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December 02, 2009


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Wow what a great post Kellie. Yes the cursor moving over the fabrics does work which is a great help. I adore the Little Monster quilt and your little monster is so adorable when I met him. I am sure he is super happy to have it on his bed now. I love the new "With Love From Me" Kellie, and as always you have an use of color in all your projects. I am hoping over the xmas holidays to be able to start your Willow pattern, must make sure I have some nice fabrics to use first, lol! I loved seeing all the projects those nice ladies from your class made too, they all look as though they are loving your projects too. The First Day of Christmas is beautiful in the pastels too.

Debbie  St.Germain

Loved the quilt and class photos. I have been teaching myself free motion, but would love to go to a class like that. I really like how you did up your tree bird with a christmas look, I can see that as a nice 4 blocks, of seasons.



I've enjoyed reading the interview and I'm a little surprised that you are surprised that we all like your patterns so much. What's not to like, I ask you??? The little "First Day of Christmas" project is lovely and I can't wait for the pattern for "With Love From Me".


All gorgeous as usual Kellie, but the most gorgeous has to be that real life little monster at the top. He just makes me smile!

jo 戎嶋

wow, the alien quilt is fantastic, my little monster would love it too!

Claire - Matching Pegs

Lots of eye candy in this post Kellie! I'm with you, I really love Cathy's fabric colours for her Joseph's Coat. I think the backing is perfect. In fact there are some very inspiring palettes out there. I liked the way "Good4Once" is creeping across the spectrum.

"With love from Me" is a wonderful addition to your pattern line Kellie.

Happy silly season......


My goodness Kellie, where do I start! LOVE Joshua and his quilt. Just lovely! It looks like you had a ball at class - and I am DEFINITELY coming along to your weekend class at Sewjourn. Have confirmed with hubby! The Joseph's Coat quilts are coming along beautifully too, and your Christmas pattern looks just lovely. All super nice - and what a super blog post!

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Little Monsters quilt is cute, but put that Joshua on it and no one will look at the quilt!
Those lucky people who were able to attend your class - I'm so jealous!
With Love From Me and One the First Day of Christmas are wonderful Kellie - you are SO creative.
And back to Joseph's Coat - I'm starting to pick up a little speed - I'm very slow at hand stitching.


what a great post..thanks for all the photos of the girls working or texting lol so hard

the quilt is great am sure lots of people outside of australia will love it too...worth a subscription to the maqgazine so as not to miss out!


Hi Kellie, lots of familiar faces in your weekend class looks like they achieved a lot. Finally pulled my finger out and have ordered background fabric for joseph and have started tracing my leaves on the stitch and wash. I am heading in to hospital after christmas for a couple of days so i am planning on using the kid free time to do lots of hand sewing and I might even have an excuse to sit and sew for the 3 weeks I have off work. Love your new project and loved the Pat Sloan fabric on the back of the cushion you made for Lorraine.


What a loooooong post!
So much info, so many pictures, so many great projects, so many lovely gardens!!!
Congratulations all to those who have finshed their 6 blocks:)
I'm afraid, I didn't managed to begin only one block... so little time... Kellie, I think I will postpose my Garden to next spring (where the days are a bit longer;)
But thank YOU so much for sharing us your gifted talents!!!


Well I love the boys quilt! so different to all the other things for boys...well wait a second there isn't much out there for boys!

I love all the pics too of your class! so exciting, I need to get my butt back into gear and look at venues again but it's so exciting and I can't believe how great the ladies work is!

righto, all so lovely and inspring and I adore your new pattern! beautiful!



Oh Kellie! I am not a quilter, nor do I even sew, but I am drawn to your blog and love, love, love each and every design you come up with! I want everything!!! Love your little monster quilt so, so much, the new Xmas design is great - love that bow! Oh, I could go on and on...

Lisa x

Carolina H

I love to "follow" your blog! You ARE an artist!! I dooooooo LOVE your latest project "With Love From Me". When can I buy it?? What is the fastest way to get it to Sweden? By Santa?
You have brighten my day!! ;-)


Love that little monster quilt, will keep my eye out for it.


