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August 25, 2009


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Lynn Taylor

Please enter me for the beautiful quilt!! I am working on a mini quilt using some of your pattern pieces. I love the way it is coming out and will post it on Flickr when it is done!

Happy birthday Ben!!


Oh wow! what a super giveaway. Fingers crossed....!

Lizzie Swinney

Wow, what a great giveaway. That quilt is stunning, and beautiful. YOu are very generous!Please include me. thank you

Ruth B

Oh my gosh, I would love, love, love to win that quilt! I am a huge fan of your work and all your designs and fabrics are so bright and cheerful. I have been trying for months to find a copy of the Australian Homespun magazine with your design on the cover and I haven't been able to find one. Maybe they never made it to the U.S.A. I haven't even been able to find one in Australia. That just shows how much people love your work. Great giveaway!


Your quilt is so gorgeous-I can't believe you want to give it away! Thank you for all the inspiration. Your photos are great!


Are you serious? You are really willing to give this away? Wow! Absolutely amazing. Please count me in.

What Comes Next

Wow! You have had an incredibly busy week! The circus looks like it was a lot of fun - Ben looks like he was enjoying himself as he was about to dive into that yummy cake! Oh to take a trip down under, just to be in one of your classes.
And your giveaway! Holy cow! What an offering! I'd be way more than willing to wait to receive the quilt! Its gorgeous.


wow,i`d like the winner for touch this nice and fantastic aplique quilt.
Amazing how talented you are .


Great giveaway - please enter me into your draw.


Hi Kelly...This is the first time I've visit your blog and what a pleasant experience it was...Your craftsmanship is simple gorgeous!! Lilly Pilly is stunning, thank you so much for the opportunity to win such a lovely piece of art. I'll put a link right away on my blog to give other the same opportunity ...
Thank you much and God Bless,



I'd LOVE that quilt. Thanks so much for the chance to win!


Darcey Peters

I've been following your blog and watching, with delight, the progress on your quilt. While I would be overjoyed to win your quilt, I have already received so much enjoyment from it already!Thanks for the opportunity to win and I'll keep watching your beautiful bog.


What a fabulous birthday cake that you made for Ben. It looks too beautiful to eat.
Your tree quilt is stunning- whoever wins it will be a very fortunate winner. It is so glorious looking-
I will try and post a link on my blog later today.
Thanks for hosting such a wonderful giveaway.
Warmest regards,


Your 100th post give away has been tons of fun!!!!! Beautiful quilt as usual!!!!!!!!


I'm so excited that I won one of your patterns! I am so in love with your style! Thank you so much for the opportunity! Your Lilly Pilly quilt is absolutely stunning and whoever wins it will be truely blessed to have some of your work in their home! I wish I lived near you so I could take one of your classes, I'm sure they are wonderful.


WOW the tree is just too adorable ... love it. Please throw me into the pot. Now I'm off to add you to my so I never miss a post (I don't do the follow thing). Plus to check out your blog.

Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent.


I have entered everytime, so hopefully I didn't win before because I am going to win the beautiful quilt!!!


Greetings from Alaska. I don't have a blog and I just recently discovered your blog. I have been searching and searching for examples modern quilting with bright and happy colors and you don't know how excited I was when I found your blog. Looking at your work just gives me a happy feeling. I adore the colors you choose and I am in search of your patterns so I can make my three young daughters their very own happy gardens to wrap around themselves.
On a different note, owning any of your beautiful creations would be the best thing ever!


All of your quilts are incredible! I hope to try applique this fall sometime. I love your colors and patterns. I wish I could attend one of your classes! Please enter me into the contest, a quilt would make my whole year! How can you part with it?


I'm simply stunned by your generosity, and your obviously superhuman organizational skills to be able to keep track of all those comments, extra entries, all that jazz! :0) You pack so much into your life, it's fabulous. Are your patterns available in the U.S.? I tried clicking on the links that will lead me to a list of other places I can find your patterns, but they don't seem to be working right now. I'm still searching for the Australian Patchwork and Quilting magazines here... I will persevere, your designs are so worth it!


Oh I would love to win that for my daughter! It is just beautiful! You are so talented.


