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November 01, 2009


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Can't wait to see the colour schemes that everyone uses!

Melanie Pentecost

Kellie, the list of folks participating is now gone. I was enjoying going to each person's blog to get to know them. Any chance of that list reappearing? Or am I looking in the wrong place?




This will keep me out of trouble while the kids are at school ;) I'm really looking forward to getting started! Call me crazy, but the pattern drafting stage looks fun to me...


Thanks Kellie, I love playing with the compass, this will be fun for me.

rebecca bird

so excited! been waiting all day for this to of the house ferreting around in his garage for a lockable compass........Rebecca NZ


So far so good. I just like to share a little hint about the paper; I usually use the heavier Velum paper (I think it's also called architect's paper) for projects like this. It's strong, yet with smooth and translucent surface available in A3 size and can withstand a lot of dragging around without the need for laminating.


Fantastic Kellie! That's my Monday night sorted!

Rachelle x


Thanks very much Kellie! My circles are drawn and look fabulous. Just one tip - an A3 page on its own is not big enough - maybe two taped together? I used a sheet of cardboard 20 x 25 inches and had to tape sheets of paper top and bottom (on the long sides) as it wasn't quite big enough. The 22 inch square measurement you give should work fine though.... Danielle


Wow Kellie, thanks for all of this. You are putting in so much time and effort and it's much appreciated. I think I have just linked with flickr too, another first for me.... now, where did I put that compass?


I like it already! Can't wait to draft my pattern today. Your instructions are clear and straightforward. This is going to be a great project!


whooo hoooo! Can't wait to get my compass out!


Glad to be able to get started. Think I'm needing some "Do Not Disturb" signs posted while working on the draft. Thanks for the detailed instructions. Hope I don't have to pick up the eraser too often. Sally

Sherrie Letzter

I have my husband looking for the compass now, so I can get started! I am still debating my color choice at this time. Can't wait to see everyone elses pictures! Your instructions look very good Kellie.

Chris H

Super ce sont des explications très claires pour commencer... J'attends avec impatience la rentrée des classes (ce mercredi pour la france) pour débuter mon projet.


Oh my!! I feel like I get to make spirograph designs again.. Yay! However,the ONLY thing I forgot on my list was that silly compass!! Off to the store to grab it up to start drawing! I can't wait to see how everyone puts theirs together (color scheme and stuff). Thank you so much for putting this together!!


I did it! Hooray! Haven't used a compass since high school. I confused my kids; they wanted to know why I couldn't find North from my own house!

Erica K

Oh, I am excited! I love the first set of's very inspiring! Now to comb the house to find these things...


I'm using compass method to show my kids and my students at school that I still use math all the time, even for my pleasure and my art. I'm going to show them my drafting and then let them draft one too. Good going with the easy-to-follow directions.
~anna in md, right near DC


Okies, I got my pattern drafted and it was actually fun :) I was wondering though, before I get it laminated, do we only need the circle part or will we need the extra stuff outside of the actual pattern too? What I'd like to do is cut it out into a 12.5 x 12.5 square so it is more manageable. Would this be ok to do? Thanks again for doing this quilt along! I am so excited to see how this comes along :)


Wow! Scary.

Elizabeth K.

i had some issues trying to do this with a everyday compass, it kept moving and would not stay locked in one place. So i borrowed a Drafting Compass from my brother and it worked great! I am trying to work up something to put on my blog for tomorrow about my "fun" trying to get the old compass to work!

Gloria J W

Thanks I've downloaded that pages..ready to do tonight! Looks great...I'll need to push myself along to keep dear friend Wendy is coming along with this one we'll vie with each other and keep ourselves moving along nicely. Thank you so much for all your efforts. Rainbow smiles


THANKS, Kellie, for these clear explanations ! (and THANKS also to the tips I read in the comments above ;>)
Now, to draw those circles and make a nice, exact template...
However I'll have to wait until next Tuesday for a big sheet of paper, as tomorrow is legal holiday here.
Can't wait starting this wonderful project, and seeing all colors schemes ! As to mine, I thought it's now the perfect opportunity to use that beautiful Moda Jelly Roll I got last month...
NADINE in Belgium


Great, now I can borrow teen's maths equipment (for a change).

Kellie, I made a button out of your Joseph's Coat pic and added it to my sidebar - I hope that's ok. I just copied the photo and added it as a gadget with a link to your page.

Now just have to wait (impatiently) for the camel to deliver the fusible stuff from distant shores,
Alison, singapore


Uh oh. My eyes are glazing over, and I'm starting to lose it... don't know if I'm up to getting past this first step (I know, I'm a wimp!) but I'm still excited to trot along with the rest of you and get inspiration and maybe a bit of courage. Thanks so much for these detailed and thorough instructions, I know they must have taken quite a bit of time to draft for us. Happy November!


Thanks Kellie, What a lot of work... we all appreciate it...

Sandy N

wendy exciting to see it form before your eyes from a completely blank canvas!!!! Thanks Kellie...can't wait to get started
sugary hugs
Wendy B 'o)

Alicia Key

Great instructions, Kellie. Thanks so much for all your efforts! It's going to be an awesome quilt.


Yay! All drafted. Thanks for the easy to follow instructions.

Elizabeth K.

Thanks much for all the work you have already, and will continue to put in this project!
Finally! I got the pattern drafted. I had issues with my own compass not staying at the correct measurement so i borrowed a drafting compass from my brother and it worked great. I got a little story posted on my blog about getting started on the project, can't wait to see the next step!


Really love this! On my blog I linked back to your blog Kellie and I've tried twice to put my name on the list. But it doesn't appear there. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for this Quilt-A-Long.

Lois Grebowski

yikes! geometry? lol


Ah! The kind of maths I like!


Ok, so I got out the only compass I could find which is a leftover from when my kids were in school. My first problem is that it will not open to 5.5". It's max is a bit over 4.5 so I am just going to make mine slightly smaller. I figure my block will be about 9" finished. Hope this is right?? Now I have another questions:
-- I would like to make a smaller quilt - perhaps lap size. Any chance you could give background fabric requirements for other sizes?


This may take me all year, but I am excited to try! yay! :D




Oh my God !! what a beautiful work !!!! i am not a quilter i wish i were an aussie girl to make all these beautiful projects!! I didn't know that people wear gloves for quiilting !
all the best from France


Does anyone know where I can buy Stitch and Wash in Queensland please?


So, kids. Cheap is, well, cheap. The $1.19 locking compass is really a "locking" compass. Note the quotes. "Invest" in a good compass for a whole whopping 5 to 10 bucks and you'll be much happier and will actually have success with your project. :-)

I love the tutorial and appreciate all the hard work you've done on it! Once I get a good compass later today, I'll be getting down to work on it! :-)

Jordan Flipsyde

Chance to read your blog, I really like your blog, let me learn a lot! I will focus on your blog, refuels!

Ruth Ann

Can I use this info and not join a group?

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