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June 04, 2010


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Not fair! Hope all is well that end well - hope you find some help with Joseph's Coat!
Hugs - Lurline♥


Oh Lord you don't do things by half do you - remember and get that finger checked out and sorted - putting it off for too long could mean that you'd have to stop stitching for longer during recovery - all the best for tomorrow

Valerie Moss

Hi Kellie, oh my I think about the needle going into my fingers and think phew that was close as it's never happened to me before and I do get a pretty good scare when it brushes against my nail so I think you should get that checked lol but of course when you have time *smile* priorities girl :)


oooh Kellie, don't leave that too long, an infection will be twice as hard to fix! have a great weekend!
Jen xo


Your work is so unbelievably incredible. Just once, I would love to see it in person. Thanks for sharing. Good luck with your finger.


You take the time to take care of that finger! Love your work! ~karen


Uhhhh, this new project looks delicious; can't wait to see all of it! And do listen to your "local doctor"!!!


OUCH!!! Poor Kellie!!! You are quite funny though -- and good thing that finger wasn't injured during market time. Your new project looks wonderful -- have a great time at class this weekend!


The new project looks very pretty, I hope you will make a pattern for that after summer (that would be winter for you :-)
I wish I lived nearby so i could help you, because I have done a lot of other things and the joseph coat has been in its box way to long. But I am preparing new blocks. only 5 weeks until summer vacation and I will have a lot of time to stitch down petals, but i will have to prepare everything before we leave, because I wont take an iron with me to Switserland

Be careful with your finger, I hope the piece of the needle is somewhere in your machine and not stuck in your finger and when it is in your finger I hope you will be able to take it out later today


Oh, no! They say you aren't a true quilter until you get a needle through the finger, but I think I would rather just skip the title. Ouch! I haven't done it yet, but I am sure someday...

I hope your finger feels better and that the tip of the needle is somewhere in your machine! The new quilt is beautiful as usual.

Anne Donald

Ouch - now I will be even more careful playing with my new toy - an embellisher with five barbed needles!!!!!


oooh, that does not look good! I don't know if I would have the courage to push the needle up button! Actually that would probably not be a good idea! I hope your finger is fine. Take care Kellie!

Scented Sweetpeas

eeekk I hope the needle appears soon - that must be so painful!


OOOh, I kind of know how that feels. When I was a lot younger I was walking around in my bare feet and stood on one of my mams darning needles. It went into the ball of my foot and snapped in two, had to get it operated on to have it removed. Apparantly when I was coming round from the anaesthetic I was shouting about the Altered Images posters not being on my bedroom wall !! Don't leave it too long and good luck for your class , I'm sure the new cushion will be a hit . X


Just a scratch in the life of a too busy woman. Promise me that when it begins to change colour and size you will consult your "local doctor" again.


I hope the tip of the needle is somewhere else and not in your finger.

I had a sewing needle break off in my foot when I was about 10 and had to have it surgically removed. Not nice :(


oooh bugger



You have been a very busy girl. I was reading an American blog who posted your two new quilts (which I must say are just beautiful!!). Then you went to American and have kids to look after. We all understand. I only just last night got my Joseph's blocks out to finish. Life is too busy.

I hope your finger is ok and that you will have the time to rest a little with it. I wish I lived near you, I would LOVE to help....

Sandy N


Hey sounds like we BOTH need another trip to Fiji....

Sandy N


Breathe Kellie, breathe.....
Keep an eye on that finger - and have a great class !


Don't worry about the delay in the Joseph's Coat tutorial! We can sit and be patient. Take care of your finger!


I really hope the tip of that needle isn't inside your finger!!! Ouch!!!!!
Have a great day at Hettie's Patch.
Sorry I can't help with JC, I haven't got enough blocks finished yet either.

tracey petersen

Please tell me that you have now had it x-rayed. Your doctor is a wise man with fantastic babysitting skills - perhaps you should listen to him...


Hi Kellie, My mum had to have the tip of a sewing machine needle cut out of her finger OUCH! Make sure it doesn't get infected - that might slow you down more!
Take your time with Joe's Coat, I think I'll have to make mine lap size, there is just too much to do!


I sewed through my finger once and the tip of the needle broke off inside my finger. I did the whole Emergency room thing, and the x-ray showed a piece of the needle in my finger. So they sent me to a specialist who said that it would be impossible to find it surgically, and since it wasn't bothering me, I should just leave it alone. I think as long as your finger doesn't seem infected (redness, puss, feels hot to the touch), and doesn't get worse, you should be fine. I'm not a medical professional, however, so if your doctor thinks you should be seen, then he probably knows best. Hope it feels better soon!


