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November 20, 2009


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Congratulations Kellie. I remember reading your blog when it first started. You have come such a very long way and deservedly so.

You must be pretty chuffed with yourself, and exhausted.


Quilt market did sound exhausting, how great that you did so well and met so many contacts. Congratulations on your success.
The monster quilt is absolutely adorable, I'll make sure to get that issue.


Your stand looks fantastic! Love, love the circle monster quilt!


Wow! Market looked like fun! Okay, I have some of my shapes cut out but I have not gone beyond that yet! Still on my to-do list! Have a good weekend!


Good on you Kellie and a huge congrats for your success at market. I am totally in love with your gorgeous designs and obviously so is everyone else. Cant wait to see what you come up with next. Go girl!!! Jo xox

Bernadette B

Kellie your Monster quilt is absolutely to die for, how very cute!!! I can see another of your quilts on the "to do" list for my little GS. Well done and congratulations on your success at the quilt market. I was too busy doing other things to get there this time but maybe next year.


You are so talented. I love your style. The Little Monsters quilt is just fabulous.


Your stall looks fabulous Kellie. You must have been so tired after all of that. I LOVE your monster quilt and did spy it on the last page of the most recent Homespun. I cant wait to buy it in December. It will surely be a popular one. I have enjoyed seeing all the wonderful Joseph's Coats pics too, they all look wonderful.

Congratulations! Take a snap shot baby 'cause like tamara said 'you've come along way' and I have throughly enjoyed the ride! Thanks for letting me 'tag' along via your blog. Good on you!

I will be rushing down to the book shop to get that mag as soon as they have it in. This one will be added to the ever expanding list of quilts I have to make. It is the perfect quilt for my wee Noah (have been looking for a boys quilt that doesn't involve an ark for obvious reasons) - hopefully I'll have it started and finshed before he graduates to a bed!


Your work is incredibly beautiful! I bet you had no trouble selling those.


Your stall looked lovely; I'm glad you had a great, although very busy time. Again, love the new quilt; fab colours. As for the quilt along: I haven't been able to make much head way as our impending move is getting in the way of quilting. But I do hope to catch up when we are all settled again.

tracey petersen

Well done at market. Fortune favours the brave (and the very talented)!

Little monsters is fabulous. I'll keep an eye out for the new Homespun.


Your quilts are gorgeous. That monster quilt is enough to make me want to have another boy just so I can make it.


OH. MY. GOSH!!!! You MUST tell us what you're smoking down there!!! That monster quilt is FANTASTIC!!! YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! Your booth looks fabulous (eeeek -- there's the tree looking so perfect among your quilts -- you can't possible part with it!) WOW!!! I'm SOOOO excited for you Kellie -- your success is so well deserved. I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL YOU COME TO THE STATES TO TEACH CLASSES!!!!


The monster quilt is awesome! Any little boy, or girl for that matter, would love to have such a fun quilt


WOW - I love that little monsters quilt, but it looksl ike alto of work - amazing!!! I can't believe how far people are in the quilt along - I haven't even started yet - eep!!!


I removed the photos on Flicker that used a different technique. I thought I could play along although I was using a different technique, but the same pattern. Sorry. Please remove me from the list, since I am doing something unique. :(


I love the monster quilt me and the kiddos think it is a must have! So I will have to order the homespun magazine, the want me to make this quilt (after I finish Megs garden and the quilt along) So I have to go of the computer now, to get quilting


you impress me with every quilt, can't wait for the monsters to be out in the market. It's hard to find good projects for boys!


Beautiful stand Kellie, Congratulations! and the monster quilt is gorgeous, I was inspired by the circles and wanted to make one for my grandson but the monsters are just adorable! When are you coming to Perth??


Well done Kellie - the amazingly positive response to your patterns is well deserved. 'Lite Steam-a-Seam 2' has been going through my head all week........I almost got it right by the end of 2 days. Have a great weekend.


Hey there superwoman ! it sounds like a huge success - (I believe I did actually predict that ). I am so thrilled for you .
I hope you have booked in a little rest among all that teaching ....


Your monster quilt is fabulous. Is that Homespun Magazine that it is going to be in? I must have that pattern! Congratulations on your success at market.

Sheila Carita

I love the monster quilt!!

The blocks that everyone has completed are amazing! This is a bit beyond my skills, but I am enjoying following along.

All I can say is wOw!



Always awesome and I agree that your work is amazing and it was only a matter of time before you were in the limelight. I personally am excited with the thought that you are heading to Sydney just as i am with every design you bring out.

wishes, true and kind

Your booth looked fabulous!

Jo in TAS

So lovely to meet you and Jan! I had a great time at AQM. I fell in love with the Monster Quilt, it's so bright and fun!
Congratulations on a successful show!


I have found a shop in the netherlands where I can buy homespun magazine and I have orderded this issue


It was good to catch up. It's really good that the weekend was a success you deserve it for all the effort you put in. Great to meet the gang. See you Friday.


You are one talented lady. That monster quilt is wonderful! My eye is roving all over the happy colors and playful monsters. All those circles! Wow. It really is like nothing I've seen before. Just wonderful! I liked seeing your booth from market too. It's fun seeing your work all lined up. Even your table skirt got the Kellie treatment. ;) It looks great!

Lynn Taylor

Kelli, your stand at quilt market looked fantastic! I have not been able to participate in Joseph quilt due to being sick but will try to catch up when I am feeling better. I am getting jealous seeing all the beautiful color combinations popping up!

Have a great weekend!


Your post made me smile. So impressed by your work. The stand looked amazing...:0)


So glad to see its all taking off for you in a big way! You are much deserving. I LOVE the MOnster Quilt! Cant wait to get my hands on that issue. Awesome job.


Your stand for quilt market looked fab!
I can't wait for the next issue of homespun, the Little Monsters quilt looks great, my boys would love it! Another project on the to do list!

sayda sanchez bonett

Hola buen dia !!!
He visitado su blog.. sus trabajos... encantadores !!!
Gracias por el tutorial pues las explicaciones son muy claras.
Mi pregunta es si el pegamento que ud. usa es especial para telas o si puede ser cualquiera.
Gracias por responder mi inquietud.
Un abrazo y bendiciones desde Colombia, sayda

Rose Marie

What a fabulous booth you had .... your quilts showed so well.

I finished 6 blocks of my Joseph's Coat and have posted them on my blog.


Congratulations Kelly,
Your work is fantastic! I am very interested in your monster quilt pattern...and would like to purchase it from you if possible. Please give me an idea of the price...of course I'm in the USA. lol...but I want what I want and am willing to pay!


wow, I just *love* the monster quilt! SO hoping I can find it here in the States!



My name is Iris, and i am from Belgium. Where can I find the pattern of little Monsters.


Hi, I just started quilting and I loved little Monsters.. Where can i buy the pattern online? I live in Mexico and cant find the pattern here.

Nilgün Komar

oh my god
they are the eighth wonder of the world
I congratulate

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