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February 19, 2010


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It is so exciting to hear of your trip to the states. I'm sure you will have a wonderful experience and best of all for all of us your patterns will be more available to us. Thanks for the pics, I love the monster quilt but haven't finished Lilly Pilly or the garden pattern yet.


Yay! So glad to hear you're coming to Minnesota! The snow might be gone by then!


Happy birthday Kellie! exciting news!
Going to the states and meeting Anna, woo whooo!


We haven't 'met'yet, but Happy Birthday Kellie! I'm sure you'll impress their socks off in America. Have a wonderful time. We'll be here waiting to hear all about it.


Happy Birthday Kellie. How very trifically exciting about America - I should imagine Anna is delighted to join you.


wow.... the Spring Market..... I'm impressed ;). Best of luck.


Happy Birthday Kellie :) Still practicing my spirals... :) Maybe I should do your class again when you come back to Ballarat... hee hee!!


Happy Happy Birthday lovely Kellie!!
Spring Quilt Market!! Yay!!!
I'm so jealous I could just bust.
You'll be a hit. You already are!!
Andi x


Happy Birthday Kellie!!!

Have lots of fun at Spring Quilt Market. Your patterns will be a huge success!!!

Timmy is gorgeous!!!!

Charlie Wilson

Hello! Happy birthday!
I would love to make the little monsters quilt for my son. Could you tell me which number issue the pattern is in - websites seem a little vague and as I'm in the UK I don't have easy access to australian magazines.

Lynne Demeter

Wow...I just love that quilt. Happy Birthday wishes. We think Timmy is tooo cute! Muffin and Jelly Bean.


Happy Birthday, Kellie!!!!
2 anniversaries in one week (I mean in your posts;), this must be quite a celebration:)
And welcome to Timmy!


WooHoo! (And yes Trashy -- Anna is BEYOND excited!!!) I'm gong to have to practice an AU accent LOL!

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! Love that sweet picture of Joshua -- how exciting to be so young and thrilled about school. Especially when he has two adorable kitties to come home to!!!


Happy birthday Kellie, such exciting news, but being the pro that yopu are I'm sure you'll just breeze through the experience.

Mama Spark

I am so excited that you are going to be in the US!!! Will you be teaching anything while you are here? I might have to come to the show just to meet you. I love your stuff and hope that once you show the people here what you do they will fall in love with your work too. I don't know how they could help but be impressed. Happy Birthday and seriously please let me know if you will be teaching while you are here.


It is wonderful when our children take the next big step in life, succeed and enjoy it, how wonderful for both of you.

I love the birthday card. On my 50th my neice sent me a musical card that played the song "Word Up"...not my usual listening genre (as they call it these days), but it was a hoot! I loved it and emailed her a pic with me dancing with my hands in the air as the music requested. Too Much Fun!

How Awesome that you're coming to America to visit us! Wish I lived nearer to Minnesota. I guess the really awesome part for the rest of us is more shops will be carrying your designs. The shop in Washington state is about as far from me as you can get and stay in the continental US. I live south of the other Washington...DC.

Will you find the time while here to teach at any Guilds or Shops? That would be wonderful too!


Love. Love. Love that monster quilt!!! If I ever have a boy I WILL be making that one! Adorable!

Anne D

Happy Birthday. So many exciting things. I am going to craftfest today. It is my first quilt show since I moved back from America. I cant wait to see your display. I am sure I will buy a pattern.


Happy Birthday Kellie! You kept that quiet when we were emailing yesterday! Hope you had a good day. Talk soon XX


Oh - how I wished I didn't live so far away from Minnesota. I would love to see your beautiful work. Happy birthday


Congratulations! I am thrilled for you about the States.
You are so lovely and your patterns are beautiful, you deserve every wonderful thing that comes!
Love Michelle

Lisa Mathis

Happy Birthday and congratulations Kellie. I don't suppose you could scoot over to the East Coast when you get to the US? Maybe the Baltimore/Washington area? (hint hint) I'm a big fan of your patterns and your quilts. I just got 2 more patterns in the mail yesterday and I just love the Little Monsters quilt. Keep up the fabulous work. Ballarat Patchwork looks like such a great shop, gorgeous colors. Love your kitties! We're getting a new kitten this weekend, no name yet.

