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September 06, 2009


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Thimbleanna you lucky lucky lucky lady , I can just imagine the moment you find out you are going to be jumping up and down with the biggest smile on your face --- glad to hear such a lovely quilt is going to such a lovely lady :-)
As for the kids costumes, you have outdone yourself again Kellie, although I have never heard of Tashi ?
I've been jumping back and forth to your Blog all day waiting for the result LOL
Lisa x


NO WAY!!!! REALLY????? OH MY GOSH - I'M SO EXCITED!!!! I NEED SOME KLEENEX!!! My ears are ringing and my heart is pounding -- I couldn't even finish reading the end of your post! I just finished posting and checked my e-mail and Lisa e-mailed me -- AAACCCCKKKK! Kellie!!! YOU'RE SUCH A SWEETIE! I promise it will have a very good home here in the U.S.!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO!!!! {Ooooh, and I'm so excited that I'll be able to see that fabulous quilting that I've admired for so long -- Up. Close. And. Personal! Eeeeeekkkkkk!)


I forgot to say, I love your new " small" project ... very fresh colours :-)


Cute costumes! You are truly multi-talented.
Congrats to all the winnders!

quiltmom( anna)

HI Kellie,
My friend Thimbleanna is one lucky lady ( a very deserving winner too - she is a lovely blog friend). Thank you so much for the pattern- your patterns are all so pretty-
I do have a blog- you can find me at
Thank you again for hosting such a wonderful giveaway and for giving away so many beautiful things. We are all very lucky people.
Warmest regards,


Ok. I'm breathing now (well, into a paper bag, but still.) The children look adorable. I love that book week tradition that you have -- children's books are the best. And Jessie -- I love that adorable picture of you holding my comment! I'm going to have to frame it! And wow Kellie -- that new project is looking beautiful too -- there's no end to your incredible talent!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Oh I'm so excited that Anna won your gorgeous quilt! I can't think of anyone who deserves it more! She is such a supportive and funny and wonderful blog friend! And I've even been lucky enough to meet her for real! Lucy x


Congratulations to the winners! The new project looks absolutely stunning!

What Comes Next

Congratualtions to all the winners! and to you, too Kellie - close to 800 entries - wow! I love what I'm seeing with the new little project you're working on - can't wait to see it all. Astronauts and space shuttles - you are busy!


Can I change my name to Thimbleanna? I am soooo jealous. But congrats Anna!
Kellie, are there any shops in the US that sell your patterns? When will this one be ready for sale? The new project looks just as beautiful.


You are just amazing!


Wow, you had a great giveaway! Sorry I missed it with life happening around me! I love all those patterns that you gave away, and you are crazy to give that quilt away! I would never have the talent to create something that beautiful!


Congrats to all the winners! Love those costumes. You are one busy mama.


Congratulations to the winners! (You are all going to LOVE your pattern!)

Great costumes. What a fabulous way for the school to celebrate book week! Costumes are my absolute favourite thing to make.

Have a wonderful weekend, Kellie!


I am so glad that Thimbleanna won the quilt!! She is the best, lucky her! Congrats to all the winners. A wonderful post and new project in the works!


Well shoot and double shoot I'm bummed I didn't win. LOL

CONGRATS, a big CONGRATS to all the winners .... you guys were so lucky.


that new project looks wonderfully sweet~!~what amazing quilting you do~!!!!~

congrats to all of the winners, especially the lucky Thimbleanna~!!~ that lilly pilly quilt was absolutely stunning~!!~



I'm excited for Anna, I know the quilt will have a good home. Congratulations to all the winners. I enjoyed seeing this years costumes, you are an amazing Mum Kellie. Don't get burnt out, it sounds like you're as busy as ever, great to see a sneaky peek at another lovely creation!


Yay!!! I'm a winner (and a big grinner too).

Your book week costumes are amazing. (Mother of the year!!)
I'm especially glad to see that Megan loves Meg and Mog. This was such a childhood favourite of mine.

Thankyou for your lovely kind giveaway Kellie!!
Andi x

PS Hope your family is having a happy dad's day.


Okay, have you slept lately? with costumes and patterns and classes, it doesn't seem likely!!! I loove your new project! It is gorgeous!


Super super congrats to Anna.....She is a darling and will love your quilt madly!!!


Wow - congratulations to Anna and all the winners! Your new project looks scrumptious!


All I can say is great costumes and DAMN I will buy a pattern when I see you in November.


Wow congratulations to all the winners. I am so surprised at how many folks are blogless. These gals need to join the party, and let's see what they are up to :-)


Well done to Anna and all the winners! Love the book week costumes - they are all so cute and creative. Your new project looks amazing!

dotti white

Congratulations to all of the winners. Your work is just so amazing and they are very fortunate! Have a wonderful rest of the weekend. Your little ones look absolutely wonderful in their book character costumes! Thank you so much for sharing!

Sew Cal Gal

This was certainly a fun giveaway. Congratulations to all the winners. And I can't wait till October when your new pattern comes out. You are so very talented.

