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August 15, 2009


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Lynn T

Kellie, the party looked like a blast! The aprons are adorable, I am sure the girls loved them. I am so excited for a Don't look now Flickr group! I cannot wait to see what everyone is creating with your patterns! Keep up the wonderful work!


Everything you make is so beautiful! I wish I lived close enough to come to one of your classes!!!1


I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this entry! Maybe this will be my lucky entry? I love the magazine article from your pictures, hope I can get a copy here in the States soon... Love all of your patterns... just beautiful!

Karen H

Kellie, I loved reading your latest blog - your workshop looked fantastic - please come to sunny QLD to do one soon!!! I was really excited to see your pattern in Homespun too - well done :o) Loved Jessica's party theme - will keep that one in mind for my own girls.


Fabulous as always and what lucky girls both young and old!!! Might have to follow up with the Blueberries workshops, have now moved away from that area but it would be worth the trip... Keep up the great work, I'm just finishing a few older projects off so I can get stuck into some of yours....


Love your work.....cute children


What a great idea for a birthday party. The girls certainly looked like they had a great time. Those aprons are sooo cute!

I love the Love Birds pattern!

Sharon L F

Sounds like you've been really busy. Glad the workshop went sooo well.


I just discovered your blog & beautiful work last week :) I've done a lot of sewing in my time, but never any patchwork or quilting. But you've inspired me - so much so that I ventured into Hettie's Patch yesterday and bought your Pretty 'n Pink pattern and some gorgeous bright fabrics. I can't wait to get started!!!


Your girls was having a perfect birthdayparty. And those cute aprons you had made them.
Love your patterns and would love to have one of them.


How Wonderful for 7yr olds to have a Baking Party...they look Gorgeous in their pretty aprons...what a clever Mum...
Love the class pics they are all like the Blue & Green....
thanks for sharing


I love our work and one day will do a course when I'm in the right state, geographically that is.


Beaufitul patterns Kellie! I have the new Homespun ready to relax with & be inspired - great to hear you will be doing some workshops in NSW!


I'm supposed to be going to sleep!!! Now I just want to head for my sewing room! Your projects are always an inspiration.

Christine M

Hello Kelly. It was lovely to meet you today at the North of the Yarra Quilters. And it was lovely to see your beautiful work up close. Thank you for sharing them with us. Regards, Christine


I do love all of your work, Kellie. I going to look up Blueberries website regarding your workshop for next year.
How much fun to have a cooking party and then eat it. I should do that for my next birthday (which is next month!!!).
I brought Homespun just because you pattern was in it and I love it.

Thanks for another giveway.

Sandy N


I'm planning to make my ex-family day care children an apron each for christmas (one boy and one girl) so I'll be looking out for your pattern.....quite pretty (and handsome)!!! Kids can never learn to cook too early, I say!!!! I can also truly relate to the crappy wireless router.....ours died this week too.....and they say that technology is supposed to make life easier....thank God I can still get to my blogs!!!!
Happy weekend
Wendy B


Can you please host my next birthday aprty? Yes, I will be turning the ripe old age of 29 BUT you do such a great job!
Another lovely design. Congratulations on being a covegirl :)


the party looks like a blast!

Gerda Hartman

I just found out about you this week! How could I ever have missed it. You make such lovely designs and I am madly in love with bright colours, so it is all my taste! What a great idea for a party. My youngest will be seven in December. Love your patterns and I hope that I can get my hands on the issue of Homespun.


Love the heart/tree pillow!


I've just been looking through your comments and can see that you now have fans from Russia and Shanghai -- wow .... soon there will be Kellie patterns in every corner of the globe :-) --- the new pattern is just great...
lisa x

Sarah Dunster-Ashworth

Glad your workshop went well, the love grows free pillow is lovely. Always look forward to reading your blog, the colours are always bright and cheerful, Thanks for brightening up my day/xxx

Carolina H

You are fantastic! Both as a mum and as a designer! I love your work! The colours make everybody happy!!
Quilthugs, Carolina in Sweden

Mary on Lake Pulaski

The cover of Homespun looks awesome with your lovely creation pictured. And I wish I would have had such a wonderful birthday party myself or for my daughter when she was that age. FUN!


Hi from Spain.Wow !! Cupcakes and patterns seem delicious.I love your work.

The Chocolate Cat

Those aprons are gorgeous! Love the tree cushion! Glad we are not the only one with a crappy wireless router!!!


