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August 25, 2009


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it's wonderfull,so beautiful


So many wonderful happenings to celebrate and such lovely giveaways. Love your patterns as always, so bright and beautiful! Have fun at the Australian Quilt Market, even though it is still far away. I will link your giveaway to my blog, so readers can see your lovely work!

Regards from Spain

Kathy Manning

What a gorgeous quilt


Ohhh I just read to the end of that post, all excited about the lilly pilly quilt (lilly is one of my nicknames) only to find out that I am a winner from the last post, yay first time ever. So I feel a bit naughty for entering this competition and for being so neglectful of my blog and my quilting. Thanks so much, snail mail details on the way...


Oh my. That is truly wonderful! Please enter me in the giveaway! I hope I can be a part of this even if I´m norwegian? You really make such wonderful things!


hi came by to look and i want more! that is abeautiful quilt I can join the commenter who was amased you are giving it away. It would make a grand heirloom gift.


Your quilt is really beautiful. I love all the reddy-pink materials you've used for the tree and leaves and the way the birds seem to blend in, almost as if they're not there. A rather magical quilt.


Look at that quilt! If I were lucky enough to win, I think I would carry it around with me always! It is that gorgeous!!

Carol Spacagna

WOW that quilt it gorgeous I would love to display that in my home you are very very talented. Take care Carol

Lena Karen

Pleas count me in. It's truly a beutiful quilt :o)

Pirjo Raila

You are so generous! The quilt is so very joyous and beautiful. A load of work too. Would be so honoured to win this. Nights in the winter get so cold in Finland too...


Just beautiful little quilt! Add my name with the others, I'd love to win.


This is one of the most gorgeous quilts I have seen in a long time. I would be honored to win it. Take care and God bless, Cory


Iwould be so thrilled to win you lovely quilt

Joy Williams

Oh my! what a beautiful quilt, your work is wonderful and I would be absolutely thrilled to win your quilt.

Ann Marie

Love Lilly Pilly! I've been watching your progress, amazed at how more beautiful it became with each step. I would gladly wait a long while to own something this stunning. Are you sure you want to give this away?

Maree @ Farmyardcrafts

Your quilt has turned out beautifully. I can't believe that you're giving it away though. Way too much work in it to give it away!!!!!! I'm sure whoever wins it will be thoroughly excited and impressed!!! Well done with creating another gorgeous quilt!

Betty Wason

Kellie the Quilt is just amazing.Maybe the day was gloomy when the picture was taken.But to look at Lillypilly most of the time there would be no more gloom,just beautiful.Betty Wason.


Happy Birthday! I have to say that quilt is fantastic and I was eager to leave a comment saying so even before I realized that you were doing a give away! The striped tree trunk is so fantastic as are the colors and all those beautiful leaves. I always expect something wonderful when I pop by here but this one really wowed me!!

Helen Snell

Wow, I love your design style and that quilt is wonderful.


Hi. First time visitor to your blog and I'm STUNNED. Stunned I tell you! Stunned at the beauty of that quilt and equally flummoxed that you are going to give it away. I can tell a lot of hard work and love went into it. I've been staring at it for a while! ha! :-)


WOW you are so generous! I'm a bit in shock, that after so many hours of work and at the beauty of this quilt, you are willing to part with it! It takes me soooooo long to do a small project, this is amazing. I am hoping to make a quilt for our new baby arriving in January and am starting to get organized. Thanks for your encouragement and again amazing kindness. Now I just need to post those photos of the smocks like I promised before last Christmas! You've been busy, what fun!
Love Jo


It's a thing of beauty. And how astonishingly generous of you to give it away. Just saw your "Oh Christmas Tree" pattern for the first time, too. 2 very different trees but both very beautiful.


Hi Kellie, seeing I think I am like the 474th comment I seriously think I have buckleys' of winning your amazing quilt - But you never know! I looooove it sooooo much - and it would fix my sample making problem for the shop, and my little darling daughter would love it then to head to her room later down the track no doubt! Congrats on another amazing design and your generosity. I think we need a little colour like yours in the west!
Keep the amazingingly fresh designs coming!


I love your quilts.


What a wonderful gift for someone!! Hope you are enjoying your new and successful business doing something you love - well done Kellie! Gotta love those pinata cakes!


