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October 07, 2009


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Yes, I missed you tons.... Glad you had a lovely trip and that you got that gorgeous bag back and it's contents of course. You've outdone yourself with Joshuas party - it's scary to think he and Milo are only a couple of months apart in age. That last pic is so cute , but where has Jessie's curly hair gone? Have you not got one of your quilts on your bed?
Lisa x


Yes, I missed you. It looks like you had a wonderful time.


Wow, tons going on with family! That is the best. I love your fabric in the bag! Great new project too!


Such cute kids you have! Love you quilting block too. And I'm so glad you got your bag back, those fabrics are just heavenly!

I've been having some fun with your tutorial patterns lately. Those flowers and the little bird are just too cute. Thanks for the pattern. I really must get on with the quilt pattern I've bought. It's going to be so beautiful!


Thank you for the pattern you send which I had won in your give away. It is nice to hear from you again and where do you find your fabric, I can't find it over here.

Groetjes Mai
(the Netherlands)


My gosh Kellie, it sounds like you've kept yourself super busy over the past couple of weeks. Glad I wasn't in the dust storm, and so happy your fabric found it's way back to you, what a relief, I'm sure. Love the addition to your stash, very delicious. My gosh I was looking for boys in the party photo's, were there any? Your kids are growning like weeds, but they have a habbit of doing that, all too quickly.

Robyn Kirk

I am glad you all had a lovely holiday and you got your bag back. BUT what happened to the twins curls? lol
Robyn K

tracey petersen

Oh Kellie! What a fabulous party. I hope you didn't say "On your mark, set, go." I hope you said "On your mark, set, make it so."


Hi Kellie, happy to see you are back and blogging. Looks like Sydney was entertaining! I've finished making placemats from your pattern and am about to get addicted to this way of doing applique!


You are always such a busy lady Kellie. I love the spacesuits, and yes he does seem to love the girls doesnt he. I am sure it is the same for the girls there though, he is such a cutie. Your twins have grown up so much too, and I love that last photo, arent they gorgeous in it. I hope your patient is enjoying herself and I am sure your family is keeping her wonderfully entertained so she doesnt think of it too much. Congratulations on your patterns selling out too, we knew that would happen with all the great ones you design.


Another amazing birthday party.
Happy birthday little man!!!
To infinity and beyond .....
Andi :-)


Aww Happy Birthday to Joshua, what an amazing birthday party!!!

Adds xx

Happy Birthday to Joshua, and I am so glad you got your bag of fabric back. I am ready for Adelaide too, got my plane ticket last night!


They do grow up too quickly, though there are always moments when you feel they dont! Happy Birthday to your littlest big boy!
The twins are beautiful.


How nice to have you back in cyberspace. I was worried you might have gone lost in Sydney! So glad your bag full of goodies was found and returned to you. And Joshua's birthday party.... wow.....

Yes I missed you! And how amazing your birthday parties always are! I wish I could be there, your kids don't know how good they've got it!
So glad that pesky first tooth fell out!


Those NASA outfits are ridiculously cute!!

Cath Roberts

Kellie, so nice to see you back online! Fantastic result to get your fabric bag back, it looks full of beautiful fabics. Although you had to weather our dust storm - you are right about being glad to not have to clean up - I'm still finding things covered with it!!! Wow, the NASA party looked like a hoot and the costumes are as stunning as ever. Love the Orange Peel - can't wait to see the finished product as usual. Have a great week.


Happy Birthday to your son! I love those new fabrics in your bag, very colorful!
Arien from Slovakia.


It's great to see that you had a wonderful family holiday, and managed to get some fabric shopping done too!
What a fantastic party, looks like a lot of fun!


Great action shots from space.


Ohmygosh Kellie -- I LOVE your posts! That picture of the twins looking on at the party is hysterical -- what on earth are they thinking about their little brother's party? You throw the BEST parties -- it looks like everyone had a great time (and please tell me you didn't make those costumes for everyone or we might have to have you committed!) Sooooo happy your lost bag made it back to you and LOVE the orange peel. Oh, and YAY -- you're making a quilt for yourself -- As It Should Be!!!

jen duncan

Well, now you've made me want to go to Sydney Australia and I don't remember thinking that before! It'd be a good thing--hubby probably would fare far better than in non-english speaking country :-)
Just had to say you birthday party theme was brilliant and your kids couldn't be more adorable.

Lynn Taylor

Glad you are back! I would love to go to Austrailia someday. It probably will never happen so I will have to hope that you will come here someday to teach a class near me???? One can hope right??


So glad to see you back. Family time is most important and I'm sure it lifts your spirits - and gets those creative juices flowing! I love your latest applique piece and I may have to try one myself. I don't usually like applique but your example is so compelling!


I love to see what the kids birthday party themes are, so much fun and you put so much effoert in. I'm glad you had a good time in our part of the country and that you got your bag and goodies back.
I tried hand piecing the orange peels and the centers were tricky so I gave up. Applique I can do so maybe I should give it another shot. Will you join the next block on before appliqueing the rest of the petals?


kellie i have missed you! i pop over often to read your posts and your news and always feel a bit let down when there is nothing new!!!! but i am always pleased to hear the good news of your precious family times and also see your latest production. glad you got your bag back!!!!!


Glad you're back! I have been keeping an eye out for you. Isn't it scary how quick kids grow up! Your "work in progress" looks fantastic, as always!


kellie, you have the most amazing ideas for parties.....I love thespace theme.....good luck for Adelaide


That dust storm was pretty rockin'! I want to visit Sydney and do all the great things you did!


Sooo glad you got your lovely bag and its contents back!! Love the Birthday theme - Happy Birthday Josh!!


Hi Kellie - that party looks AMAZING! Loving the spacesuits and the "Armageddon" pose. Fabulous! Do you ever do "bland"???


Goodness they don't stay little for long! You need to write a book about birthday parties, with ideas and patterns!!! YOu have such great ideas!!!! And it goes without saying, but i will say it anyway... I love the orange peel block! Have a good weekend!


Glad your little astronaut had a fabulous birthday party! Those NASA suits are great. Good news about your lost fabric finding its way back to you. Hope your MIL is making a good recovery.


Hi! I know I have missed you, but I think you have done right by spending time with your family. Looks like you have had a wonderful time!

Take care.

Cascade Lily

What a supercool idea for a birthday party! My 4yo spotted the NASA suits as she was walking past and was agog!

Glad you had a great time in Sydney and FANTASTIC news about your bag!

Margaret Sampson

What a wonderful weekend we had here in Adelaide - you sure know how to get the best out of us!!!! What beautiful applique we all ended up with. Hope none of your precious luggage got lost!! You and Lorraine (and her merry helpers) are just the best.

Thanks again



Kellie, you absolutely excelled yourself once again with Joshua's party! Happy very belated birthday.

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