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February 11, 2010


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Happy blogiversary!


As for some strange reason I've been asked to give a talk at our guild meeting in June, I'm hoping to get 1 quilt finished, and to do a FMQ panel or two - one of which would be an appliqued panel like you do or better still one of your patterns - if I'm lucky - so please include me in the draw - I love your applique and want to get some UFO's out of the road to experiment with your technique fully.

Nicki C K

Congrats on two years! WOW! I truly enjoy reading your blog and seeing all of your beautiful patterns and the pieces of art you create. You're definitely an inspiration! Thanks for the chance to win.


oh of the very few online giveaways I've attempted to enter(and never won..haha) I would LOVE to win yours!!
My Isabella quilt, inspired by you, is still one of my fav's so far.
Thank-you for your continuted inspiration, you are one very talented lady!! xo


I HEART your blog. I'm hoping to try one of your patterns in the very near future.


Two years? Crumbs, you don't hang around do you? Visiting your blog has been a source of joy and inspiration so thank you.

Jessica Christensen

I absolutely LOVE your stuff. I'm always talking about it. Everything you make is just stunning. I wish I had time to make them all (don't know how YOU did it). = )


Time does fly, happy blogaversary and dont worry, it will be school holidays before you know it. Enjoy


Hey Kellie, Happy 2 & 1/12th. Love the new pillow.


Happy Happy Blogiversary Kellie.
Such wonderful things have come into your life in the past couple of years. Mose deservedly so!!!! You are so very talented but more importantly witty, kind and generous!
Here's to another wonderful 2 and a 1/2th (and beyond).
Andi x


Happy anniversary!

Leone Cabban

Happy anniversary. I love looking abd reading your blog. Your quilts are truly amazing and so colourful. You have inspired me to be a little braver and try some applique. I wish you could come to Newcastle for some classes in the near future. Keep up the terrific work.The give away sounds great.


I hope you have recovered after some sleep Kellie. Thanks for a wonderful weekend and inspiring us all so much. Talk soon.


Congratulations on many inspiring blog articles! Best wishes.

Lena Karen

Hi Kellie, Congrat with your blogiversary!
Please add me to your giv-a-way.
Thanks for the chance to win :o)


Congratulations on your two years Kellie! You have been so productive - can't wait to see what the next two years will bring! Also can't wait for your class in Canberra in 2 weeks!!! See you soon, Danielle


Congratulations on reaching 2 years of blogging. It is such fun and your blog is always a delight to visit.

kristine hanson

oooooh how I would love one of your patterns!! :0)


Happy 2nd Blogaversary! your one of my favorite blogs.
I love your designs. Thank you for sharing with us for the past 2 years

Anamaria Cortes

Happy blog anniversary, your work is incredibly and your blog is very inspiring.


I am so glad that you have blogging and that I have discovered your blog. I look forward to many more inspiring blog posts! Thank you for the chance to win such a wonderful giveaway. Happy Blogiversary.

Jo in Tas

Happy Blogoversary Kellie! You're an inspiration to all of us!
Cheers to many more years of bloggy bliss!!

Sandy Gray

And our bloggosphere is so much nicer having you as a large part of it! Your posts are always so inspiring. Love and hugs for a lot more good years to come.


As usual Natalie your projects are great. Thank you for the chance to enter your giveaway.


Congratulations on the blog birthday! I just love your patterns!


Congratulations Kellie on your blogiversary! I am not surprised that you have gone on to bigger and better things as you are such a wonderful inspirational designer and quilter! Your little kitty looks so adorable and I bet he loves getting up to mischief.

Christine M

Happy 2nd blogaversary Kellie! Regards, Christine


Well congrats on the 2 year mark! Thank you for sharing your inspirational images and wonderful tutorials


Hey Kellie, You are a deserving person and I hope the next year brings you all the sucess and happiness you can handle! I learnt so much on the weekend and finished my cushion, you are so right im already looking to my next project! Thanks a million.

Jeannie Gan

Congrats on your blogiversary! Your work is always a inspiration to me. I bought 2 of your patterns end of last year which I hope I will make them in the near future. ATM, I'm concentrating on Joseph's Coat and a quilt to be quilted for my mum.
I'm not a cat person but I think the kittens are so darn cute.


Congratulations on two years!


Always such fabulous, bright colours and designs. Congratulations on your achievments, love your blog.

jo 戎嶋

congratulations! I love it when I see a new post of your in my reader, I know I am in for some more yummy eye-candy!


Kellie, happy blogaversary to you. I love looking at your work and one day hope for a class- all those beautiful efforts from sewjourn (but according to Lare it was pretty hard work!!)


Now, I don't for a minute believe that your quilting, publishing, design and teaching career wouldn't have taken off just as fast without this blog, but I'm so so glad you're here sharing things with those of us on other continents. Congrats on two years (give or take)!


Congratulations on your blogiversary! lovely work, and Great post .
please count me in the draw.


Happy Blogversary and congratulations!


Congratulations for your blog aniversary. I had the oportunity to meet you through your blog so it is great for me to participate in your giveaway.

Best wishes.


Megan Kay

Happy Bloggyversary Kelly! Wow, amazing what a difference 2 years can make. You are an inspiration as usual, and I would to be half as successful as you when my 2 years comes around. Keep up all the amazing work - I love seeing what you have been up to!

Sharon L F

Happy bloganniversary Kellie,'ve had a good couple of years...good for us too. Thanks :)
Love A2F fabric as well.
Tom is cute too, though just looking at him I feel a sneeze coming on LOL...Ah well!

Hugs, Sharon

Jo from the farm

Hi Kellie, looking forward to seeing you on the weekend... Congrats on two years of Don't Look Now... See ya Saturday, love Jo xxx


I have so enjoyed reading your blog! I am glad you started it, and I am always so inspired when I come here!


Thank you, Kellie for your inspiration, enthusiasm and beautiful work.

Happy Blogiversary!!


Such an INSPIRATION...I look forward to your posts. I would be beyond THRILLED to receive your giveaway. Kristy in Ohio

Sarah B.

I LOVE your designs and was just awe struck when I found your blog 6 months ago. I read all of your old posts right up to the present and that really makes time fly. I wish I lived in Australia so I could attend some of your classes! I did attempt your free tutorial last month and although it wasn't perfect my God-daughter adores it!! Please count me in for the drawing and I am going to use your give-away as my excuse to go buy one of your patterns... Thanks for your time AND talent to share with us.


Congratulations on your Blogversary! I've been a long time reader & admirer of your work. x


Your quilts are absolutely gorgeous! I hope I can learn to make something like it for my daughters. :)


Congratulations on all your success in recent years. You certainly deserve it.

Shona Davis

Congratulations on two years of creative genius. I live on a remote Island in the north of Queensland and the only thing that keeps me sane is your blog and attempting to recreate some of the magic you produce.



I'm so glad you took on this great adventure. I have so enjoyed participating in the Quilt Along. There's such joy and excitement about the process of doing a quilt project along with hundreds of people across the globe. I'm planning to meet up with another participant this summer...who lives a mere 8 hour drive away.

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