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Happy happy Birthday Kellie!!
And Wow!! You're coming to Minneapolis!! That's only 30 miles from where I live!! How can I possibly see your AWESOME work in person???


Dear Kellie,

Happy birthday!!!! Hope you are having a wonderful day.

America WOW! Dreams can come true.

Sandy N


HURRAY!!! America is ready for you!

and Happy Birthday!

tracey petersen

Happy birthday! You deserve every success that comes your way, you whippersnapper.

Monika Bauer

Happy Birthday from a fellow Aquarian!! Hope you had a fantastic day and that you were thoroughly spoilt from a the people you love!!


Happy Birthday Kellie I am falling behind. I did finish 14 blocks but then life came in the way, but the kids have springbreak now for a week so I hope i can take some time to start making the rows


Happy Birthday! There really is a lot going on in your life, I still keep on wondering how you find the time to do everything you do?! What is that beautiful-looking quilt underneath "with love from me"?
Take care.


Happy Birthday! Kellie........America will be here before you know it.


Happy Birthday Kellie!
I am still chuckling about the card. (Younger than....giant redwoods! HaHa!) My 18-y.o. son is just shaking his head..."What are you listening to?".
I am so glad you are coming to the States. Not that I quilt. Or live anywhere near Minnesota. But you do make me want to be a quilter. And if I were, I would definitely want to live within easy driving distance to Minnesota, so I could come see you in all your quilty cleverness!

Shyla Thompson

How exciting that you'll be in Minnesota in May. Hopefully, the weather will be perfectly springy and not snowing at all.

As a Minnesota-born girl, I'm happy to hear that you'll be there. I don't comment much on the blogs I read - although I'm trying to get better at it - but I've been a lurker on your blog for some time now.

I was just thinking how great it would be if I could make a trip down under to attend one of the classes/lessons that you teach.

Thanks for being such an inspiration! Hope you have fun in MN.

Kim Dolan

Just love your quilts, so bright and quirky

Kim Dolan


oh my gosh that is unreal! and you get to meet anna, sigh you lucky thing!

oh you deserve it and lucky jan!!!!!!!!!!!


Annie Wynen

Happy Birthday Kellie - I thought that shop looked familiar - congrats about america - why am I not surprised. Your work is FANTASTIC!


Happy birthday Kellie! How exciting for you to come here for market. The Minnesota ladies will tell you the snow will be gone by May...but maybe not (only kidding). I decided to just do the Houston show, so hopefully you'll have so much fun and be so successful, you'll come to Houston! Hope so!

Lynn T

Happy Birthday Kellie! I am so happy you are coming to America but you will be too far for me! Maybe you could come to MQX in April?? lol long shot I am sure!

Have a great week!


Happy Birthday,

I just made your pillow from the free pillow tutorial. Do you have any tips for preventing the gummy needle when sewing through the applique shapes? Steam a seam 2 lite is not supposed to to get sticky to the needle but does!! Thanks for any help you can give,


Wow! I just discovered your blog and I'm just amazed at your talent and creativity! You're going to be a BIG hit here in the US! Love, love, love your style!

auntie pami

Now I have to go to Market! Congrats! Please post where you'll be so we can find you.


oooo the kitten is so cute!

Now I have moved ( yay) from Qld to the western suburbs ( Werribee), so can you tell me when you are doing a class not too far from here that I cna book into?

Joanne Kelly


I was just wondering if I would be able to purchase the little monsters quilt pattern from somewhere? Or how I can get hold of a copy of the homespun magazine living in the UK?

It's amazing!

Thank you,

Carly Stockley

I have been looking out for the little monsters pattern hoping I might be able to make it before my nephew is borm as a surprise. Is it or will it pe available for sale soon?


Patty Simmons

Can't wait for the Monsters pattern to be available! Will it be at spring market???

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