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June 21, 2010


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Darlene B

What a cute doll quilt! Your background quilting is absolutely amazing...


OMG, Kellie! Those kids look like so much work! I mean it's an absolutely, fantastically adorable quilt, but it looks like it takes eons to make. Your pillow patterns are more "my size." Thanks for these chances to win.

Sharon Coleman

Your work is so beautiful! I would love to win the kit to make your lovely pillows.


Love your work - so colorful and inspiring.


Your quilt is amazing! Love it!


Ohmygosh, those little dollies are so cute, Kellie! You've outdone yourself. Yes, most of your stuff is girlie, so it is time for something for the boys.

Carol Lee

WOW your designs are fantastic. Love the new quilt.


Absolutely love your worry doll quilt. Just too cute!

kristine hanson

oh! I love the quiltie with the kiddos!! I would add some glasses to these for my daughter, too cute!

Shirley Taylor

OMG I love this one. Resist temptation and finish Rush hour first - I will I will I will :)


We have borrowed that book from the library too. What a great inspiration for a quilt!


Simply beautiful Kellie......a special quilt for a special little girl...
Cheers Michelle


Now you are just adding to my list of things to do. I love this quilt. So very creative.

Megan Kay

Kellie, I absolutely love this quilt and you will see my order come through very soon, Think I will have to make this for Stella! Just gorgeous!


The worry dolls are simply fantastic, let alone the background quilting. Your children are so lucky to have such a talented and creative mother. Youve been very busy. Cant wait to see No.3


the quilt is amazing. looks so hard to make >.< love all the happy little person :D

Claire - Matching Pegs

Congratulations Kellie, on another beautiful quilt.

I am sure all your kids will enjoy ordering versions of the people in fabrics of their choice.

My son would be straight onto the Brown and Gold (he is a little Hawks supporter), but the girls would obsess for ages over each outfit.

Looking forward to seeing you in September for our symposium, unless I see you before then.

Sherry Bedard

Hi I was trying to find the pattern for the kids. I would love to see how its done. The pillows are more my size but I would love to see one like you did. So very beautiful


Love it:) And I know my Lizzy would too.

Leslie Schmidt

This is such a wonderful quilt! I sure hope it helps your daughter feel comforted and not so worried. It breaks our hearts to know our little ones have such stresses.

Sherry Bedard

HI I just found how to get the pattern its on you web site. I will be putting my order in soon. Thanks Just love them.

Ange Moore

My daughter loved Silly Billy too - especially the page with all the dolls and their names!! And that is a spectacular quilt as well - very clever (as usual)!


Love, love LOVE!


Very cute quilt. I hope it takes Jessica's worries away.

jill matyastik

What a wonderful gift to a child with worries - so perfect!


Kellie, you are amazing. Your quilts and pillows are gorgeous. You are a very talented lady! I love reading your blog and catching up on what you have been up to! Can't wait for the pattern!


My son is a worrier, the nights we have had him in tears over nothing... what ifs.... but I can't stop thinking about it. He can't help it he comes from a long inherited list of worriers. At least my daughter seems to be a little more care free. Love the dollies.


Another Gem!!! I love your amazing style, it is just fantastic to see a new style of design that would actually make kids excited about something that is handmade!! Thank you for giving us such inspiration.

Christine M

Hi Kellie, The quilt is fantastic! Regards, Christine



The worry doll quilt is just beautiful and what a great idea. I wish I had a worry doll quilt when I was a child. Actually I could do with my own quilt now!!

Sandy N


Hi Kellie. I just had to stop and look and look at the detail in this quilt. Just beautiful

Bec Clarke

Oh my goodness how amazing are all those little dolls, you rock!!!


That is so adorable!! It looks like so much work though!


I have a little Jessie, who is a worrier, too! I loved this pattern already, but now that I know the sweet story behind it, I know I'm going to have to get it and put it at the top of my list of things to make. So great. Thanks for sharing your talent with us!

Larissa Storm

Super cute, I've been away in Europe for the past 3 months and it is so nice to come home and catch up on all the wonderful new creations on the blogs that I haunt. Love the story behind this one as well. I'm off to a quilting day this weekend with Rosalie Quinlan and Leanne Beasley, can't wait...


LOVE LOVE LOVE all your work ! hugs from France.


These little dolls are absolutely adorable! I love that you can mix and match the clothing - reminds me of those paper dolls we had as kids where the "clothes" were held on by little tags that folded over the shoulders and around the waist or legs. I am sooo making this for my little one, just have to conquer my fear of free motion quilting - I have visions of quilting my fingers into the work too!!


This quilt is....very, very..beatifull!!!! Ohhh...I love this quilt!!!! I follow you some weeks ago.... I love your blog!!!! Congratulations!!!!

A kiss from Spain!!!!


That quilt is possibly the most awesome I have seen. I am a bit of a worrier at times so maybe I should try to do something similar.

Dawn H

Just so gorgeous Kelly.... Love it... and I might make myself one... cos I am the worrier and my Dad.... but I don't think he'd like one just yet... maybe if he had alzheimers and goes like a little kid again i could make him one......Lol...I'll just make the girls ones first.
Hugs Dawn x x x

Crafty Mummy

I LOVE the quilt for your daughter! We too enjoy Anthony Browne books here, but I haven't come across that one. But your quilt is a beautiful idea to help her worry less. How lucky to have such a clever mummy!
Do you mind if I feature your quilt in one of my blog posts? With a link over of course!


Kellie this quilt is simply a stunner - yet again you've made something fun and differient - I love it and the cushions.

Dana St John

Beautiful, just beautiful, my daughter would love that quilt. Do you sell your quilts at all, I would definitely buy one, I just dont have your talent!


Another wonderful quilt. You are so clever.


I think I might run out of adjectives to describe how wonderful your patterns are. I like the story behind the worry dolls. It's adorable.

Susan L

your cushions are so beautiful.


I guess as your employee I can't win :( Love the quilt Kelly, unfortunately I don't have anyone to make it for. I love the story behind the quilt and hopefully I can give you some extra time to make pillows for the boys!


Poor little Jessie! I'm sure the quilt will help her sleep much better.


Love the quilt. I have two daughters who sometimes struggle with fears of monsters and ghosts in their rooms. So, it's a great idea, too.


I don't know how you come up with all these ideas - and I haven't the faintest how to sew them!!! Absolutely stunning.

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