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November 03, 2009


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merci :))))))


Thanks again Kellie another clear and easy to follow post. Can't wait until the next issue of the DLN quilt along!

A lovely we 'harry' you have there! And congratulations on the new stores stocking you patterns, how exciting for you!!


Thanks so much Kellie; everything sound straight forward. I guess it's just a matter of preciseness! Of course now I HAVE to go to my sewing room instead of organizing the house for our move at the end of the month.


Awwww, look at that adorable little Harry! Your instructions are fabulous -- you just don't know how you're tempting me. I'm taking notes -- and putting this fab quilt on the list for when the que gets a little shorter!

Little Harry is adorable! And thanks very much for the great instructions.

What Comes Next

ohhhhh! Let the fun begin! (cute Harry Potter, too!)


Turns out I am way too overloaded to join in the quilt along at the moment. But I just wanted to say you are doing a sterling job!!!!


Thanks Kellie,

Wow you have done heaps of work....

Sandy N


You've done a wonderfully detailed set of instructions here Kellie, thanks so much for all your work. The other product that was first listed is used in exactly the same way interestingly enough.

Melanie Pentecost

Beautiful directions and pictures. Thanks for the details.

How would I modify the directions if I'm making a wall quilt? Not sure how to cut the white fabric for that.


Chriss Jasper

Hi Kellie,
I am busting a gut to get started but the fabric I have ordered hasn't arrived!! Oh no!! I shall just have to drool over your great instructions and use my imagingation...
thanks for such great instructions, you do a very good job.


I'm loving your instructions too, you make it very easy to understand. I don't mind you going slow at all, I'm yet to start. I've been all over trying to find a decent compass but haven't found one yet...I'll be going past officeworks tomorrow so hopefully they'll have one! I still need to buy some more fabric too :)


You must be a suspense writer....I just can't wait to see how these blocks go together. I'm going to try this as needle-turn applique instead but need to wait a while to see if my plan will work with your pattern.

Love your instruction, they are so easy to understand.
I am going to draw my pattern now and start cutting 12 pettals. I want to prewash my background before cutting. I have had this brand before and know it will bleed.


Kellie - I can't seem to find stitch & wash. Can you recommend an alternative?

Erica K

Such a cute little Harry Potter!

I love the fabrics you've picked! And in my favorite color too! :)

Jenny Kilpatrick

Have just drafted my pattern and made my template, but am having trouble doing nice points.

tonsillitis symptoms

I love the information, I commend them for their ideas.


I'm so excited to get started on this! I've done oodles of raw edge applique, but this will be my first time with pretty finished edges.

(And thank you SO much for introducing me to the Stitch and Wash. In pursuit of it, I found another Floriani product that I think may be perfect for another project I'm working on!)


Can you tell me what is "Stitch and Wash'?? I have never heard of it. Exactly what type of "stabilizer" is this? Does it completely wash out? Can you tell me the exact name so I might try it? Thank you kindly for your assistance.

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