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April 14, 2010


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How lovely to have you back "on the air". Your new projects look divine as always. Can't wait to see the rest of it.

Halfway Crafter

Wow, that Joseph's Coat is PHENOMENAL!


WOW.! Very Inspiring...I have seen other's in progress and they look Great.This Quilt by Lina is Fantastic.
Lovely to catch up with your blog again.


Omg,Lina's top is amazing, I hang my head in shame for being so slack but this really is motivating me to get going again. Your sneak peeks are very enticing as usual.


Hi Kellie,
Glad you're back in blogland, but I guess you've been busy getting ready for spring market! How exciting!
The new designs look good and I love your block in this months homespun mag!


Stopping by to say hello. Haven't worked on Joseph's coat AT ALL... ugh! Love Lina's version. Hope all is well!


Oooh, ooooh, can't wait to see that last little snippet!!! And WOW! How amazing is Lina's quilt? It's just gorgeous!!!

Chriss Jasper

I have no words adequate to describe that Joesephs coat. Mine has taken a back seat for a while but it shall come out again, and if it is half as good as that one I shall be a happy girl. It is tremendous. Congratulations to both Lina and you.

Lynn T

The new project looks awesome and I cannot wait for the entire photo! My Joseph Coat is at a standstill as I have had loads of issues at home. I have it tucked neatly away until I can get back to it. In the meantime, I love seeing everyone's progress!


What a great post, so much eye candy :)!! What kind of thread do you use (in the close up pictures)? The JC from Lina is truly amazing. Thanks for sharing.


your the best, giving away another beautiful pattern. I am so very very very happy!!

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Thanks Kellie! I'm still working on mine - one more and I can put the first two rows together.
The back of that quilt you show looks amazing.
And the little snippet going to quilt market - intriguing! Be sure to keep us updated if you can.

Sherrie Letzter

Hi Kellie! I have been waiting soooo Long for this post. Thank you! I am still faithfully hand stitching my petals on the Joseph's Coat Quilt. I am finishing my 29th block now. Still loving it. I am so glad I started it.
As always I love your new projects too. Can't wait to see the whole thing!


Hey, not TOO many new designs before Spring Market or I won't remember all the names!!!!


Waow!!!! What an amazing Joseph's Coat Quilt!!!!!!

Cynthia Alexander

so glad to read your latest blog---I too am making Joseph's coat, but just at the starting point, but I do have all my fabric picked out and ready===that's a start! I love your quilting ideas and you do a great job with the instructions for josephs coat, very eary to understand! thanks! look forward to your next post! I am in St. Louis Missouri! I love reading your blog from Australia! we are so far apart! take care!


Kellie, you go from strength to strength. How busy you are, & how wonderful that you still have your beautiful fresh approach to every new project. Hugs XXXXXXX


I'm not worthy! That is simply stunning! I wish I could take that class. Thank you for sharing.


WOW what a gorgeous quilt, I hope I can find that Monsters pattern somewhere !!!! My Joseph's quilt has been put on the back burner as life got a tad busy with kids and other projects that needed to get done :( I hope to get more done in the next few weeks !!!


well everything looks beautiful! the quilt top is fabulous and all of your classes and cant' wait to see quilters companion!


judy evans

Hi Kellie I was surprised and happy on my return from the USA to find the pattern 'I Wish You Were Here'waiting for me, I thankyou for this gift and now i have to find time to make it. I will wait until I have done your workshop in June so I can get it right but now I must resume sewing my Jacobs blocks so I dont get behind. Thanks again judy


my goodness I wish I lived near you - I would love to learn how to do the Josephs Coat - all of the quilts are totally adorable - totally stunning!!!!

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