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June 21, 2010


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Carolina H

How cute! Love it!
Quilthugs, Carolina


Wow, the quilt is beautiful!

Heather Kordsmeier

I fell in love with the "Worry Doll" quilt. My daughter beg me to make one for her to hang in her room. I love all your creativity!!!


What a fabulous quilt Kellie, one of my favourites I think. It would be perfect for Isabelle who like your Jessica worries about everytying too and always has trouble sleeping. I think she spends more time sleeping in our bed than her own to tell you the truth. I hope you have a wonderful time with your family over the holidays too and soak up sunshine!


Hi, i am so thankful you included boys!! 3 of my grandchildren are boys and they love it when I make them something.


So beautiful! Love the colours, combinations and the motivation behind your quilt.


Your designs are sooo wonderful!

Penny the Patchwork Angel

Kellie thanks for letting us borrow Worry Dolls we at the Patchwork Angel just love it.Looking forward to seeing you again in October. Penny


Oh my gosh Kelly!! You never disappoint. This is completely adorable, I must have it.

Lynn Taylor

I think it is absolutely perfect! What a fantastic idea you have once again come up with. Beautiful!


Your designs inspire me to want to play with more whimsical colours and fabrics. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your beautiful quilts!


Wow! What a truly wonderful, beautiful quilt! I'm sure your daughter must love it. :)

Deborah S.

I love this idea. I also have a grandchild who is a worrier and I think this quilt would be so comforting to him. How nice to bring a bunch of other kids with you to bed each night for company! Thank you for sharing your ideas and talents.


I totally love the whole concept of your worry doll quilt - it is adorable and will be perfect to snuggle up under! Your designs are always an inspiration. Karen

Andrea Bakewell

I think the Worry Dolls is such a great idea for those little worriers' and I am sure any little one will find comfort in have a quilt filled with worry dolls who will take their worries away. Even the pillow to rest their little worried head on. Well done!!


Love all of your work Kellie. I would love to make the IN SPRING cushion for xmas for my niece


I love your dollies and am always amazed at your beautiful designs. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!


This pattern has so many possibilities! Thank you so much for designing it.


Amazing, simply amazing! I thought this would be one of the three when I saw a glimpse of it in one of you pictures. (But I must admit, I am waiting for number three and hoping it is the quilt I am guessing it might be...)

Take care!

Oh, I wanted to mention, that before our newest addition to the family was born in May, I did finally finish the quilt I was working on for our eldest child. During the same time you have finished several projects... boy, am I slow! However, I wanted to thank you for being an inspiration. I would never have dared to try free hand quilting were it not for you! Thank you Kellie!

Karen Mundt

The Worry Dolls quilt has so much potential for people to put their own mark on it. Lovely clear colours! Thanks for showing us.


My husband is a psychologist he works with kids and talks about worry dolls. I have always loved the concept and this quilt is truly beautiful! We have 6 children ourselves and I'm going to make them one each. This pattern has really touched my heart. Thank-you


Wow Kelly, the worry dolls are amazing! I have a 7 year old 'worry wart' at home too! I'll tackle this one after I finish 'lilly pilly'

jojo's circus

oh, I understand mum, your daughter my son! I really need the boy version of this for the same reason. It is stunningly beautiful, I have not a clue how to do what you do with the trapunto though? Do you have a tut on the site somewhere that explains the process? thanks so much for sharing your work, it always spurs me on to try harder, experiment more.


Stunning! Any girl, any age would be delighted to own it.


Oh Kellie! I think you are the most gorgeous person on the Internet!!

Leisa Zoeller

Im in love with this quilt. I dont quilt yet so Im guessing I should start somewhere easier first. I just love ALL your patterns!

Linda J

I have a grandson who is such a "worry wort." I'll have to read the book and perhaps a quilt (or it will be a pillow) with mostly boys and some girls will be in his future. Recently discovered your patterns and blog. Love your creativity and "look."


The finished quilt looks amazing. I saw the quilt almost finished in Mooroopna(in a course I did with you) This one is on my to-do list


OMG I love the worry doll quilt. Where did you get the little people?

Melissa Corry

Wow, Wow, Wow!! That quilt is amazing! So adorable, and yes, one with football players would be perfect for little boys. You never cease to amaze me!


I love this pattern! I am such a worrier (even as an adult) and I remember having worry dolls as a kid. I also love the idea of letting your little one pick out the looks of the kids. I always dream of having my little daughter involved in a quilt with me. :)


What a wonderful idea to help your daughter manage her worries!! I love how all the little dolls have their own personality :)


Blogless me

What a fantastic quilt - "wish it was here, wish it was mine" ;-)


They just keep getting better....what will be next?


Oh, my goodness, this is really amazing!

Cath Roberts

Oh Kellie, You just keep on making the most amazing designs! There is no end to your creative spirit! Just so glad that you have a generous spirit too and love to share it all with us! Thanks.


Wow, this is amazing; the perfect thing for the little worriers among us.


They've both photographed well......was this with the new camera? And believe me everyone they are EVEN MORE AMAZING in real life!


I love the quilt - HAVE to make it! :)

Beth T.

This quilt is amazing. How I wish I lived close enough to take a class from you, if only to convince myself that these incredible quilts are humanly possible.


oh that is just adorable - i have a little worrier too, thanks for the idea!


Hi! Your work with the Worry Dolls is amazing. It reminds my daughter of friendship and togetherness. Keep up the great work.

Jody Herbert

The worry dolls are just beautiful - love the cushion. I'm sure my little girl would just love one!


Super uba cute quilt XD


Anthony Browne is great, isn't he! Your worry dolls are so sweet. The bright colours against the white are so yummy.


Kellie, this quilt is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!!
The kind of quilt my Sweetie would love:)
If you inted to plan another Quilt-along, why not chose these dollies with -as you suggest- a simple pieced center and then a border of little worry dolls around the edge?!
I would run for it, that's for sure (and would have my Sweetie to motivate me;)))


I agree with Fabraholic - where do you come up with these adorable quilts?? I love your work. It's so refreshing and lovely!

janet waack

so cute!! makes me wish I had a kiddo to make one for!


Each kid had such imagination, I really like this quilt. You are inspiring.

Lynn D

Oh my goodness, I love all your patterns, and how generous of you to give away a kit to 3 lucky winners. I hope I'm one of them.

Lynn D in NC

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