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February 01, 2010


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Jo in Tas

He looks very excited to be joining his siblings, he'll have lots of stories to tell when he gets home!


I'm sure he wil absolutely love school.
And once you get over missing him all the time (and you WILL, I promise) you will absolutely love having some time for yourself.
ANdi x


With the time difference you probably have your little treasure home again already! Didn't that time fly! We miss our little darlings but soon learn to enjoy the uninterrupted time. And now you are more free to volunteer at the school! So really it all works out...


I remember feeling so sorry for him in his heartbreak when you posted that picture the first time. How exciting for him to have his first day. Poor Mummy has to make the adjustment too. Here's to a painless transition for both of you.


Life is so short and very often bittersweet. May you find strength in the priceless accomplishments of that sweet young man!

Lynn Taylor

My youngest started school in September and I was all alone after 17 years of having children in the house! My oldest is now 18, my middle child will be 13 in April and my little guy will turn 6 next week :-( You will get used to the alone time rather quickly though!

Enjoy your time!!


Sniff! Awww.....well, glad you got to be home with him.


Uh oh, I think you're going to miss him! Maybe in a few days you'll start to enjoy your few hours of free time. It's wonderful that Joshua wanted to go to school so much; I hope he maintains his enthusiasm. 8)

All the best,

PS What adorable uniforms. I love the hats!

Elizabeth McMahon

It's alway's a case of 'don't look now' but they're growing up!!! My youngest grandie started school today! When oh when did we blink.............??

ps. sorry about the pun ;o)


He looks so excited! I'm sure when we get to that stage, I'll find it much harder than they do!


Oh I sure knew that feeling 14 years ago!!
Time flies and even though he's a young man now, I still miss him when he's away... but it's what we want them to do.

Enjoy the quiet times Kelly :D
Your young man is a real cutie.



All these people sending their babies off to school and kindy this week and last week has had me all teary. I am glad it is still a few years away, I will miss them. Enjoy your peace and quiet and make them most of your time :)


It's still Sunday night in Canada - it's mind-boggling to realize it's Monday morning at the other side of the world! What a beautiful post! What an exciting new adventure for him!


I feel with you my youngest starts tomorrow and I cry every time I think of it - I will have to toughen up by tomorrow morning - I cant imagine how much you will get done at home alone you do so much with 4 children but I am sure you will be very busy

Sandy Gray

Hope Joshua and the rest of the brood have a great 1st day! And that the Mother Hen doesn't get toooo lonely!


Ahhhhh.... the serenity!!!! I have to wait until Wednesday for that joy!! I'm sure it will be very weird to have them all gone for five days solid though. Thanks again for entertaining my daughter so well. Oh and by the way - we never did see that lizard again!

Mary Grace McNamara

What darling uniforms, and the hat is super cool too! My youngest will start school for the first time in September, and I am not at all looking forward to that. I love having my children home with me and I do miss them when they are at school. But I know she is so ready to be in Kindergarten and she just can't wait. She met her teachers just this week and saw what her uniform will be. Very exciting!



Awwwww. I DO remember that post last year! I'll bet he was beside himself to be going to school today! I'm sure you'll find plenty to occupy your time LOL!


Oh wow, Joshua is at school! What a big change for you Kellie. He looks so happy today! I'm sure that you'll enjoy your time to yourself although you'll miss him too.

See you on the weekend - I'm looking forward to it immensely!



Should we email when it is lunchtime?


This will be a huge difference, no one around to talk to.
Good luck with all this extra time to quilt

Jo from the farm

Hope Josh had a great day and you did too... My baby started secondary college... Looking forward to more stitching on the 13th in Ballarat, see you then... xx


I still remember that feeling, when my last little 'baby' left the nest. I confess I went home & had a cry.
This morning I took her own little baby to his bus to school. I did not cry, as he SO loves being back at school!