Happy birthday Lilly Pilly !!!
Wonderful quilt !!!!!!!


I would love that quilt and it would be hanging on a wall where I could admire it every day. This is amazing that you are giving it away. Thank you for the opportunity to have a chance to win this piece of art.


Happy Happy Birthday Ben!!!!!!!
I would love to win that quilt- it is truly stunning!


wow! That quilt is amazing! Thank you for the chance to win such a beautiful quilt.

Debbie J

Count me in,I would love to win this, I would treasured it forever!!!


Wow Kelly! Another awesome quilt. It's fun trying to find the little birds in the tree. I'd love to win your quilt to admire your beautiful work close up. thanks for the giveaway!

Andrea Bakewell

I came across your site via another and I am so glad that I did! Your work is absolutely beautiful, whimsical and inspiring. Your color choices are amazing and wanted to know if you ever come to the states to teach. I would love to take one of your workshops.
I am going to order one of your patterns but before I did, I wanted to know if you have a pattern for the Lilly Pilly. I am not sure I am posting in the correct spot, but I do hope you will see this and can let me know on the Lilly Pilly.

I have already subscribed to your feed and look forward to seeing more of your work.


Oh Oh WOW! Just...Wow! That is just about the most gorgeous quilt I've ever seen. It is amazing Sarah. It really does make you stop and think about all the beauty we have around us. I have been talking to my son today who has Aspergers and he was saying that trees with branches reaching up are happy as they look like they are dancing (trees with their branches down are thinking apparently LOL) Your tree is most certainly dancing and happy.
I'm off to post your link on my blog and then to your store to find the pattern. I think he'd like a happy tree in our house too.


You do some fantastic work! I'd love to be entered in the giveaway.



What a magnificent quilt. i would love to win. Please enter my name.


I absolutely LOVE this quilt! I cannot believe you are giving it away. Sure do wish I am the lucky winner. :) You are an amazing talent and I hope someday to be where you are and take a class from you. Fran in California


Oh my goodness, i just discovered your site. What a gorgeous quilt! I can't believe you would actually give it away. But since you are, i would LOVE to win it!

Julie in WA, USA

Your work is so amazing. I would love to learn how you do what you do! Unfortunately, we live half a world apart, so I must be content with studying your site. Some day, a season will come in my life when I will have the time to slow down and do work like yours!


This applique is amazing, and the quilting just makes it so beautiful. Thanks for sharing, how generous!


This blog is pretty amazing, I find the designs so inspirational that your flower garden pillow is what got me interested in applique and quilting in the first place. I strated with a few of those shapes using them in laundry bags, just plain applique by hand. That got me interested in more techniques, and soon I had convinced my boyfriend to buy me a sewing machine (I had never ever thought I'd want one so badly!... oh, and worst of all, now I'm obsessed with fabrics. Over the last few months I have accumulated a tremendous stash (and spent a fortune). I recently got your Megan's garden pattern and I will soon tackle it. Anyways, I just wanted to let you know how inspiring your desgins are. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to participate in this giveaway!


Wow - with all the work in that quilt I can't believe you'd give it away!!! However, I'd be more than willing to give a new home! :o)

Karen at sew and sow life

This is fabulous! And such a generous giveaway. Please toss my name in the pool. thanks.

Susan Doyle

Absolutely stunning quilt! I've just found your website and can forsee much happy browsing and admiring.

Ursula DT

Your quilt is wonderful and I cannot believe that you will give it away. I would have kept it by myself. I would wait more than a year if I could win it...... greetings from Germany!


I can't even believe how beautiful your new quilt is. I'm going to have to buy a few of your patterns. . . now to find them in the US. Or, I should convince my husband that we need to go on a long vacation to Australia. Wouldn't that be heavenly!


I'm stunned by how beautiful the Lilly Pilly tree quilt is!! If I won it I would be so happy I couldn't stand myself!! Thank you for offering this.


What a gorgeous quilt! It's so funky and I love the colours!


Oh my gosh, that quilt is breathtaking!! I can just imagine how that quilt will bring cheer to whoever wins. I'm off to check out your patterns!


Please, please put me in the draw - it would be amazing to win your quilt! Thanks for a great blog!

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