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October 27, 2009


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Don't worry about it Kellie. These things happen to the best of us ;).


Not a problem either. But I appreciate your insight on this stablizer. I'll pick some up and give it a try!

Thank you!



all the better, it is much cheaper!


Ugh! I just ordered a whole roll on Friday...can you tell me what the difference is and can I possible do it with the other...?


Oh bugger!


Hi Kellie,

Which size of the roll is needed? There are three!



We all make mistakes, not to worry. I have heard that the first product can be used in applique too by fusing to the back and glueing the seam allowance down before applique. Is this other product for stitching?

Kali Neel

Mistakes happen. But as I've just received my roll of the firstmentioned product at a cost of $63, I shall find a way to use it in this project.

Patricia Newton

Hello I enjoy to love reading your blogs about fantastic colour pillows and quilts...your story family. oh so cute children for party of nasa wears. I love your photo of son with planespaceship. Great good mother. I have 4 adults (hearing) children more plays with my small children..gone.Oneday I hope to catch your classes. My name trish and deaf.I love cross stitch, knitting and of course patchwork (I always use my hands not machine but I will with your classes, try to do with sewmachine oneday)

Elizabeth K.

Boy am i happy i waited tell tonight to order my product! But now i have two questions:

Can you tell me what size of roll is needed? it comes in two widths one at 12inches and on at 20inches wide i want to make sure i get the right one!

And is one roll enough or is more than one roll needed?

Thanks in advance!


I have not ordered my roll of Stitch & Wash Fusible yet either, so ditto the questions asked by Elizabeth K today.

I do not have a blog & am a bit 'technologically challenged' so not sure how to put myself on the quilt along list. Will include my email address in this comment.

Thanks, Dianne

Sharon G

Not to worry it happens to all of us....


Oh never mind, those who have already ordered may be able to change their order or perhaps ask if they can swap for the correct product.

I wouldn't worry about it! How often in this world do you get people prepared to do as much work as you are doing for this quilt along for nothing! Looking forward to the start of this!

Thanks for your hard work




I can't find it in Canada I will have to find something similar.

wishes, true and kind

No worries :)


Oops Kellie..

Hugs Dawn x x


Kellie, s**t happens! I'm so glad I waited till now to order it though! I'd finally tracked down what appears to be the only supplier on the web in the UK of the water fusible rolls. The only reason I hadn't ordered it yet was because my husband had to make a quick dash back to Australia for his Mum's funeral and he was going to pop to my favorite fabric shop to see if they had some. They didn't, so now I've ordered the right stuff here.

Seriously, no point anyone getting cross at you,by the sounds of it-you were cross with yourself, you can't feel any worse than you do about it already.

Thanks for all the great inspiration you give us, and for being willing to host this quilt-a-long. You're the bees knees!


Oops, never mind Kellie. I was a bit overenthusiastic and had already ordered and received mine. Not to worry though, I phoned the shop today and the lady was lovely and said that it was no problem to exchange it for me.


Yes, please can you tell us whether we could possibly use the wet and gone or not? I have broken upen the cellophane so would not be able to return it. Thanks.

Kellie-This is my first visit to your blog and wow, I love your pillow designs and I love the quilt you're working on the Joseph's coat, I love pink. Can't wait to look over your whole blog when I get time. Stop over and visit me when you get a chance.


For UK participants can I give a plug for who have taken back the first Floriani product you mentioned and exchanged it for the correct one. Super friendly customer service and the only Floriani supplier I can find online for the UK.


Dear Kellie, after being thrown of balance for a bit, I caught the shipment right as the packages were ready for pickup! Stacy at Red Rock Threads in the US ( found online) has been absolutely great! They will ship anywhere overseas!
I am truly excited about this project and I thank you, so much, to have taken us on, on top of everything else going on in your life!
Thank you, for everything!
Valentina from Cyprus


Oh no... don't worry Kellie. I have already brought my roll... trying to contact them to see if I can return it. (I have ordered the right stuff too).

Looking forward to November 1st... and getting better from my accident.

Sandy N


Hi Kellie, tried the link for your email on the requirements page, but couldn't get it to work. I wanted to know about the width of the fabric. You've stated 60 inches wide, can it be done with a 45 inch width?

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