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September 20, 2009


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tracey petersen

At least you'll be assured that it is a well-organised trip, despite the loss of the bag of fabric.

Hope your lot have a wonderful few days. Kirsty was there this weekend too - if only you'd each realised!


I hope Jewish New Year went well and that you have a ball in Sydney. Talk to you when you get back.


I hope you all have a lovely holiday. So sorry you lost your fabric though.


Hi there,
awe, poor Benjamin! I so understand his dislike of {real} seems they always love those who are scared of them {hey, after all, they're big flying insects! And though I don't mind seeing them from afar...I don't like them at all near me...only exception are the fabric ones, these I really love!!}
Wishing you a fabulous holiday,


I COMPLETELY sympathise with Benjamin! Pretty as they are, I don't want the flappy little things anywhere near me!


You'll have a great time in Sydney, so many wonderful things to see and do, very family friendly. So sorry to hear about your bag, what a pain. Oh dear I'm guessing that would be you that planned the trip, but like the other lady said you can ge assured it will all go smoothly from here.


I love the signature! And Benjamin's face with the butterfly is so funny!


The signature is a fantastic work of art - I wish I could come up with something for my name Ethne (meaning Littlefire) - sometime inspiritation will hit (hopefully)


Hey Kellie, I love the signature, it's perfect for you - the butterfly is soooo 'YOU' isn't it!! ...but poor Ben, looks like he dun-like the butterfly lol! and your bag - Awww Kellie!! that's terrible!! I would be devastated if I lost my fabric, I would rather lose all my shoes... or my clothes!!!! (bar the undies, I can't function without clean underoos!!) Anyway, hope you all had a wonderful time in Sydney, which I am sure you did, Travel home safe Kellie and God Bless.


Spontaneity is great ( like our trip to Amsterdam ) not so great is the losing of the fabric though -- oh dear. Poor Benjamin, he really wasn't happy was he - bless. Hope you have a great time , :-)


Kellie, I thought you liked your kids....?

Yet apparently you planned to "pack them up and fling [them] to Sydney."

Got to love typos! Have a lovely time. We did when we were there. Email me when you get back and we'll catch up at Amitie.


I love your new signature!!

Cute photos of your children!

I certainly hope your fabric turns up! I would be very upset!!!

Safe trip back home.


I love your signature Kellie, it looks perfect. Now you do know that Nicole Kidman doesnt like butterflies and actually freaks out when one is near her, actually climbing a fence when she was a little kid to get away from one so it didnt touch her. I think Benjamin did rather well then didnt he! Pity about your bag full of fabric, I do hope they find it eventually, or perhaps someone thinks they have found a wonderful present inside there. Hope you enjoy the rest of the school holidays too!


Wow - great trip! Your kids are so darling. Glad you found a siggie you like, I really love it, it's very "you". Love the pic of your son with the butterfuly - I can relate. I like to look at them, but don't TOUCH me, lol.
I'm so sorry you lost your bag on the bus.


Oh No! So sorry to hear about your lost bag Kellie! Your signature is adorable - it will become your trademark! And the pic with Benjamin is hysterical! Hope you've had a wonderful getaway!


Shana Tova Kellie! I hope you enjoyed your few days away. It looked great fun... even those pesky butterflies. Wishing you a good year!
Lisa x

Erica K

Such a wonderful spur of the moment trip. I'm awfully sorry to hear about your bag...I would be sick!

Love the butterfly signature!



we're off to the Sunshine coast on the 26th of October, staying at the Novotel Twin Waters at Maroochydoore (never know how to spell that). My cousin lives in Buderum, so I'll have to visit Patchwork Angel and let you know how they've displayed your patterns!!!! May have to do a bit of holiday shopping also!!!


That's a great "scared of a butterfly" photo. Not good that you lost your fabric but fab that you got to have a break away. Thanks so much for the giveaway pattern that arrived in the post last week. Love the envelope idea to help keep it all together.


What a good idea to add a little butterfly to your signature! Poor Benjamin, he really looks like his in distress with the butterfly on his hand. Glad you had a lovely time in my most favorite city in the world. And judging from the photos, it seems the weather gods were smiling on you as well.


Glad you liked Sydney, I think it's a really beautiful city too but I'm biased!The butterfly looks great on your signature.Shana Tova!


I'm so glad you went with my idea - it's what you are known for after all! I just love photos of your kids! They look like they are having a ball - except for poor Benjamin and the butterflies. You'd better stick to the drawn ones! Of course I'd love to catch up for lunch but I'd love a Lilly Pilly pattern when it's ready ;) xxxxx


the butterfly in your signature is a lovely idea, better run it past your poor son though I'd hate to think it might give him the heebees, hope you had a lovely holiday in Sydney...


Looks like you enjoyed most of Sydney! Hope you got some fabric treats.
Love the signature!


Love the butterfly in the signature thing. A nice compromise and very "DLN".
Shana Tova to you all.
(I like to substitute with "Shiny tuchus" - I'm such a 4-year old)
Andi :-)


Sew much fun! I wish Mr. u would plan a vacation for me! Happy New Year!


HI Kellie,
Just wanted to let you know that your wonderful garden pattern arrived and that I posted a link to your blog acknowledging it.
It is a lovely pillow pattern- your designs are all so fresh looking.
Thank you for the very pretty pattern.
You can find it here: http://

Warmest regards,

Cath Roberts

Hi Kellie, Sorry about the dust storms we put on for you twice this week in Sydney - it would have made for a couple of awful sight-seeing days!!! Here's hoping in your next post - you tell us that some lovely stranger handed in your fabrics and they have been safely returned to you.

I meant to say to Jessica after your last post that she should write a note to the tooth fairy and ask for her baby tooth money if the teeth don't fall out by the time she reached a certain age - as I am still waiting for one of mine to fall out and I turn 39 this week!!! I wonder how much I will get after waiting all these years??

I love your new Willow pattern. Thanks for the constant inspiration you provide us with.

Enjoy the rest of your holidays....


oh the face! keep that photo for the 21st I tink!!!!!! what a nightmare with your fabric!!!! such a shame!

oh and yes I do all the organising in this house!!!!

well I'm all booked for the quilt market, making it a solo trip on the saturday! 6am flight and 7pm home but I will be sure to pop by your table with my camera and say hi IRL!


Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crasfts

What a beautiful trip. Thanks for sharing all the funny pics too.
Sorry to hear about your bag. Such a pain and must be frustrating when you aren't getting help from the bus people.


Hey, welcome Kellie, have a great time!

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