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June 21, 2010


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I'd love to be a winner.


What a gorgeous quilt!


Laura Tawney

Love your blog and quilts!! Love the colors and designs - glad that Minneapolis went well for you!
Thanks for the opportunity to participate in your give-a-way!!
Laura T


Greetings from Ireland!
Your work is truly amazing. I Would love to try a wee pillow to see if I could make something as special as these
Thanks for all the inspiration


We holiday at the Sunshine Coast & my time is normally a couple of hours at the Patchwork Angel while hubby takes our four to the toy store. You'll love it! I also have an 11yr old daughter who often has troubles getting to sleep! Another beautiful quilt!


Oh my, oh my, oh my!!!! I looooove this! And must have it!

Kristin Jenny

My mind is already racing with the possibilities. I adore your work.


Your quilts really do inspire me! You come up with such great ideas. Can't wait to see what's next

Heather Bailey

I am absolutely love your designs. I really want to learn how you do the swirly's!!

Morgane @ Bear, Dolly and Moi

I love the doll quilt, it is beautiful!
Hopefully your daughter will sleep better with her quilt, a great idea!

Trish B

Kelli - love your work and your website. Keep up the great work! I would



Ann-Maree, Highfields, Q

Love the look of this new pattern and can't wait to get my hands on one. Will have to visit my local quilt shop soon to get hold of it. Thanks for all the great patterns you have available and keep them coming.


I just love your designs - so colourful. It was great to hear that you come to Canberra to do the odd class - I can't make the next one at Addicted to Fabric, but am keeping my eyes open for the next one!


The dolls are so cute!


I just found your blog (via Sew Picture Perfect)...and I'm in awe! I absolutely LOVE your quilting and your applique! All of your patterns are amazing! I especially love this one, the Worry Dolls, my daughter would LOVE this quilt, what a wonderful quilt!! I've subscribed to your blog so that I can keep following all of the amazing quilts, patterns and projects you come out with! SO beautiful...and inspiring! Wonderful job! :)



I love the worry dolls. So cute.

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I Love Peak Hour!! Can't wait to make it for my little grandson. I love just looking at your work. Very inspiring! Keep those creative ideas coming!

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wendy white

i was wondering if i could purchase thisworry dolls quilt pattern.. i sent my email for you. if you could respond back to me it would be greatly appreciated.. thankyou.. i sent previous comment but don't know if it went through right... thankyou for your time.. beautiful work you do.. love your site.... happy valentines day..

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