Bless your heart for continuing on. I hope that the tip of the needle is found elsewhere. The cushion is wonderful -- will it be available as a pattern for purchase.


Aahh Kellie, I truly hope the tip of the needle is not still in your finger. I got stabbed in my finger by a fish spine once (when I was scaling the fish at 1am!), and I ended up with a plastic surgeon operating on it to get it out. I really hope you find the tip of the needle somewhere behind the sewing machine instead! Anyway, your work is incredible as usual, I have quilting envy whenever I look at your quilting stitches. I wish I had my JC blocks ready to help, but alas, I am far behind. xo


Oops! Hope it hasn't turned septic over the weekend. Did the metal in your finger set off the alarms as you boarded the plane? Please get it looked at......


Ouch! Would you Puh-lease stop making all these wonderful patterns that are only available in-class? Those of us that live in the states get jealous! Still waiting for the partridge in a pear tree...


the quilt looks just lovely, with blood swqeat and tears put into it. What happens if you hold a magnet to your finger? Hope it's not in there but lost in the machine or fabric somewhere.


ouch!!!!!!!!!!!! I sliced open my finger last thursday in my excitement to open the box of my new quilting machine - talk about acting like a silly little school girl!

hope you got through your weekend and all the sydney girls are getting very excited about the end of july!


Cath Roberts

Hope your finger is getting better or has been treated by now, remember sometimes your "local doctor" seems to know best - just take the Joshua fabric situation as an example! Sure hope that needle is found elsewhere! Only a few weeks to go till our Sydney workshop - as Corrie says above - we are very excited!

crafty pug

sorry about your finger, and am glad you're not keeping it up! could cause confusion!
am even more disappointed that im not doing the hetties patch class - it looks beautiful!


Oh Kellie the finger looks a sorry sight. I'm sorry I missed you on the weekend. Look after that finger hopefully you have had a X-Ray by now.


OH WOW! That has happened to me before, but I never lost part of the needle in my finger. I was able to pull it out. Needless to say I was a bit gun-shy after that experience and have learned my lesson the hard way that I should never sew when I am not at peak performance levels. Good luck!
Your quilts are BEAUTIFUL!


Ouille! I feel sorry for you, Kellie, it's really handicapping to sew with a injured finger... And I hope no tip of needle is hiddenin your finger!!!!!
Get well and don't stress too much: health is more important than everything else (but equally with Love;)
All the best


I have never put a sewing needle through my finger like that. BUT I have put an embroidery needle into the palm of my hand. The eye of the needle went in first and only a tiny bit of the point was sticking out. It didn't hurt, even when I pulled it put.... wish I had my camera as it would have been a great photo for my blog.

I slapped my hand down for some reason and the needle was ticking out of my

By the way I so love your work and I have a couple of friends go to your workshops and what they show me is stunning.


OUCH!!! Oh Kellie, I hope you find the needle near your machine.

I just love your work!


Oh Kellie, I do hope your finger is in recovery mode, and that needle tip is somewhere in your machine!
I still adore your wonderful work.


You are the most gifted person! Your work is fabulous!

I do hope you have your finger looked at. I wondered when I got my embroidery machine why they suggested safety glasses until one broke and hit my cheek.
Please take care!

linda Harrington

I would like to get pattern for the Thankyou pillow can you advise where i can purchase it

Regards Linda Harrington

Virginia Opazo

You, works wonders, I entered your site, and I have allusion to their creations, they want to learn to make the mulch. I've stopped working and my time is occupied in embroidering, painting, and known for blogging.
Too bad about his finger, which is better soon.
a warm hug
Virginia Chile, South america
Sorry google traslation
usted, hace maravillas, he ingresado a su sitio, y me he alusinado con sus creaciones, que ganas de aprender a confeccionar el acolchado. Ya he dejado de trabajar y mi tiempo lo ocupo en bordar, pintar y conocer por los blogs.
Que pena lo de su dedo, que se mejore pronto.
un abrazo muy cordial
Virginia Chile, Sud america

Melissa B.

Really Pretty!
Melissa B.
[email protected]


I love your blog because your workmanship is excellent! You are always posting great things to view and read.

Ros Gale

Hi Kellie
Just wondered about finishing off Joseph's coat quilt. Do you leave the blocks square around the edges or fold the backing under the petals. If so how do you bind it


Isn't the hardest part having to bring the needle back up out of your finger. Your work is so beautiful. Hydrogen peroxide is great for getting blood out of fabric! Experience is such a good teacher. Please take care. What cute little footsies and such a sweet message.

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