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June 19, 2010


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Love, love, love your designs. Thanks so much for sharing!


I am in awe of your work. Just beautiful!


The Alphabet Soup is gorgeous. I would love to try the "wish you were here" as a wall hanging
Thanks for an exciting giveaway


Hi Kellie, I love Alphabet Soup what a great quilt for a littlie learning their letters. I also love In Spring which I think would be much more achievable for me! Keep up the great work.


I love this. I love all of your things and would love to win.

Kristin Jenny

I am a big fan of alphabets or letters and decorate with them often. I am thinking a very typographic white gray and black would be stunning! Although the aqua blue you used for the background is super.

Jacqueline Warrick

This one is my favourite yet Kellie, thanks for the giveaway, enjoy the rest of the week

Trish B

Kelli I just love your designs. They are all so fun and happy! your website brightens my day when I stop by. I would love to win one of your patterns.


Lovely colours on this one Kellie. Beautiful!


okay, now if it were possible, I totally would have thought you plucked this idea right out of my brain! I was totally going to make something like this letter quilt for a friend's new baby, but then decided I didn't have time. I had only told my mom though, and I know she doesn't know you! ;)

SO, to say I like it would be an understatement!

Minna Levenkron

I am an ardent admirer of quilts. Although a newbie quilter myself I had wanted to start learning about ten years ago when a client of mine (a man!) gave me a quilt as a thank you gift. It hangs in my office across from where I sit and I get to look at it everyday. I now look at quilts with a different eye, figuring out how they were made, what would they look like in different colors, etc., but nobody and no quilt takes my breath away like yours. If I could make quilts like these I think I would be the happiest person alive. I stare at them in disbelief that an actual human being designed and made them. With many quilts I look at them and know that I could make them. It might take me a long time but I now have the skill to do it but yours... I wish I could believe I could someday but I am doubtful. If I could sit on your shoulder for six months everyday and watch you meticulously cut and sew maybe... In any case I have already bought one of your patterns. Owning it makes me feel hopeful. I'd love to win one but if not there is no question I will continue to buy more. The trucks surprisingly I must say is my favorite. Your son has no idea what a lucky boy he is. So in the meantime, I will stare at my computer and print copies of the quilts to look at and slowly, very slowly so I don't get discouraged I will try to learn how to applique. There are no classes I know of in Rochester, New York but I am going to investigate further. You are an amazing artist and know that you make me smile broadly and laugh each time I see a picture of one of your quilts. Thank you for sharing them will all of us.


Your patterns are the cutest ever! I will be looking for the patterns in Texas. Thanks for allowing us to share in your creative talent.


Can I just say that YOU are AMAZING!?!!

Marta Hernández

I would like to know how can I get the pattern for Rush Hour. I'd be great for my little boy. I live in Spain.

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Carola Jara

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Joshua is one lucky fellow, what a stunning quilt. I've just come over from Quilt Taffy and am I glad I did. Oh please include me for the chance to win one of your brilliant patterns.

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