Your class looks amazing! Wish I could come take one from you!

tracey petersen

Looks like Jessie had a lovely day. She seems to be takingher cupcake duties very seriously in that first photo! Hope the talk goes well.


I wish we had you over here in NZ to teach a class or two, finally managed to try some machine quilting and it turned out not to bad, even had some friends suggest I give up my day job and just make photo quilts :)

Ann-Maree K, Highfields

Love the aprons and can't wait for the tutorial to be available. I can see that a few of these may make it on to my too do list which is growing ever so long. Really must speak to someone about finding an extra couple of hours in each day and then I think I would be set. I was jumping with joy when my copy of the latest Homespun appeared in the letterbox late this week and can't wait to get that started as well.

Annie Morris

Dear Kellie

I am so glad I found your blog!. Firstly, what a fabbo idea for a childs' party! My daughter Gracie can only have a few select friends around on her 'real' birthday (30th December), as usually everyone's away. What a delightful idea. I must try that this year.

But I mainly wanted to congratulate you on your beautiful quilt on the cover of Homespun. Normally I head more for the non traditional quilts, but the stunning colours against the white, and the complex beauty disguised as simplicity stopped me in my tracks. The deal was done. I purchased the magazine (which I normally don't as it's nice but too cutesy for me, especially the country dolls). As an added bonus, the Melly and Me pattern goes with your quilt so well. Testimony to your quilt though, I didn't even see the M&M lizard until I got the magazine home!

Thank you so much for the beautiful photography of your quilts adorning this blog. But man oh man you've scared me with how stunning your raw edged applique is. Yeesh! 8-o !!!!!

I look forward to dropping in to see what you've been up to from now on. I am also saving up for some of your patterns, as they are just so gorgeous. Even my son and husband want me to make a quilt with matching cushions.


Congrats on your homespun front page! Love your aprons and am looking forward to making prettier, frillier ones than the ones I'm churning out as gifts : ) Thanks for your generosity and inspiration x


Yippeeee. What a wonderful birthday Jessie had. My preggy brain is still digesting what I have read. I am so loving the tree. Thanks for the pics from class. Wish I could have been there. Can't wait to get the pattern. My daughter is just going to love it when I make it up for her! Thankyou!!!!


How do you fit it all in?! Your quilts are just gorgeous, I will be keeping my eye out for the new Homespun.


Oh,your work is so inspiring. Everything looks so pretty like a party going on in every pattern. I like the colours you use and i would soon love to learn your style of creating! Your designs bring a smile to my face, they are beautiful :)

Mama Spark

Looks like you have been one busy lady! You really do need a Flickr account to put your photos up and a group account too! I love flickr. Your class looks like it was a lot of fun for you and the students. I will have to see if I can find the Homespun magazine here in the states. Not as easy as you might think. Is there a volume or month on it so I can search more easily? Thanks for sharing all the fun stuff with us!!


The class certainly looks like it was both fun and productive!


Beautiful colorful work. I love it!

chriss jasper

I really really really love your work! Love those aprons - I have 2 little neices too who will just love them to bits!I also feel the need to go to one of your workshops, I need all the help I can get so if you are teaching anytime in south Qld, I will be there. It is wonderful that you are here to inspire us all, thanks


Kellie, is there a particular range of fabric that you use to pick out all the beautiful pastel colours?


ok - i have to ask - why the gloves? i love your work, but i dont think i could pull it off.....

Debbie  St.Germain

The girls look like like they had a wonderful day and their aprons are adorable.
I love seeing all your designs and wish I was close enough to take a class with you.
The love tree is a great design for friends.


Karen C

There is not a blog out there more colorful than yours. Your blogs are lengthy, which i love and you show much of the detail of the project at hand. Well done on your great designs and your attention to detail.

Sandy Gray

Congrats on being a Cover Girl, yet again! The quilting is beautiful! Love the aprons. What a lucky bunch of girls to be able to participate in your class! Ditto all the positive praise of your work in the comments above. Sandy.

Jantine Urban

I just came back from my holidays and reading your blog makes me all itchy to get started again with one of your patterns I started with just before we went away. And I wouldn't mind winning another one, I just love them!


You've made so nice a tree-pillow! I love it! :)

Tatyana from Russia


What a great idea for a party. Your tree design is lovely.

Kate quilts...

Oh, I do love your work. I'm just not brave enough...

Any plans to teach in Sydney?

Many happy returns to Jessie, it looks like she had a wonderful day. :)

Renee E

cute aprons and the tree is stunning of course!!!

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