*sigh* I remember when my 'baby' started school *sob* she is now in year 8 at High school and I'll be officially OLD this year (apparently 40 is now old according to my darlings).. the upside of them all being at school is mornings in PJ's, having lunch whenever and finding stuffs where you left it through the day.. and lovely cuddles with the evil cat :O)

take care



Awww, I hope he has a great day - I'm sure he will. I remember that day when my youngest went to school, and there wasn't a little hand in mine when I walked along anywhere. He did half days at first; it wasn't until he went full time that I cried. Enjoy the 'you' time. x

Heather x

Awww bless!It won't be long until home time and then you can get the lowdown of how much he enjoyed his 1st day :0)
*hugs* Heather x


my youngest started high school today! its such a big step for them to start each level in school. Enjoy your quiet time at home so that you can enjoy them when they come home all hungry and full of their day at school :)

Thearica Burroughs

I remember crying while sitting around a tiny table filling out forms for my oldest to start kindergarten. The house was so quiet for a while. I was always glad for 3:30 to come so I could go get her off the bus!


Oh I remember that post and felt so sorry for him. The last one off to school is always bittersweet. Hope you both managed to make it through the day.


aahhh bless him, he looks so grown up and much happier - I'm sure he will still miss his mammy though. Gabe goes in September so I have a few months left with him yet.


this is suuuch a sweet post,thank you for sharing this moment

Scented Sweetpeas

aaahhh such a sweet blog post. Why oh why do they have to grow up :-( I really wish I could just keep mine little for a bit longer.


You know what - you get used to it much quicker than you'd think :) - cause there is always the weekends, vacations, and of course after-school... seems as if mine are home waaaaaaay more than their gone.


It's a lonelier drive without that sweet passenger behind you and their chatter and their singing and...

But you do get used to getting around quicker. Faster loadup time. Faster departure time. And you know they love school (well, most of them)

amy ( sew~amy)

your gonna make me cry.

Debbie  St.Germain

I think that is the hardest, letting them go to live their own lives and not needing us anymore.
I love those uniforms, such fun colors.


Lucy Locket-Pocket

Oh! Letting go of the youngest one is always the hardest! You'll be fine - and so will he! Lucy x


He looks well and truly ready for school. It will make school hols all that much better now.

Mary on Lake Pulaski

What a sweet post Kellie! That giving them wings is tough sometimes.


Yes, it is indeed a bitter-sweet moment for us mums, especially when it's the last one. I do remember that day very well when "my baby" went off to school on his first day (he's now at Uni, so it's a few years back). But I did get used to having some uninterrupted time to myself pretty fast ;) and I'm sure you will too!

Pam Capstick

Hi Kellie, bless hi,I hope Josh, and indeed all the kids had a wonderful first day back. And I really hope you enjoyed your day, and you are able to settle in and enjoy this next stage in your life. It really makes a difference doesn't it? Hugs from Pam in Horsham.


He is a darling little boy. I would miss having him around too. He will be just fine and so will you. Just tough at first!

Lisa Mathis

Wow! What an accomplishment. He looks so proud. They all look so cute in their uniforms and hats. Enjoy your alone time.


oh the end of an era! I must admit that seems a long way off! I agree what an accomplishment that you have cared for them and they are all off to school together! well done! he looks so grown up in his uniform and I bet he has a wonderful day

now think of the quilting and pattern writing you can get up to!



Thats so sweet it brought a tear to my eye. My #2 started school this year, only two more to go. lol

tracey petersen

Such an exciting time in a little fellow's life. I can only imagine how much he was looking forward to it. I hope it lived up to his expectations. Was he exhausted that night?

kim at allconsuming

Well I'm a couple of years off seeing my #4 with that school bag on his back but MAN, how it will turn my world inside out and upside down.


Oh my goodness Kellie, think of how much crafting you can get done in 4 hours. I do remember when Joshua was upset in that post and after meeting him I realise how cute and adorable he is that you will feel quite lonely for a bit. I am sure in time you will begin a new routine and get accustomed to your alone time but it is all good for both of you. I am sure he loves being one of the big kids at school now. Isabelle couldnt wait to go back to school either, she was so excited she wouldnt fall asleep!


I remember when my last one went off to school. I came home and sat in a chair and just thought to myself, "this is too quiet." No running down the hall, no nonstop talking, no playing in her room, no pokemon, no baby... That is when I started me time and started to play tennis. Love it now and it is such good exercise. Oh I got a parrot( I always wanted one) but it isn't quiet now and she(the parrot) calls their names all of the time :)

Tania - Jet Designs

Just enjoy - as they will be enjoying their day too!

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