What a fun birthday! And the quilt is beautiful. Love your color combinations and the fabrics you choose - do you give lessons? I would love to try to make something from one of your patterns, but how much better (and faster) would it be to actually win a quilt that is already finished! (Even if I have to wait until the end of the year to get it, I am very sure I could not finish one that quickly)


Wow I am gobsmacked that you would give a beauty like that away! Crossing my fingers and toes and making the kids cross theirs too ;)


Congratulations on your birthday Ben, and Kellie too ofcourse, not only with your little boy, but also on your 100th post!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Oh WOW! Lilly Pilly is my favourite pattern so far I think! But then again I love every pattern! You are tooooooo clever!

Happy Birthday to Ben too - it looks like he had a great time!

Lucy x


I am prepared to wait for that quilt for any lenght of time, should I win it! :-)


Oh my goodness... I love that quilt and would love to win it! I have my fingers and toes crossed. :)


I can't believe you can bear to part with it! It's gorgeous.


Congratulations!!! You do very beautifull things!!!



The tree is gorgeous. so vibrant and happy, as is so much of your work, and I would be it's guardian angel:)

When I found your blog, it really did inspire me to get stitching again. I have made the 'Sweet Little Garden' cushion for my niece Elli recently. I love your applique method.

Very best regards

The Chocolate Cat

Please count me in for the giveaway, I would be able to be very patient if I knew something so beautiful was coming to live with me!!


o, wat a fantastic prize. I live in the Netherlands and learned about your site while is was just surfing the web. I haven't found your patterns here yet, but i have bought the edition of Australian Homespun with the pattern of your garden quilt, it's nr. 1 on my list to make.


It's a beauty -- as if we didn't know it would be!


What a wonderful quilt! If I win it would be just fine for you to send it only when available, since I can admire it in your execelent picture any time I want...


Congratulations! What a beautiful quilt. I just received my patttern that I won a few posts back and I am so excited to give it a go. Thank you for all of your inspiration! You do such beautiful work.

wendy are sooooo generous! Alas, I can only enter but once - I'm not teckinogical enough (or interesting enough!!) to have a blog of my own but I love to follow everyone inspirational with such beautiful works!!!
Please add me to the list of entries...they say it only takes one!!!! here's hoping with everything crossed!
;o) Wendy


OK Kelly, I know you will think this is hysterical but I just HAD to throw my hat in the ring - I think your work is just beautiful and I would love to win your lovely quilt so hey - why not have a go? You've got to be in it to win it right??
PS. You are very generous to be giving away a quilt, I hope whoever wins appreciates the time and effort that goes into a piece like that :)


The striped fabric adds a neat visual effect to the quilt.


I could only dream of being the proud owner of one of your quilts - I am in awe of your beautiful work.

Carolina H

What a gift! It is fantastic! Lucky one who will win!! I can wait for that one! Love your amazing designs!
Have you consider a travel to Sweden to teach?
Quilthugs, Carolina


OMG, pick me, pick me!


You are so prolific; turning out such gorgeous beauties! I am in awe! I'd love to win this quilt!
I wish there was some chance of attending your class - perhaps at some quilt festival here in the US? One can only hope! :)


The Circus!! What a great idea for a birthday party. I'm going to have to see what is in town when my daughter's birthday comes up.

I just want to say thank you for all your generosity. Your patterns are fabulous, and you never hesitate to freely share with your followers.


Congratulations Kellie on your patterns going so well. You really are on your way to becoming a very well known quilt designer. How exciting for Kasse Fasset to be admiring your designs too! I love your new quilt that you designed too, it is absolutely gorgeous and you are so generous to be giving it away. I love the new cushion design too. Happy Birthday to your son, the circus looks fun. I havent been since Lachie was about the same age and he loved it too.

Kate C.

Wow the quilt is lovely!!


Wow what a post. I do love that is there a pattern(just in case I don't win it LOL) and is it all needle turn.


I love Ben's cake. I hope he had a very happy birthday. The quilt is just stunning. Thanks for the pics of the circus - it brought back some great memories. Thanks too for posting photos of the ladies hard at work (or was it play?)

Shelley C

Wow! You are absolutely the giveaway queen of blogdom! I absolutely love that tree; I have always had an affinity for trees...I think I left a comment somewhere about that when you were working on this one. I'm not faithful to come back every day, but every few weeks I come see what you are up to. I love your work!


Oh it's so pretty. Again, I wish I lived close enough to take one of your classes. Thanks for the chance to win!

chriss jasper

Hello Kelly,
I could wait just about forever to win that quilt - oh to be that lucky! You do such wonderful work. I have a neice that would just love it if I could bear to give it away all your patterns, as usual, and hope to put some photos on your flicker thingy sometime soon.
Enjoy life, and the day at the circus looks great!

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