Oh, Kellie- the circles! with monsters peeking out! I had been waiting to see if you had finished this one, because you had never posted pics- trust me, I have been waiting! As I scrolled down and caught sight of the monsters, I laughed aloud- pure genius! and the toothy (or fangy) border! You have such an original, fresh look to your work. Congratulations on another masterpiece!

Sharon L F

Hi Kellie,

Can't wait to get my Homespun this month :). Your new designs look great as usual. I loved the class photos and hope to do a class with you (hopefully next year)



I just love your little monster quilt and just bought that issue of Homespun today... you are so creative! Thanks!

Sounds like you had another lovely weekend - the ladies are certainly making fantastic quilts! I hope First Day of Christmas will be available as a pattern!


Mandy Foot

Hi Kellie,

Just purchased my copy of Homespun magazine, have been haunting the newsagents waiting for this to come out and I love, love, love,the little monster quilt. I hoping to get into a class of yours next year.

Great work!!


Sooooooo much lovely stitching in this post Kellie!
You are doing such a great job in your workshops. Everyone looks so happy and relaxed and they are all producing amazing work.
Joshua looks pretty happy to finally have his quilt on his bed. It's divine!!
Andi :-)

Megan Kay

Hi Kellie,

Thanks for such a great weekend! I had so much fun and learnt alot. I finished up the free motion on my project today, and I think it looks pretty good for a first attempt. I will have to take some pics and I will blog about it in the next couple of days. Now I really need to get a wriggle on with my Josephs Coat, and I want the wreath pattern as soon as it comes out, and I think I have to make a similar monster quilt for my Oscar, although I have already bought fabrics, so it will be all greens, blues, and browns. So glad I came to your class and to anyone reading and thinking about attending a class, - DO IT! Kellie is an amazing teacher and you just have the best fun!

Anyway, can't wait to see what is next in the world of DLN!

xxx Megs.


Kellie, I so wish you did workshops in the U.S. I would be the first in line to sign up!


Hi Kellie, I am doing the quilt a long and it would be real fun to do something where we can all meet the Monsters quilt.....but sadly that magazine is not available here on the Eastern seaboard in the US.....Keep up the fantastic work!!!


OhMyGosh! And I repeat....I can't wait to take your classes when you come to the US LOL!!! Your class looks like SO much fun and I LOVE the gorgeous Partridge in a Pear Tree that you designed for the class. Thanks for the shout out too -- I'm now thinking how cute an advent calendar with DLK birdies and leaves on it would be! And your little Monster! What a CUTIE!!!

Erica K

This has been a really fun post to read! I'm afraid I'm way behind on my JC...but that's to be expected from me. I just love the little monsters quilt!

Sheila Carita

I just want to let you know that your new "trick" with the photos worked perfectly, I could see the names of all the fabrics in the pics. Great idea!

AND I love your new patterns..... First day of Christmas is my favorite but I love With Love too!!

And I want to take one of your classes!!!



Little Monsters is absolutely stunning Kellie, I adore the colours you have used in it. Beautiful post, love all the pics. I'm absolutely thrilled you like my block, I'm still waiting on that darker background to arrive, sigh! xo


The wreath is gorgeous, that is definitely on my list.......for next year!!


What a great newsy post. I won't list what I love, I love it all. The ladies are having so much fun in your workshop and getting great results. I just bought my copy of Homespun, the monster quilt is outstanding.


This is theee most WONDERFUL Quilt blog I have seen! Your work is stunning...your photos fabulous...and your lessons I will be gleaning for a while!

Thank you soooo much! I'm a self-taught Quilter...not much...but now you have opened my eyes to a wonderful new adventure in Quilting!!!

The colors bring so much cheer!



Hi Kellie - looks like you need to start a fanclub!!! Have just been to the Addicted to Fabric sale in Canberra and was thrilled to see your beautiful quilts "in the flesh" (particularly Lilly Pilly which I am going to tackle... just as soon as my Joseph's Coat has progressed a bit further...)
Can't wait to do your class next year. In the meantime, can you please give yourself a holiday - you're playing havoc with my projects to-do list!!



