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January 04, 2010


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Welcome back!
Applique terrifies me & so I drool over your beautiful quilts on your blog in admiration!
Happy New Year
Chris x


Her we have snow and it freezing cold. I am working on block 13 of the quiltalong. And my daughter is doing a handaplique block from a flower from the pattern I won. it is turning out so pretty.
I am looking forward to the next step


Woohoo for loving swimming, you go young man!

Do you have plans on doing a correspondence course for either of those days at Ballarat Patchwork?????? ;-)


When did Joshua grow? He's looking like he sprouted. Aha, I'm doing two of those cushions this week, wish I could be in the class. Wishing you a very happy new year for yourself and your family.


I was just adding you to my list of blogs to catch up with and there you are! Glad you had a wonderful xmas and New Year. I would love to visit Warrnambool one day for a holiday, your photos look wonderful. I love the sneak peek of the next project too. I am so happy that Joshua isnt scared of the water anymore, I am sure he will love all the water time these summer holidays.


Jeez, have the kids been on a growing spurt , they are definately getting bigger. Looks like a lovely place to holiday , nice and warm and sunny -- I miss the sun. Looking forward to seeing more of the cars and trucks :-)

Monika Bauer

Ahh - we were caravanning in Pt Fairy over the Xmas period. It was absolutely beautiful weather (apart from the 40 degrees on the Thursday!).

I would love to be able to do the workshop with you - your applique is adorable BUT I am now back home in the Adelaide hills!!

I love the girly girly pillows and cushions. I have two boys though, so the little hint of the cars and trucks would be right up my alley!!

Thanks for a great blog.


Soooo glad you are back. Couldn't help but wonder if all was well. Love your pics, as always. A little jealous of the warm, sunny weather, but I know our turn will come again.
Welcome back, you've been missed. :)


Hi Kellie welcome back and Happy New year....oh what a fabulous place for a family Holiday...Warnambool is glad you had some time out.... I love the sneak peak of those punch buggys and other vehicles...can't wait to see what it is.....
Hugs and Blessings dawn x x x


Happy New Year Kellie, my gosh your kids look like they've grown a foot over the holidays. Great holiday snaps.


love all of those pillows - so pretty and neat for a girls room. I can never get over all these photos from Australian bloggers of Christmas in warm weather! You all look like you are enjoying yourselves so much! Here we are colder than normal :(
Glad to see you are back, I love looking at your things.


You're making me SO jealous. Our summer is still months away.
I'm glad you had a wonderful time.

Lisa Mathis

Ooooo Kelly! I wish I lived near you because I would love to learn some of your quilting techniques. Your applique is always so pretty and I ADORE your quilting. It makes all the difference. I love your xmas photo because it's funny to see the 'noodles' for the pool (if that's what they are). Christmas comes in winter for us, lol. Glad to have you back, I only have 10 blocks done but now that the holidays are over, I hope to kick into high gear.


Welcome back - we all missed you. But it's great that you had a good break. The new car quilt looks fantastic, I can't wait to see more of it.


Oh My Gosh! I can see that those little cars are going to cause me to bring out the paperbags yet again! I can't WAIT to see that quilt -- it looks so adorable. Now...WHEN did you say you'll be teaching your workshop in the states??? I can't figure out your quilting on my own (even with a fantastic in-person sample), so, clearly I'm going to have to take a workshop!!!


Can't wait to see the 'sneak peek' quilt! welcome back, we missed you!

Lynn Taylor

Welcome Back! The sneak peak looks awesome! I wish it were summer here, it is freezing!! I wish you would come here to the states so I could take a class from you! Maybe someday? Have a great week!

Maree @ Farmyardcrafts

Glad that you all had a lovely time away!! It's so nice to see that you're able to take your stitching anywhere!!


o i sooo wish i could attend your class as i love all your quilts and designs - they are just sooo beautiful and always make me smile!!!



Hello Kellie.
Welcome back! I too have been quite busy and have barely had spare time in front of the computer, which is why I haven't been writing silly comments on your blog lately. Hope you have been doing well. I cannot wait to see more of your car project, it looks lovely! For whom is it?

Take care.

jen duncan

You're work SOOO inspires me. Looking at that pillow-filled pink bed almost makes me want to drop everything and fly to Australia. From California! Really really LOVE your work. Thanks for sharing.

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Welcome back and Happy New Year Kellie! Time for me to put everything else down and get up to par on Joseph's coat.

Sharon L F

Hi Kellie,
Lilly Pilly certainly looks bright and happy in the snow. Warrnambool is lovely, though its been a while since I've been there. Looks like you got in some much-needed R & R.
Your monsters quilt looks divine. Might try out a cushion to see if I can do it :)
The sneek peek also looks good...have the boys been saying "what about me" LOL

Sherrie Letzter

Hi Kellie! I have missed your posts. My pattern arrived in the mail last week and it is lovely Thanks so much for sending it to me. Looking forward to the next post.
Sherrie (good4once)

Thanks for posting about the classes at Ballarat. A friend and I have just booked in today. I simply can't wait! I have been following your blog for a few months and just love your work!

Can't wait to see the finished product that you are working on. Anything for little boys just grabs my eye! It is nice to find things that I can create for my 18 month old!

Thank you for all your hard work, and I look forward to meeting you on January 23rd!!!! I was near bouncing of the walls to be able to come along!!!!!!!


Happy 2010, Kellie, to you and your beloved family!!!


yes welcome back! I've missed you and your blog posts but wonderful family photos and love the sneak peek! gorgeous! I also loved anna's pictures in the snow, oh I wanted a white christmas and everything! wasn't her blog post funny!!!



I so wish I could come take that pillow class to learn how to raw edge applique. Every time I look at those pillows, it makes me smile.


welcome back! .....and happy new year....! Love the pic of Lillypilly in the very cool! Great family holiday pics....hope you have a fab year......seeing Anna's quilt reminded me how lucky I was to win one of your pillows last year....I have finally found just the right quilt cover, sheets and pillows to go with it on the bed..LOL....sigh...happy happy!!


Hi Kelly, I have booked into you class in Ballarat for March, cant wait. A couple of weeks ago I started your Rocket Ship Pillow tutorial too, Thanks


It looked like a fun break. Very interesting sneak peek there.


Oh how I would love to be at your beach! We are under a wind chill advisory here in Oklahoma, USA. so wrong!

I am looking for your pattern that has that adorable cat. Can you direct me to the correct one?

Happy New Year and welcome back to the net.


Welcome back Kellie! :)

Happy New Year. looks like you and your family had a wonderfully relaxing break.

Jo from the farm

I booked in to the class at Ballarat Patchwork yesterday morning, very excited about it, it's good to do a class before school goes back... I'm looking forward to meeting you...


Happy Australia Day! I just love your blog. The colors and patterns make me happy just looking at them. What a gift you have.


I am so excited to find your blog! I discovered and ordered two of your patterns this week from Shabby Fabrics. Your work is beautiful, I hope mine will look even a tad bit like yours. Keep up the very cool work and the blog, I have so much to learn from you! A new fan in Texas, Lisa

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