And I love all the photos of your daughter in the cute outfits!

Thanks for sharing.


Lynn T

Yippee!! I won a pattern!! This is the first time I have ever won anything online!! Congrats to Thimbleanna who I am sure will give the quilt a beautiful home. I love the new patterns and the costumes are great! Thank you so much for the giveaways!


Oh my goodness! Is your middle name "Superwoman" by any chance? I can't believe that we get to see a new project practically every week but also home made costumes. I love everything! The new quilt is again very special! Thank you so much for my giveaway prize. I can't wait until it arrives here in China (it usually is a long wait) You've been such an inspiration that I decided to start a blog myself. Thanks Kellie

Debbie  St.Germain

The costumes are great for book week and fun for the kids. I love what I am seeing on your new project.



What a fantastic giveaway! Congratulations to all the lucky winners. I love the kids costumes...Meg and Mog was one of my faves x


Congratulations on having your patterns going all over the world! I love the teaser of the new project, looks like it will be beautiful! I have been following your blog for a while now but this is my first comment. I look forward to seeing your work in the to speak!


Ooh Kellie, I envy Miss Thimbleanna winning that gorgeous quilt but she is one very lucky lady which I am sure she already knows. I love the new cushion pattern, cant wait for October when it is released. I have to say that your kids costumes are fantastic, and the Tashi is one I love as my son has the same book. Old Tom is a funny cartoon too although we have never read the book. I cant wait to see the 6 astronaut costumes. Congrats on your first overseas shop stocking your patterns too, how wonderfully exciting. The new project looks beautiful, something like from a fairytale with all the beautiful colors.

Sandy Gray

Congrats to all the winners of your very generous giveaway! Costumes look great as does the new project. Ditto Jodie's comments - remember to take some time for yourself!


Wow your kids' book week costumes are amazing!
I love Ben's Tashi one - just great.


Congrats to the winners, very lucky indeed!! Your kids bookweek costumes are fantastic!! They must have felt awesome wearing them!!


Everyone who was fortunate enought to win either the fantastic quilt or one of those super patterns is delighted - how lucky you all are, but no matter if you won or not I have to say your deisgns are certainly inspiritional. As for your workshops - they I'm sure will be full and a delight to all who are able to partake (I wish I loved down under and was able to attend - there is nothing remotely like this anywhere around here)


Anna - congratulations. Looks like I will have to try and make my own.....

Your new project looks beautiful Kellie.

Sandy N

Tanya Holt

Lucky winners! What a fantastic Tashi, and the other outfits. I am doing a monster for school concert- after one suggestion my 7 year old said 'no mum, that would look more like a goblin than a monster". Geez, get with it mum!


The book week costumes look fantastic! I attempted to make a Tashi costume for Josh last year and the hat was just so tricky!
I'm looking forward to the release of your Lilly Pilly pattern, it's gorgeous!


Congratulations to the winners and your new project is lovely as always!


OH I'm so very glad that someone as lovely as Thimbleanna won your beautiful quilt. I'm sure it will make it that much easier to part with. Thank goodness we didn't have dressing up for book week - I could never have come up with anything like what you did. xx


Congratulations to all the winners, especially Anna!!!

I love the little "sneak peak" at your new project.

Wonderful costumes!!! Seeing "Meg" from Meg and Mog has brought back some great memories for me. Those books were very popular in our house when my children were little.

Congratulations on having your patterns in the US!!!!!!!

Good luck with the astronaut costumes and space shuttle!


Congratulations to Anna, it couldn't have gone to a sweeter person. My gosh Kellie you sure have had a busy week, I'll have whatever it is you're eating...... Love, love, love the new project, you just seem to make trees come to life on fabric.


Congrats to all winners...The kids all look fantastic in their costumes, and the sneak peek...hmmmm interesting...when are you coming back to Adelaide??? And can you bring it with you :)) hehe...oh I have spare room...just think quilt lessons on tap! hehe...cant blame a girl for trying ;)


I know Anna and she is so deserving of the quilt. I just love that new project you are working on.

I have a question: what white fabric do you use for your backgrounds? It is so nice and crispy white and really makes the quilt because of the contrast with the vivid colors.



Wow....congrats to are one really lucky lady :) I am lucky too as I won a pattern :) Wooo hooooo how awesome is that? Thank you Kelly I am so excited to have won one of your patterns :) Thankyou thankyou!! :)I will email you my address.


Congrats to all the winners - especially Anna. The costumes are great!

chriss jasper

Congratulations to Anna, one very lucky girl, and also to you Kellie, for working so hard to show us your amazing talent and to burn the candle at both ends to do it. And a huge thank you for the pattern, you are one generous person.I am away ofr a few weeks but on my return, I shall create from my new winnings!!
Lovet teh new pattern too. Thank you so much, Chriss

Tania - jetbeadscraft

Congrats to all the winners! - Kelli it looks like your are going from strength to strength - and rightly so - your work is beautiful! - Can't wait to stock the new patterns and the new project looks delightful - love the fabric on the bird wings

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