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February 01, 2010


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Hope there weren't too many tears! And that Joshua had a great day. Does this mean you'll do about three quilts each week now? And LOTS of new patterns???

Fancy Elastic

oh man, life whooshes by doesn't it?!


Oh I remember sending my baby off for the first day....sniff, sniff...I soon figured out how to fill my time and I'm sure you will too ;o)


ohh you made me's just not fair that they grow up so quickly!!!

The Rickety Stitcher

Wow, Kelly, even MORE time to sew! Even lunch time. You can snack when the kids get home from school. This way you can only stop ONCE instead of twice!
Quiet? Crank up that Bernina, or the ipod dock, or, talk back radio.
Enjoy enjoy enjoy.
See you at the AQC in April,
One of the Homespun show chicks
aka The Rickety Stitcher


Oh Kellie, but he look so happy!!!!! Just think how much you will get done now!!!!!


Oh, how I remember those days. Just wait until you have grandkids and it happens again.

Janet Wilson

I so enjoyed the photos of the children! You have a lovely crew.

I wonder if you would do a posting devoted to your quilting technique? You have a particularly lovely way of swirl quilting that I would love to see more detailed shots of, and I would also like to hear how you developed your technique and how you approach the quilting part of quilting!


Bless him, with a face like his, how could you not miss Chin up mum...... school holidays will be here before you know it.


He must be thrilled that he can be a big kid too :)

Christine Barker

I'm so sensitive these days. What a sweet letter you wrote! It brought tears to my eyes!

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