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June 24, 2010


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If I'm pushed very hard, I probably would have to say that "Rush Hour" is my favourite - but only by a smidgen (who am I kidding, I LOVE them all. And of course I adore all of the new pillows!!! I've been waiting for their release ;). Thanks Kellie!


Oh my now my grandsons are going to be really happy!! Thanks so very much for sharing your wonderful creativity with us.


Kellie, You are a STAR!! I love them all and I think I need a new shelf just to keep all of your patterns on. I don't know which to start first. Thank you!!!


I LOVE the new patterns. I really need to get going on the one i purchased...the tree with all the colorful leaves...can't remember the name...


In love with 1st day of Christmas. Just lovely


Oh, Kellie! I love this one better than the dollies one. All the little vehicles are so unique and cute. I hope I win one of your patterns!

I love all of them!
Thanks for the chance!


Cute! My grandsons would love this quilt.


Wow! Each one better than the previous! Thanks for the chance!

Robin C

I love them, all of them. Can't pick a favorite. But since my husband works for the pear growers in Oregon/Washington USA I have to pick the christmas one as a favorite!


Yay - I'm so glad that these patterns are now available for purchase! Thanks for the giveaway!


I've got to admit, that really does look daunting to me, but oh so worth it! I should start now, for my nephew's 5th birthday. He's 6 months old and with that realistic deadline, I just might be able to do it. :0) It's stunning, as always.


I love to see the way your mind works. Just wonderful and colorful patterns. I am in awe.


Your quilts & pillows are so breathtaking! I am totally in awe!


They are all just so much fun! Wow. Thanks for the giveaway.

Jessica C

Okay. This is officially my second favorite pattern (after the monsters one!). I have five boys, and my youngest is a car-monger! I absolutely love this one. Bring on the raw-edge applique, I say!


You know what I like about all your work Kellie, not just the fact that you make gorgeous things bt the fact that you make things for both boys and girls , most people tend to cater towards just girls. I got Homespun the other day specifically for the Little Monster quilt .... maybe you should release the Monster cushions too ??? Pretty please x

Kate L.

All three of these quilts are fabulous. I love these trucks though!

Dana St John

This is my favourite boys one, and I love the how does your garden grow pillow too- wonderful bright colours!


All so beautiful!


My 3 yr old grandson loves all things trucks, I can't even imagine what he would do with this quilt!! It's unbelievable. Kellie, you really are amazing!!!! (I think I've said this before LOL).


Your Rush Hour quilt is wonderful! All of your designs are wonderful though. Such a cute quilt for the little boys. I also really like the 'First Day of Christmas' pillow. I need to hurry up and make the 'Wish you were here' pattern that I got from you. Not sure I'll ever be as good at the machine quilting as you are. I just love what you do!


Another stunner Kellie & every little boys dream quilt, it looks fabulous!


I would love to see your stash! All those different fabrics for the cars...amazing!


those scooters are adorable x

Michelle Smith

Your quilts are so "smiley" how happy! Very inspirational!


Those cars and trucks are adorable! And I love the circles around the border!


Lisa LeBlanc

I love, love all of your quilts. You are SO talented and the color choices are beautiful. Lisa in Texas


Oh my Kellie, I can't imagine how long Rush Hour took you to complete, but it's absolutely stunning. I'm hoping that you'll release the pattern for In Spring, any chance of that happening soon?


I have two nephews who would adore this one! Your poor boy having to wait so long for his.

Lynn D

I just love all the color and fun in your patterns. Everytime I look at them I see something new. Keep on creating!


Such a great pattern for boys!

Sheryl C

I am so excited!!! I have been drooling over Wish you were here since I first saw it on your blog!!! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE all your designs! Your creativity is AMAZING!!!

Melissa Corry

Once again, My jaw is dropped and I am amazed. All three of your new quilts are treasures! You truly inspire me!


Oh i think i like this one the best. Look at all the detail. Very nice!

Mama Spark

Thank you for agreeing to sell those wonderful patterns!!! I love your newest one too.


Your work is so fantastic! I'd love to win a pattern and give it try myself.


Another fabulous quilt! So adorable, and you are right, raw edge applique is easy and effective once you get the hang of it!

In Spring is just gorgeous, I do love that cushion!


Perfect. Every little boy would love to have a quilt like this. You have a talent for design and colour, Kellie. Not only that, your quilting is jaw-dropping-unbelievable. Bravo!


Wow, there are a lot of cars in Rush Hour but I know a little boy would love it!


You are so creative. Thank you for giving a little boy, something to enjoy. So often they are left out. You have done a marvelous job and I love your use of colour!! Love it!!!


Hola, Kellie! Admiro sus patrones y su línea de trabajo es maravillosa! Yo comencé hace un año con el patchwork y estoy haciendo un Baltimore en appliqué que me encanta. Le haré una pregunta tonta: Ud. primero hace el fondo en trapunto y luego realiza las aplicaciones o hace el patchwork común y luego lo quiltea? Perdón, pero sus fondos son MAGNIFICOS y PERFECTOS y cuando los veo siempre me surge esta duda! Le agradeceré si cuando pueda y tenga tiempo, me puede responder por mail la misma! Un abrazo!


Such happy patterns! Love the colors! Just so cute for boys or girls.

Jantine Urban

Those cars and colors make this a very bright and happy boy quilt. I can see why your kids wish it to come back soon!


oh those cars & truck rawk.

I love the colors you use in your quilting.



I love your work! Thanks for the chance to win!

Stacy Marie

Oh my goodness, that automobile quilt is incredible, and I love that last pillow!


Such love for detail! Amazing. I can well imagine that your son misses his quilt! The cushions are simply stunning. Great designs!
Have a nice day
Daniela from France


Your car quilt would make any little driver happy :) It is gourgeous !


I love how bright and fun your quilts are for kids! I may have to learn to applique myself!

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