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May 30, 2010


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Congratulations! Your stand looks amazing. Such an amazing effort!


Hi - love the post! Also, have tried looking for the pattern for the quilt with all the letters (3rd picture in your post) - the one with the letters on a blue background...can you let me know where I can find the pattern? Thanks. Kate

tracey petersen

So good to see you back. I have been thinking of you a long way from home and thinking of those little ones who stayed behind.

We have bought flights for two weeks down your way in late September. Are you away again then?


Welcome back Kellie; you've been missed here in blog land. I already have been reading about your adventures in Anne's and Jan's blog. What fun you all had. Apparently you've been a big hit "over there"! Today I got the weekly equilter newsletter and what do I see; some of your patterns and even one I didn't recognise. I can't believe you've made all those quilts in just a couple of month! Have a good rest now and enjoy your family.


What a wonderful adventure.
Congratulations on entering the US market.
They're gonna LOVE you!!!!!


I just knew you would be a huge hit!!!


I love your aprons and that chandelier is perfect!!!


I have been SO looking forward to this post! Your stall looks just superb of course, and great to see those new completed quilts! Can't wait to chat in person about it all. Congratulations on what was obviously a very successful show. Enjoy some well-deserved time with your family now that you're back.


Kellie, I have been busting to hear your post from the show. I am thrilled that it went so well...
Can't wait to catch up! (after you have had a good rest)

Jacqueline Warrick

Glad to see you had a great time - that letter quilt - yum!
Congratulations on you success!


I really enjoyed reading Anna's posts and was happy to see the Puppet Theatre had arrived to you in time! It sounds as though everything went wonderfully well - didnt I tell you you would be very successful with all those gorgeous designs of yours. I think the next thing on your list is to publish a book!! I am very sure your children are happy to have you home too and vice versa. Congratulations on selling your patterns to so many stores too, how exciting!


Hi Kellie! Welcome home! I loved reading your post and Anna's and Jan's too. You guys are a hoot! And of course they loved you over there, who wouldn't??!! Can't wait to see your new patterns. Danielle x


I loved reading all the posts about the market - Anna's post had me chuckling too myself - I agree you should do a book and I think I spied the two new quilts - you are one very talented lady even if you do walk into revolving doors :-). Hope the kiddies are giving you many many cuddles ..

Sandy Gray

Booo to you too!! Welcome home and hope you can enjoy a little break with lots of cuddles from the family. Knew you would be a success - Anna's post was a crack up! Love and hugs.


kellie! i always said you would be famous, congratulations, alot of work, but good on you!!!!


So glad to read that your trip was a success. I was So happy for you when I got my Equilter newsletter today and there were your patterns! You deserve all the success.

Jen Eskridge

Your booth was awesome. I voted the Monster quilt (on the outside of your booth) best at market and blogged about it, myself.


HAHAHA!!! You're SOOOO funny. And Dang It -- I need to go in for my bi-weekly moustache trim!!! Come Back! I Miss You Already!!!! Glad to hear the kids made it without you -- all with the help of your fabric, of course!!!


I know you just got home, but I am waiting for the day that you will actually come to California.. you know it is much more like your homeland down under. Do you ever teach in the States? That would be wonderful too. Your stand looked fantastic!!! keep up the amazing work you truly are an inspiration.


Oh HURRAY! I'm so glad that your patterns are finally here...I'm going to have to start asking for them!!


HI Kellie,
I feel like Anna is a friend- she and I have corresponded for awhile before I started blogging- She would tease me and call me Anna No Blog - From both of your posts, I can tell you had a fantastic time together- It would have been fun to be a fly on the wall watching/ listening to all the stories you all shared together.
It is great when you meet other designers/ quilters/ bloggers and they are even better than you expected.
Congratulations on having some of your patterns being sold in the US- Hope they do very well- I am sure they will, the patterns are gorgeous.


I'm so glad that you are selling in the US! I got to see your work when in Australia last year. And my favorite LQS just happens to be the one that Nancy and Linda own. I can't wait to buy your patterns!


Oh, and next time, will you stop in Denver at the Great American Quilt Factory (Linda and Nancy's shop) and give a class????

Claire - Matching Pegs

Congratulations Kellie!

It looks like the trip was a fabulous success.
I can imagine how much work went into it, and you deserve all the good things that come your way as a result of your talent and drive.

Good Luck with coming back down to earth here in Melbourne, and getting over the jetlag. I am sure the rest of the family will have you back in the swing of normal life in no time.

I will look forward to hearing more "backstage" Market goss, next time we catch up!


Hooray Kellie- success! Sounds like a great time and wow, what a lot of new stockists- hooray for you. And welcome home, nice to know you are back with the littlies!


Looks like you had a ball and of coarse they loved your fantastic the alphabet quilt.


I have missed you, but I love this post, it must have been a great time over there. I am looking forward to your new patterns, saw one with letters that I think is a new one


It sounds like you had a wonderful time Kelly, How you survived on so little sleep is beyond me. oit a good laugh with Anna's comments about our Aussie accents.


Congratulations Kellie! 'Don't Look Now!' has gotten so big! Travelling all the way to the States now, huh! Good for you! Delighted for you on your success.


I read Anna's post too and it sounds like you all had a great time! Your booth was beautiful! Congratulations on what sounds like a successful trip!
Can't wait to see the new patterns!


That quilt with dolls or children on it is ADORABLE!!!! Will the pattern be coming out soon???? I CAN NOT WAIT!!! Warm wishes from Canada.


Kellie, love the post, the booth, your dress, your quilts, everything!! You are absolutely adorable. Glad you enjoyed your stay in the states. Your quilts really are inspiring.


Does it all seem like a dream now that you are home and back into 'real' life? Is Josh still sleeping with the fabric - and are they pink or green spots?

PS My missing bag has made it to Melbourne today and is supposedly being delivered right now.....fingers crossed!

Cath Roberts

Wow Kellie, So nice to have you back - you have been missed! What a fantastic trip - your hard work and amazing creativity is like a speeding train without brakes! Congratulations - I love the new quilts on your stand. Cath


oh anna's post had us in hysterics! I was laughing and had to show my hubby! I've loved anna's blog for ages so it's kind of like I've met her now you have! hilarious!!!!!!!!

it all looks fabulous and 60 retailers!!!!!!!!!! you go girl!

glad to have you home and poor little joshua - hope you bought him home something from the states!

love all the pics!


Piecefully, Pam

Wow! This is AWESOME news!!! glad to hear it! : ) Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your continued journey!!!

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