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September 12, 2009


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Sharon L F

The willow pattern is gorgeous too...not sure which I prefer:it or lilly pilly. What a pleasant dilemma.
Personally i don't think you need a clever they say a picture says a thousand words and your designs speak volumes. If I think of anything I will let you know. Its always hard to think of something on the spur of the moment.



I'll put my thinking cap on about the quip -- not very good at that sort of thing though lol... Kellie, I just love Willow to bits and Kitty is going to be pleased as punch with her cushion,, super gorgeous . Can't believe Jessie's teeth lol --

Lori Marchbanks

I AM SOOO EXCITED! I have my very own copy of pretty in pink! I have been a long time "lurker" on your blog, and I just love to look at what ou ake, so so pretty!
My order number is 513. By the way, I like your blog name for a cute little quip when you sign your patterns....

Have a terrific day!

Lynn Taylor

Kellie, I love Willow! But then again, who would'nt! I have to agree with Lori on using Don't look now! It is your signature afterall!

You could sign it
Applique Away!


I just purchased Pretty in Pink at Twiddletails too - order #514 - must have been right after Lori! I was thinking the same thing about your blog name for a quip.


Hi I recently discovered your blog and I love it and your designs. Can I buy them here in the UK?
I was thinking on the same lines as the previous posts, just use "Don't Look Now, it's Kellie"


Oh my gosh what does the dentist say about the double teeth?

Don't Look Now ... when I read those words I see a set of
EYES .... with long lashes. That's my suggestion.


Wow - Willow is gorgeous - I think it may be my favourite to date - love it!!!!!
As for a little quip - how about "Piece by Piece, Stitch by Stitch - Kellie"


Congratulations to Ben, commiserations to Jessica and congratulations to you! What a great post with so much info (which is good by the way...) and I just love Willow... you have brought a breath of fresh air to the quilting world!!

Don't try to compete with Lucas or Rodenberry for a quip (I know my sci-fi). Think of something that comes naturally to you and exemplifies your philosophy of quilting... or there is the old "quilt long and prosper" (LOL)
No, seriously - maybe Happy Quilting? or simply "Enjoy!" No, that's maybe too presumptuous. Ok - ask the kids... they have a way of cutting to the heart of the matter...
Good luck!
Cheers - Shari


Oh Kellie, willow is so pretty!! I love it! - you just keep outdoing yourself! - Tell Miss Jessica not to worry, that happened to my nephew and he got all his tooth fairy money at once, coz they all fell out on the same day! It won't take her long to catch up to Ben..

Hugs from Perth!
ps -, I learnt to do trapunto, now I see what my cushions were missing!!

Laila Skauge

Again such a pretty project! I just love your work! Hope to get to order some of your patterns soon. Just love the happy colors you are using in your projects!
Have a great weekend,


The Willow is beautiful, along with everything else you make!


Just beautiful, I can't wait to try the quilt! My order # is 515! Thanks =)

Margy Aerts

What about: Go forth and quilt!

Love your work, it is so cheerful.
Groetjes from Belgium


Anna was indeed lucky to win the quilt! I know that she will cherish it forever. It is definitely going to the right home. I am also happy that Anina is now selling your patterns. I just purchased mine... Pretty in Pink!! Order # 517. I know I wasn't first, but I am glad to have the pattern coming to me. I just can't wait. Your work is awesome!


Lilly Pilly is gorgeous, I'm so sorry I missed that competition. Willow is equally fantastic, your designs are amazing. I'll ponder on the ditty for a bit and see what I can come up with, I'm thinking something colourful, like your creations! :-)


When the tooth fairy comes to our place, she leaves some money in exchange for the tooth but there also seems to be a trail (of chocolate coins or confetti or jelly beans, etc) leading from the coin to whichever door or window she has come through. The kids love the adventure of following her trail to see how she got into the house. I wonder how long that innocence will last!!

A quip? Why not just write what comes in the moment. If nothing comes, just sign your name. Is a regular "quip" perhaps a little impersonal? Just a thought.

Love all your patterns. So glad the workshops are fun and that you've scored a trip to the sunshine coast to-boot!!

Andi x

quiltmom( anna)

How clever you were about the tooth fairy- it is so much fun to keep the mystery about things like the tooth fairy..

I am not good at quips but I agree with the others- " Don't look now " is your signature quote- plus people will find your wonderful blog. "Here's looking at you" Kellie
I love your new pattern- you do such gorgeous intricate work- my blog friend Anna is a one lucky duck to win your beautiful quilt-
Warmest regards from western Canada,

Ruth B

I absolutely love your patterns and would so love to make such beautiful designs some day. I was thinking you would want to keep your quip short and sweet. Especially if you need to sign things over and over again at a show or something. What about "yours in stitches" or "stitching love"?

Sheila Carita

Well, I may not be the first, but I did get my copy of Garden Party! (And I can't wait for Lilly Pilly to be available!)

Can't wait to get my little hands on it!! order # 520)



Lucy Locket-Pocket

As I've said before, I'm sooooooo glad that Anna won your gorgeous quilt! She is so lovely! And I'm going to make you jealous as I've actually met her in real life - and she is even lovelier than you could imagine!!!

As for a clever signature - what about "Don't Look Now - but DO read the instructions!!!"

Only kidding!

By the way, why are you called "Don't Look Now?"

Lucy xxx

Erica K

I just love Meg's Garden & Willow. Love, love, love! Why must you make so many things I need? :D


I'm sure Anna will treasure her new "Kellie" creation. I simply adore the "Willow" hope there's a pattern coming for it soon. My kids did the double up of teeth too. I think your blog name is a good signature, just about everyone knows it.

Ruth B

I am so excited to be able to buy your patterns in the USA! My order number is 522. Can't wait to get my pattern in the mail!!

