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October 21, 2009


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Mary on Lake Pulaski

Both Willow and Lilly Pilly would be so fun to make!!


Your work continues to inspire me! Thanks so much for sharing.


I just love everything you do. It is all so beautiful! I can't wait until my life gets a little less hectic so I can attempt some of your patterns.


That Willow pattern is just stunning, I'd buy one, but I haven't gotten around to making the last pattern I bought from you, Kellie...I wish i could be as prolific as you...

I'm headed over to get the deets on the quilt along now!




Sounds like you had another great workshop, with another bunch of truely wonderful women. I really love you work and maybe one day i too will find some time to make something-instead i just keep dropping on by to peruse your skills!! Love the way your colours work, keep creating and happy stitching!


SO much fun to see everyone in their quilting gloves!


I am so impressed with everything.

Robin C

Oh my goodness,

every pattern you do just gets better and better. Such talent. I'm very impressed with your students too. Looks like they have a great teacher.


Your work is so beautiful! I wish I could have been in that class. Everyone's projects look great!


I don't know how you do it - I would love to take a workshop with you - too bad I am all the way up in Canada. I adore the new pillow - it is so cute!!!


You've done it again - wonderful patterns and I love your colour sense.


Everyone's your projects look great! Thanks so much for sharing. Marina, Russia


Wow and wow again! So many projects so well executed! I would love to try your patterns, am so looking forward to learning on Jacob's Coat!

What Comes Next

you certainly have been busy! And you are so generous - this latest giveaway is again a fabulous one! Everyone's projects look incredible - still hoping for the opportunity to fly over and do a workshop with you!!


Beautiful! I just purchased a couple of your patterns...guess I'll be purchasing a few more!

Little Munchkiins

Again, gorgeous patterns from you. I really like Wish you were here.


I love all your designs. You are so very talented. Inspirational!



Count me in for the give away please.
You designs always seem so bright and cheerful, just what I need today, it's cold and damp.


Fantastic new to be expected!


I am a piecer, but your designs urge me to applique. I love stripes and using stripes for a tree trunk has my head spinning.

Nicole Gendy

I adore your designs and would love to make a pillow or quilt one day. I'm just a little intimidated by applique. Your work is so beautiful it makes me not so afraid.

Carolina H

Count me in! I love them!

Sue Bone

Love the new patterns. Must finish my WIP of your rabbit pattern before I start something new.

Kristina Paschalis

I have stumbled upon your site from the other end of the world and I must tell you that you are so talented. Your work is inspirational, I have a picture of your garden pillow on my refrigerator as an inspiration to get me started. You're great but I have one question for you, when do you find the time?

Jill Smith

I LOVE your designs! So unique and classic! Thank you for sharing with us!


I just love your work. I still have the valance that I'm going to make from the pattern in the Australian Quilters Companion article. I just need finish a couple of things and it will move to the top of my list.


Your talent is amazing ... I love looking through your blog. Thanks for sharing your creativity.

Shelley C

Beautiful as ever! Wish I was nearer to take part in a workshop with you. Looks like you all had a great time and came away with skills honed.


goodness each one of your patterns is more beautiful than the last xoxo


I love your designs. They are so alive. Thanks for sharing them with us. I have just signed in for the quilt along. I will start looking for the requirements here in Mexico and changing or improvising the ones I canĀ“t find. Thanks

Ruth B

I truly do love your designs. They are all so happy and the fabrics are bright and cheerful. Really lovely. Wish I could take your class looks like fun!!


The new patterns are beautiful my favourite things are your colour choices.


Looks like you had a great time at your workshop!

Erica K

You've given us so many things to look forward to!


I love the new patterns Kellie!

Lizzie Swinney

Oh, please enter me in your drawing! YOu do such beautiful work!


I stopped over from Twiddletails...and am in the middle of ordering Lilly Pilly....I can't wait to start it...

I will post on the giveaway and come back and give you the direct link...



Love your new patterns as all others. Hugs from France.


Here's a direct link to the giveaway on my blog....


There are few designers that so consistently make me ooooohhh and aaaahhh over every single one of their patterns, but you are definitely one!!

Anna Seckman

Oh my gosh. I just stumbled here from twiddletails and not only will I now be streaming your blog into my Reader but I am coveting these patterns! Wow - they are stunning!!


Your patterns are breathtaking! Beautiful, beautiful work :)


oh how I wish I could take your class. Not only to learn from you but also for that cute "wish you were here" pattern. !! I love your work. I noticed on the machine quilting pictures that everyone was wearing gloves. Sorry, I still too scared to try it yet, but what kind of gloves do I buy?


Your designs are really just too wonderful. I would love to work with one of your patterns. Thanks so much for the chance.

Kelly O.

wow! I can't even imagine that I have the skill to do these patterns justice!

Barbara Gunderson

I love your patterns and took them to guild with me last week. They get rave reviews wherever I go. I am hiding the one I got though and plan to do it up and enter it in our spring quilt show. I have a link,I come almost daily to visit your site and see what you are doing!!!!!! Keep it coming!!!!!! From your friend across the huge pond!!!!!!!!


Those look beautiful! Please add me, thank you. Fran F.


The patterns are wonderful! Thanks for the chance.


That tree on the 'Wish You Were Here' cushion... just lovely.


Oh my goodness these patterns are so beautiful. Please enter me in your drawing.

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