jantine Urban

This quilt is unbelievable! I love it to bits, especially with the story behind it!


Oh my! this quilt is just adorable.


I love your work! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

sayda sanchez bonett

Todos sus trabajos son encantadores, me gusta trabajar el apliquee,y por eso visito su blog con frecuencia.


My grandaughter would LOVE this doll quilt--maybe after I get teh two I working on done

Mandy Foot

Kellie, Love this Doll quilt, have already ordered my pattern.
Thanks. Mandy


This is fun, fun, fun. Makes me feel like going out to jump rope or hopscotch. Love the expressions on the girls. Your color selection is wonderful.


I love this quilt, I really love that you could make the girls look like your kids friends, too cool!!

Shelley C

Perfect naming of this quilt! Love the vibrancy of it. (I'm having trouble posting...hope this isn't a repeat)

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Worry Dolls is just adorable!! It must take forever to make!


It's quilts like these that make me wish I had a little girl... It's beautiful, as are all of your quilts!

Lisa E.

Wow, very inspiring. Thank you for sharing with us!


Oh, I love this one!


I love Jessie's quilt! Thank you, this is my 2nd entry!


just to beautiful.

Crafty Jemima

Wow - sleeping under this would be like getting 32 cuddles every night! So sweet.

Nerys x

Beverley Lincoln

Kellie what a lovely concept you have developed here. I am sure it will do the trick.


This is just beautiful. I had to ask myself "How many quilts is too many for my daughter"? And seeing this, my answer is definitely "There's always room for another"
Congats, I am always thrilled with your designs and I love your blog.

crafty pug

very thoughtful of you not to require people to change their children's names!!! ;) he he


What an amazing design. I love it and with the story of daughter it is even more special

Elizabeth H

Your patterns are more beautiful than anything Ive seen before. I vow to myself to learn how you do it! Stunning.

Ruth B

How cute are those worry dolls????? They are adorable! What little girl (or big girl) wouldn't love this.

Geniene Barbour

oMg so cute. I visited patchwork angel not so long ago when I was at my Mums'. Such a beautiful shop and such wonderful ladies
Love your patterns

Melanie MacDonald

I LOVE the worry dolls! I just bought Meg's Garden and can't wait to finish it so I can begin this one!
Melanie MacDonald


You find the neatest ideas. Those little dolls are so cute.

Beck C

Oh wow, that quilt is SO cute! How on earth do you do that quilting? I really struggle with that. Thanks for the chance to win :)

Marcia Wright

The idea of a worry doll quilt for your daughter is so special. Please enter me in your giveaway. mlwright29 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Val Laird

Love that fabulous design!

Jessica M.

Wow, this is just SO adorable!!


This new pattern is so sweet Kellie. I just love it.


Those little girls are so's the kind of quilt my daughter would jut love in her bedroom. Your work is so lovely.

Leah Grace

What a sweet quilt! Not only are you talented at the sewing & applique - but your designs are are truly unique! You could illustrate a children's book with your designs.


this is UNbelievable!!!

tracey dawkins

LOVE the dollies will definately need to have a go at this! Tracey x


These little kids look like they about to give a big hug to one little girl.

Lori Jones

Another wonderful quilt!! Here's to hoping i am one of the random winners!


Kellie! You just keep getting better and better! What an inspiration. I love these children, but they seem really difficult. I am thinking I could do a row of 3 or 4 of them.... Thanks again!

Krist Van Os

I really need to check that book out at the library. I have a little girl that may relate to that book. - Absolutely amazing quilt that you have made - WOW


So amazing! My head is spinning with all the possibilities for this quilt! I hope this pattern is already in stock at Addicted.


PS We love Anthony Browne books too - especially My Mum and My Dad. His artwork is amazing.


I absolutely love the quilt, I think I need one, I'm a bit of a worrier.

Sally de Wijn

The Worry Doll quilt is by far my favourite or your three latest posts!! I have a niece who is about to turn one, and I can't stop thinking of ways to make this quilt for her (of course not for her 1st birthday as that is in 1 week!!) Thank you so much for yet another great pattern to tease me with!!

Judy S

I can see where a little girl could sit for hours and try to figure out who all the little people remind them of.
Great idea for your daughter. I hope the worry dolls will make her feel better.

Sharon L F

Hi Kellie,
What a fantastic quilt...and I loved your alternate suggestions as well :)
Hugs, Sharon

Jo from the farm

just love the quilt and cushions, fantastic... love Jo xx


so impressive!


Your pattern are great. I love them.

Greeting Guilitta from Germany

Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts

Another beautiful quilt Kellie and soooo much work. I'd love to know how you fit it all in....


Hi, Your quilts are an inspiration to me. I used to steer away from applique projects as it takes up so much time. I cant wait to try this method out and I am sure I will be totally hooked. Keep the designs coming!

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