The Chocolate Cat

Sorry I am no help at all with a catchy little quip!!!! Poor Jessica, my daughter at 15 still has baby teeth that haven't fallen out, she eventually gets them pulled at the dentist, they are very stubborn!!


The photo of Jessica's mouth brought back memories. I never had a baby tooth fall out. The new one would grow and i would have to go to the dentist to have the baby one yanked out. if they stay there too long they can cause serious problems with alignment. The tooth fairy always rewarded me well after a trip to the dentist.

Robyn Kirk

Dear Kellie

Thank you for another opportunity to win something. When I ordered my pattern they were sold out but thank goodness were taking pre-orders. My order number is 525. Thanks. The tooth fairy in your house must be a 'Super Detective'.

What Comes Next

love love love Willow! Benjamin's smile is so cute, but Jessica will catch up in no time!
How about - "Caught you looking!" Kellie, Don't Look Now


Poor Jessica ! She can tell people she is a shark !!! I'm thrilled that your tooth fairy is such a sleuth (and i am sure the parents of the kids in the playground thank you as well).


Love the willow pattern - sorry can't help with a signing dittie - I'm no good with things like that

tracey petersen

Aaaah, that tooth fairy is a very tricky fairy indeed!

Cascade Lily

Well we all have great minds apparently - it's got to be 'Don't Look Now - it's Kellie' Easy peasy Japanesy.

Please, please do a post one day on your fabulous quilting!


Willow is particularly delightful!


The Willow cushion is divine; I'm looking forward to seeing how you put that into a bigger project.

About the quip: it would be fun if it would tie in with your blog name: something along the line of: thanks for looking..... or .... I hope you keep looking.... or ... I'm glad you looked... then followed by Kellie from Don't Look Now ;)

Vanna Owens

Hmmm maybe something about "Get sewing!" ??? Not sure, but love your work!


Another gorgeous design from you Kellie. I love Willow and cant wait to buy a copy. Congrats on the tooth fairy visiting, at least it is only one at a time, Isabelle used to lose 2 at a time so she finished her baby teeth by the time she was 7. Luckily the tooth fairy is a super sleuth isnt it, and I am sure those little baby teeth will fall out very soon, lol! I am sure you dont need a little saying with your signature, your beautiful designs speak for themselves and your colors are very original too.


Willow is such a pretty name for a very pretty design. You are prolific and now just a little bit famous too - ha ha told you so!! I think maybe you could do a quick flower pic or little tree like your stunning trademark applique designs as a signature!
Lucinda has had the same problem as Jessica and had to have hers pulled as the dentist wouldn't leave it there. Those tooth fairies are crafty little things aren't they! Hope to see you soon! xxxx


I have no idea for a quip, sorry. I just wanted to say, that your kids are not alone! My 2nd daughter has just lost one of her top teeth, making 4 in total, whilst my eldest has only lost the bottom 2, but they didnt fall out until the adult ones were most of the way up, behind them just like your daughter! Willow is just gorgeous, my favorite of your designs to date!


What about...'always in stitches'!
seems appropriate with all the beautiful stitching on your projects!!
hope its helpful
;o) Wendy B


Willow is just gorgeous! I'm very excited about you coming to the Sunshine Coast. I got Penny's email news last week and immediately wrote back and asked to be put on the list. That's only about 2 hours drive from my place, I'll need to convince hubby that I need a weekend away.
My 8yr old son didn't want the tooth fairy to take his last tooth, it's still in his tooth fairy box on my bedside table, as the tooth fairy doesn't expect me to loose any teeth. He'd prefer to keep it than get the money at the moment


I love "Willow"!!!! I can't wait to see what you do next!


you could write "Don't look now, but I'm writing on your pattern!"


What about "Piece of me by Kellie" or "Pretty in Piece" or "Piece and ♥"...
Of course "Don't look now" is a verry good quip because it refers to your blog! But do you want to stick to your blog or find out something that refers to you?!
Your work is just to beautiful to be true and I ♥ your Meg's Garden....
Good luck for your quip!



I was at Patchwork Angel the day your quilts arrived - I've admired your work for a while, so it was lovely to meet your quilts in person, photos don't do them justice.

I'm hoping to get to your workshop in March next year.

CBH-Digital Scrapbook Freebies

Such lovely quilts. Thanks for sharing.


Hi Kellie,

Hope you fine a a catchy little quip, maybe one of these will grab you. Enjoy your day.

May your bobbin always be full!

Stitch your stress away

Any day spent sewing, is a good day

Those who sleep under a quilt sleep under a blanket of love

Friendships are sewn one stitch at a time

Good friends are like quilts, they never lose their warmth

Quilting connects the past with the present and the future

Handmade with heartfelt love


Generally quite pleased??? Are you kidding me??? I'm beside myself with joy!!! You're so adorable! I completely lost a whole weekend out of excitement last week!!! I'm so happy you're teaching at lots of fun new places. Now, when can we line you up for the U.S.??? ;-) Love the adorable pics of all those teeth. You should check Jessie's wisdom teeth -- maybe she has extras of those too! My boys each had 6 and 7 wisdom teeth which was very exciting until we learned charges for removing them were by the tooth!


Willow is great I'm sure everyone will love making it and I just love Lilly Pilly it will be my new years project. I agree "Don't Look now Kellie" would be a great signature.


My oldest grows his teeth in "rows". We tease him that he must have been a shark in a former life. I just think it is so cute!


Wow, what does the dentist say about the double teeth? My youngest son had a third front tooth that was immediately removed, they were concerned about it pushing his permanent teeth so far he would end up with orthodontics for years. I hope this isn't the case with poor Jessica!

Love love LOVE "Willow"!

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