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September 06, 2009


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Well done to all the winners!
Kellie you are amazing! I absolutely love your work and can't wait to see the new project.
Boy do I feel like a bad mother after seeing those costumes - my Santa and Hawthorn footballer were soooo slack! Lucky my kids don't read your blog or they'de be wanting to come live with you!!


HI Kellie,
I have just posted my new post. I wanted to acknowledge your generosity and let others see your beautiful patterns. Thank you so much for the beautiful pattern. You can find it by going here:

Warmest regards,


Congrats to all the winners. Oh well better get busy and start the quilt from Homespun. I JUST love the 'old Tom' softie!! Did you make it?? I am a huge fan of those stories. His cheeky laugh gets me every time. Keep up the great work.


Congrats to all the winnders!
They are very, very lucky!!!

Have a nice week,

Pam Capstick

Hi Kellie,

Congratulations on cracking the US market, you are just going ahead in leaps and bounds and it couldn't happen to a nicer person!
Thank you again for such a lovely day in Ballarat, and I am so pleased to see my wonderful friend Lisa alos feature in your latest post.
Iam feeling much better now thank you, but i did pass it onto my partnet, so we had a few days where we lived on cheese on toast or the like.

I very much loved your book parade costumes, in particular Old Tom, he happens to be a favourite of mine.
Take care, Love Pam in Horsham xx

Cath Roberts

Kellie, You are one AMAZING woman! Your giveaways have been so generous and although a little disappointed I didn't win, I'm very happy for all those that have over the past weeks. The snapshot of your new project looks gorgeous...can't wait to see more! How do you manage the time to create more patterns in the same week as making those adorable costumes for your adorable children????? Thanks for sharing... Cath


Congrats to Thimbleanna, what a lucky lady! Sounds like Lilly Pilly is going to the right home. And thanks Kellie for posting the photos of me again, although you really didn't have to! I had a funny facebook comment from a friend today - 'is that you on Kellie's blog?' and so I wondered what was up! Unfortunately the free motion practice has ground to a halt as my sewing machine is not working at the moment - remember we talked about the time it takes to service etc. at your class, well I'm off to Geelong in a week to take it to be mended. Looks like yet another lovely pattern I'll have to 'invest' in - your new creation, I just can't resist the birds! And your children all look lovely in their usual!

Heather Johnsgaard

Congratulations to all the winners.... can't wait to see your finished "little project"..... looks like it is going to be adorable!


An inspiration to many! Your blog is a joy to read, your quilts a joy to see. From a blogless 'lurker' who treasurers others' creativity. Don't stop blogging!


Congratulations to Anna!
I can read how HAPPY she is in her post... it must warm up your heart, Kelly:)


Congratulations to Anna and all the other lovely, and very lucky winners!!! I know you are going to love your gifts from Kellie, she is the best!


Wow, lucky Anna! What a fabulous prize to win! Everything you have made lately just looks gorgeous! My son would like to adopt you as his new costume-making-Mum!!! Now I am going off to cry beacuse I didn't win that quilt of yours :(

Anne Thompson

Congratulations Kellie on getting an American supplier - you've really hit the big time now!!

Maree @ Farmyardcrafts

Wow!! That was a super give away post!!! Biggest congratulations to all of the winners!! Very lucky!!! The kids' costumes are awesome! Well done!!!


Congrats to ANNA!!!! WOOOPPIEEE!!! :o)
Anna will take good care of your quilt... so congrats to her and all the winners!!!! :o))

Erica K

Congrats Everyone! :)

I can't wait to hear about that US shop that'll be selling your patterns! Woo-hoo!

Those costumes were wonderful! I wish I could sew stuff like that! Just quilts for me...


wow! I missed out a chance to win a most beautiful quilt! unbelievable! I was out of town and out of blogland for a! hoo!
You are a very talented lady....keep up the good work!


This must be about the first time in my life that i win something!!! I'm delighted! Thank you for the giveaway Kellie!


Congrats to all the winners! Your children look darling in their clever outfits!


Wow - this is the coolest quilt I've ever seen. I spotted it on Whip Up which led me to your blog. All your other patterns are just as beautiful. I just started doing some machine quilting - just stippling so far - and I really enjoy it. Your quilting is amazing and something to aspire to.

Cascade Lily

Kellie Lilly Pilly is gorgeous! Lucky Anna! I adore your quilting as much as the design and your fabric selections. Great work!

lori jones

Congrats to all the winners!!! I am soo jealous,
I just love kellie's patterns i am going to have to just brake down and buy me one. lol
kellie could you let me know what stitch you use to go around your applique??
I love your blog it is always so cheerful.


this bird is so sweet, the colors so tender, it's really really beautiful !!!

School Girl Costumes

Wow what a freshwater pearls and that good looking dress is really amazing and I think this site gives a fine support to the designer cloths.


I love the Tashi outfit and my son would love to go as Tashi too for his book day character. Do you have a pattern, instructions and materials used for the Tashi outfit? If so please could you advise further. Many Thanks.

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