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January 08, 2010


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Oh Kellie these are so beautiful but also so complicated that my head hurts if I look at them for too long. I remain envious of the skill and ability everyone is showing in this quilt-a-long.


This is SO amazing Kellie! I'm enjoying just reading the construction on these blocks and seeing all the different variations that everyone is working on. What a fantastic quilt-a-long!


Whew, I need a nap after reading this post! Seriously, the blocks are stunning, and makes me wish I had started this with the group. Just beautiful!


I realy have to look at this a few times. Because I use the green background I can't use a light box, so i realy have to give it a second thought how to solve this.
i will start by printing the instructions so I read them again and again.


Wow, have I got some work to do! I better get going on my blocks.
Thanks Kellie for all the hard work you are putting into this!

Mary on Lake Pulaski

I think I need to sit next to my computer with my blocks to get this right! Thanks again Kellie! Although I don't have 14 blocks finished, I'm rolling along!


I must admit, I'm a tiny bit confused.... but I guess it gets clearer once I do it myself. The result is fabulous though, there's no doubt about that ;). Thanks very much Kellie for all your efforts. You are a STAR!!!


It´s beautifull! thank you for the tutorial!


Wow this step looks a little complicated! I guess it will become clear when I get there.

I recently decided to join your quilt-along and finally got all my fabrics and materials.

I couldn't find a compass big enough so I made up my templates in Illustrator. I have made these available for download on my blog (for others who might have troubles finding a compass.) I hope you don't mind that I made that available (let me know if you do and I'll take it down.)


I'm not sure i 'geddit' but i am full of cold, and it's late. I think i'll come back again in the morning when i have had some sleep and it will make perfet sense :-)
Just finishing block 23 and i'm LOVING it. Can't wait to start putting the rows together!


Wow Kellie, fabulous 'stitching together' instructions! I'm hoping to get a move along this week with my blocks, I am so behind, but on holidays now yay!!! Seeing your blocks coming together like this is so very motivating, thanks for all the work you have put into this gorgeous tutorial so far xo


I just found your blog last night through 'whip up' and I have to say I am officially IN LOVE! I have always wanted to make a quilt but never found anything beautiful enough to make me want to race out and buy the equipment and start right away, until I came here!

I will probably start with a small project like one of the pillows, but gee whiz, I think you have converted me!


Thank you for putting the time and effort into posting this next step Kellie. I'm a little behind because I'm too busy stitching up another couple of your pillow patterns, lol. The step by step instructions are excellent, I'll hold my breath and hope the blocks fit together.

Lynn Taylor

How did I miss this post lol! Great instructions Kellie! I have only made one block but am hoping to get back in the swing of things soon. The holidays kicked my butt lol. Have a great week!



I am finding it difficult to follow the instructions for joining rows as well. I am wondering if perhaps a guide showing numbers on the circles so that we know which circles are from what rows... like... 1-1 for row 1, circle 1 etc. I also am unsure which end of the row you are beginning on.


Hi Edna
If you look at my photo with my 14 blocks in it ... they are set out in two vertical rows of 7 blocks each. Block 1 of Row 1 is obviously at the top of the photo as is Block 1 of Row 2. They are then numbered sequentially down each of the vertical rows.
If you look at each of the steps, the blocks in the photos are identified in the instructions.
Try actually laying out your blocks as you are going through the instructions and see how you go.


A day late but happy 2 year blogiversary my friend :-)

Bernadette B

Lovely but lots of work! I will see you at the class in Ballarat.


I am just getting started on my quilt but can't seem to find out the final size of the quilt. Can you tell me how big it will be?

Nerys Jenkins

Hi Kellie, I've nominated your blog for a Sunshine Award. Visit my blog to collect it:
Nerys x


And I've given your blog a Lemonade Stand award from The Last Piece.... gees you're a popular little thing aren't you :)

Carolyn S

I've just now found you and am gong to attempt the Joseph's Coat quilt along.

tropical bedding

WOW! You just do not know how happy I am to have found your blog..Thanks a lot! Great stuffs here.

funny pics

Your works are gorgeous! I cannot wait to make some myself! :)

Pauline Caller

Have you a printed copy of this pattern? I think it's just brilliant.

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