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August 15, 2009


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The baking party looks perfectly wonderful! What a great idea, I'll pass it along to my daughter! I'm totally overwhelmed just looking at your new tree pattern. Wow! Keep the inspiration coming girl!


what a fun birthday party! the apron is darling! congratulations on your homespun cover. your designs and colors are wonderful and inspiring.

Sam D.

They looked like they had a blast! Happy Birthday!


Jessie looks absolutely lovely in her apron! How gorgeous they are!!!! I suspect you have not had a wink of sleep since you returned from vacation!!!! And how cool!!! You are so famous now!! the cover of Homespun! of course, we won't see nor hide nor hair of that edition till Christmas, I am guessing! Beautiful stuff, always!!!!


I love the cupcake theme party and the aprons! Cute!

I wish you would come to the USA to teach (specifically Jacksonville, FL)! I love your stuff!


Love your patterns. Do you sell them anywhere in the USA?


The aprons are a lovely treat idea. All of your patterns are so beautiful.


whoops almost didnt see my quilt! Thank you for showing it on your blog, and thank you for so much inspiration. I must go buy a copy of the latest homespun! Colour colour colour...I am happiest when surrounded by colour, so I just love popping in to see what you are doing :))


what a great idea for a party! i am so jealous of those that get to take a class with you...if i didnt live halfway across the globe, i would be there!


I love the quilts you make and one day i will hopefully find the time to make one for myself-maybe a small cushion cover would be easier! If only i lived there to attend one of your workshops!

Cath Roberts

Kellie, How lucky are your 4 beautiful children???? Their parties must be the talk of the school playground for weeks after they have finished!!! They looked like they had a great time baking - and were so glamourous in their pretty new aprons! I love the new tree pillow pattern - thanks for sharing your weekends and your talent with us! Cath


Kellie, love the workshop project, I hope you release it as a pattern some day soon. Love the quilt in Homespun, it is on my to do list after I finish Meg's Garden.

Jennifer Csorba

Dear Kellie,

It was lovely to meet you on the 15th at the North of the Yarra Quilters Guild - I'm just a face amongst the 60 or so that were there, but I maintain the website and have just posted a comment about you on our blog - and would like your approval to have used one of your images and linked to your blog from there. Thankyou for speaking at our guild, it is always interesting to hear how people get into the professional side of quilting and to see their beautiful work.
I'm sorry I've done this as a comment but I couldn't find an email link to you.
Cheers Jennifer

Karen Pitt

Goodness I love your work, it makes me swoon you are so talented.
What a lovely idea for a childrens party I bet they had a great time.


Hey Kelly - NOT entering the competition, just letting you know that I am at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, and what did I see today? A stand selling your patterns, with samples made up looking very nice, and lots of ladies poring over the selection! Most exciting for Don't Look Now!


You are one creative lady Kelly! I love your stuff and have just started my first project - your Flower Garden Pillow for my daughter. I look forward to many more!!
Thank you


Wow! You always create such beautiful things. My quilting has been pushed aside at the moment for costume making. But I'll get back to it after this deadline passes and I tidy up from the bomb that has exploded around my sewing desk. Love that tree cushion, great to be practising on something useful.


LOVE the aprons!!! Can't wait for a tutorial on that one ;)
Your work is so inspiring and amazing!!! I don't comment much, but I do check regularly to see what your next fantastic project may be!!
I am a novice quilter and am curious as to why the ladies are wearing gloves?!

Darcey Peters

I used to host gingerbread house baking and decorating parties for my kids and their friends when they were young. Such fun. I wonder where I ever found the energy. The picture of the children in their aprons brought back many fond memories!
Thank you for the opportunity to win....all the best.

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I couldn't for the life of me find the link to post a comment for the giveaway. I have been looking at your website for a while now and I am so amazed at what you can do. I am not sure I will ever be able to accomplish what you have. But i would certainly like to try. Your work is absolutely beautiful.

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