Thank you for the pictures of the projects, I really have enjoyed seeing the different ways people are working with your patterns. They are so full of life and whimsy. I purchased (here in the U.S.A. from Twiddletails) the Lilly Pilly and Garden pattern. Will you be putting that adorable First Day of Christmas out for us?


Hello Kellie, Love your new pattern, after the quiltalong I will still stay here as one of your fans. I love your work so much!!!
Starting on block 10 of the joseph coat and still having a lot of fun.
Which fabric do you use to make the flowers with the stripes? There are more stripe flowers in your pattern, but I can't find fabric with cirkels that I could use

Thearica Burroughs

Kellie, your patterns are the cats meow! LOVE the Monster quilt! and The First Day of Christmas is great! Love the quilting on it too!

Jantine Urban

Your monster quilt is just unbelievable! I just LOVE it, how did you ever come up with the idea and be able to create a quilt like that too.
Wish I wasn't living overseas, I would attend a workshop from you tomorrow!


Wow Kellie, you are just moving in leaps and bounds!!!! I love the little project you did in your class!!! and your new one too!!! Wish I was in one of those classes!!! Do all the machines have that stitch regulator???
We are getting ready to put on our snow boots!

Mandy Meierotto

Kellie, so many things to comment on. 1st- the monster quilt for you son is too cute. 2nd-I've so got to get one of your patterns. I love the way the quilting is done in the ones shown from your class, is this something you give directions for in you patterns? Is there one that would be better to start on vs another? 3rd-the curser thing, what a great idea!


Oh wow. So amazing. I am loving the FDofXmas pattern. So adorable. I only wish I had time to sew. I would really love to take a class in Sydney. It would make my year!


Hi Kellie!

Where is a list of your workshops because I would LOVE to come along and learn how to free motion quilt from the master. Really, it would be the best ever!


Mama Spark

Are you kidding me?? I LOVE First Day of Christmas!! Will you be selling that one anytime soon?? I will need to track down the Homespun magazine to get Little Monsters too. Your work is just spectacular!!

Heiress Apparent

Kellie, that little monster quilt is just the most fantastic thing I think you've done to date, I am completely in awe of you. You rock!!!


It gives me such pleasure to see you doing so well. I will always admire your talent, and your wonderful, fresh, designs!
Love megxx

Beth Karese

Kelli, I need to take a minute today to tell you that you're TERRIFIC!!! I just LOVE seeing a group of women learning machine quilting and new methods! It brings me joy to see this wonderful craft of quilting be energized with your fresh, happy designs and generous sharing of techniques. You give such you-can-do-it encouragement. Way to go!


That monster quilt is yet another work of art Kellie - I continue to admire your work enormously. Hope you and your family have the most fabulous Christmas, and wish you a Happy New Year. :-) x


Oh wowweeee... I would love to do a class with you.. do you ever come to Newcastle Sydney??? I loved your monster quilt in HOmespun and I am still debating about the josephs coat, I feel like I am missing out on something by NOT doing it! LOL

take care and merry christmas to you :O))) I love all your work.. you are truly inspiring!


I wish I could have attended your class...what fun!

Stay Cozy, Carrie


Love your Little Monsters- both quilt & son!
You are such a high achiever, and all your work is brilliant!
I wish you a Happy New Year, with your star continuing to Shine throughout 2010!!!


Love that little monster's quilt. Totally fabulous. Love the riot of colours. Will definitely be picking up a copy of Homespun ASAP!

And as for the Christmas mini quilt... how darn cute! I love those little birds. They are perfect. Will you please please please consider publishing a tutorial on this one? I'd love one of these in every room of the house!

Happy New Year!


I love the monster quilt. I saw the book magazine in the library the other dy and it came home with me:) I would lov to make it for my DS - although I dont have the sewing skills to do all of that quilting:(


Your classes look like so much fun! Do you think you'll ever come teach a class in the US?

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