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January 26, 2010


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So lovely Kellie! I will get to this one. I really will...


Oh Kellie! {Very Big Sigh!} That quilt top is looking sooooo gorgeous. Count me like Anina ... I will get to this one ... I'm even starting to collect fabrics. I'm thinking of starting a campaign -- a get Kellie to move HERE campaign. Why can't you live HERE??? ;-) {Picture me like a basset hound sitting under a window howling for you LOL!)


Want to come to Sewjourn, want to play with everyone. Any chance of that online, livetime link-up? ;-)


I found your great blog today, and I really love it! The colors and the fabric are great!

It´s gonna need some more days to read all the entries.

Thanks for the great blog and the tutorials

Greetings from Germany



I am working away at putting together my first two rows - yours look fantastic! My points are really not matching well at all so I may have to applique over them when I am done or something unless I start getting better! I am loving the project though!


SIGH, time to get back to work on this project now that I see how great it looks put together (as compared to how great it looks currently in lovely piles of circles).


oh the finished panel looks stunning. Can't wait till I'm at that stage... but sadly not much time to sew at the moment . The sewing room is still chaotic after moving. I always thought one can't have enough fabric but I think I was wrong!!!


Lovely to 'see' you again.
Hope you have had lovely holidays.
Andi :-)


Happy Aust Day Kellie. Your quilt is looking very fantastic so much work involved in it.


Happy Australia Day to you too Kellie. Wasn't it a beautiful day?

The quilt is looking amazing. I wish that I had the patience to complete such a project. You're amazing.

Hope you are all enjoying your holidays, sad to see them end!

Donna Laing

it's snowing here yet again in Pennsylvania, USA. We have had nearly 30 inches of snow in the last week. I've been housebound --a good opportunity to finally sort through all the fabrics I had set aside for this project. I've pressed my fabrics and cut my fusible petals, and I started gluing. Gluing is NOT my favorite part! But now I'm ready to set up the lightbox and set my first block together-- so energizing!

I love seeing your work. And it's quite exciting to be a small part of a global sew-in!


Oh my gosh...I just discovered this quilt...its beautiful...

I have so many projects going but I must...must..will start and do this one. I needed something to do with my Kaffe Fassett fabrics.

Do you think its too late to join your quilt group?

Your work is great.

Donna Laing

I don't think it's too late to join. I joined months ago, but guess what!? I just finished my first block this week! Life intrudes on play time. I'm a longarm quilter and the holiday season is busy season for my business, so I just got started with this project. My compass is smaller than needed (4.5" maximum), so my blocks will only be 9". It's okay. I'm not planning on making a bed quilt-- just a sweet colorful throw for the back of the rocker- eye candy!

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