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July 06, 2009


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Congratulations to all the winners... :o))
Must fina a shop near me that have Steam-a- seam..... because I hate VLIESOFIX!!!!!!
Hope to get a go on your patterns when I have that one in my hand!!!!
Have a wonderful day!!


Besides my beautiful sewing machine, Bernice, a couple of my favourite sewing items include my Diamond quilting table and my Magic Gloves. Both are absolutely essential for quilting!

I would like to find some steam-a-steam. I use Heat n Bond, which is quite stiff; even the 'lite' is a bit thick.

Your new patterns are gorgeous. I especially love Meg's Garden. Wow!

Sue Bone

Ooh I have the second fabric in your pile, the pink Kaffe spots and circles. Can't wait to see what you do with it. I also love steam a seam. The warmth of the pressure of your fingers temporarily affixs it. I'll have to look for the lite version next.

I'm loving the BSr and knee lift on my new Berninaatm


I just love your posts, I'm always so inspired to get back to my sewing machine. Thank you for the inspiration!


I like that pencil sketch you're giving us a peek at. And I love that Christmas Tree pattern! It's gorgeous!


hi, i have just found your blog yesterday, and I find it so inspiring; you combine colours so nice,and your works are bright and cheerfull
big kiss from argentina, bye!


EEEEEEEEK! I am so very excited! Thank you for picking my name - I will email you right now!


That Christmas tree pattern is absolutely wonderful! It is going on my wish list.

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Yay!!! I'm so excited that my lovely friend Dotty Cookie has won! I'm really pleased because she is such a super person!

Your sewing is looking just as inspiring as always and I'm not surprised that Joshua is trying to pinch his quilt - it's gorgeous!


Just recently found your blog and patterns. WOW! I love your color use. Oh, the Christmas tree pattern is magical. It is all so inspiring.


I love the fabric pile you will be using. I've used the Lite Steam-and-Seam2 as well. I love it. I also love the Rainbow Lollipops pattern. Gorgeous!!

Nicki Kirk

WOW Joshua's quilt looks AWESOME! Love it!!! I can't wait for your new patterns! My daughter is begging me to make her Rainbow Lollipops! They are all adorable though -- you are just crazy talented!! Congrats on your success and thanks for the chance to win such great giveaways!!! *fingers crossed*


the new fabric pile looks so fun-- cant wait to see what it becomes!


So many things to comment on Kellie, where do I start? The scissors, I have the same brand rotary cutter, all nicely stored in Australia waiting for my return to retrevie it and all my other treasures. I love that particular brand, such good quality. I have to thank you for pointing out the steam a seam to me a few months ago, you've converted me.... Such gorgeous fabrics for eye candy in this post and I'm sure your young man will love his new quilt to death once it finally makes it onto his bed. Congratulations on three more patterns reaching the printers. Business sure is smiling in your garden.

Mary Grace McNamara

That fabric you are taking with you on vacation is so bright and cheerful...just delicious! And your quilts and patterns are fabulous! Love the colors and the designs!



Thanks for the tips on those products.
Where do you buy your steam-a-seam?
Joshua's quilt is pretty gorgeous. (So is Joshua!!!)
Catch up again soon?
Andi :-)


Wow... the fabrics for your latest project are gorgeous. And Oh Christmas Tree is just delightful. So much inspiration, so little time!


Just looking at the colors and rounded lines of your pattern designs makes me happy... my favorite products are my Fiskars rotary cutter, the Hera marker, and my Sizzix machine. But I have so many others too, and I couldn't survive a day without my little 4" Fiskars scissors. Will have to try the Lite Steam a Seam one of these days!


Wow, your patterns are so inspiring! I love Joshua's new quilt...can't wait to see it all. And I may just have to buy your Oh Christmas Tree is stunning!


The photos with Joshua made me smile. He SO loves that quilt, doesn't he?

Sarah G

I love the Christmas Tree quilt. Very nice!

Dolores Sedore

Good gosh, I hope you got to sleep in - and I thought I was bad at 2:00 a.m. You have been busy, busy.
My favourite products are my thimble (first thing that goes on when I hand sew or quilt), a sharp pair of scissors and my glasses so I can see what I am doing.


Oh! An even better tease/picture of that dotty quilt. Lucky Joshua! :0)

I am going to have to see about getting some Australian quilt magazine subscriptions. Or maybe you will get published in some Stateside magazines eventually. Who am I kidding- I am waiting for your book someday! LOL!


Wow Kellie, I love the way that quilt has turned out - so beautiful, and Joshua is obviously very impressed! What a blog post - new patterns, new quilt, handy sewing things. I finally quilted the first quilt I pieced last night, and continually thought of how handy your tip about the gloves was. I bought them after you mentioned them in an earlier post and they really made such a difference! Now to find some steam-a-seam. And not in bed until after FOUR! Kellie, no wonder you can get so much done, but you must be continually sleep deprived. Enjoy your extremely well-earned holiday and hopefully we'll catch up once you return!


What a beautyfull patterns. They are sparkeling and full of joy!! I must find steam-a-seam somewhere. I have always problems with vlisofix. Only when it is just brand new it wont separate. Thanks for your inspiration. I even used your flower garden pillow pattern in scrapbooking. It amazing!!!

Maree .W

What a Fabulous Post as Always...Love your Fabrics...can't wait to see what you make with these.....You are such an Inspiration...ThankYou...


Your star is really shining Kellie!! Wonderful wonderful patterns, all of them.


Your patterns are inspiring. I will check the gloves out at my supermarket today! My favourite tools are my needles, hoop, DMC threads and my lovely embroidery scissors. I also couldn't manage without the rotary cutter etc and machine to finish things off.Oh, to be able to use a machine like you do!


The new quilt is looking good Kellie. Hope you enjoy your well-deserved sunny holiday - looking forward to a coffee when you return. The photos for your new patterns look like they have come up well too.


When I look at your work I just drool! It is just so beautiful. I just so love all your patterns. The Flower Garden Pillow and How does your Garden Grow are just so cheery. Lucky Joshua - I love that quilt.

[email protected]

Robin (rsislandcrafts)

I definitely could use some scissors that don't hurt my hand after using them for more than a minute. I'll have to look into those.

I also like the idea of having softer appliques. Another product to test out.

I haven't found too many must have items yet. I'm still testing out different products to find what works for me. I have realized that it is very useful to have many different size rulers and cutting mats though. I just need to add to my collection a bit.

Joshua looks like he is loving his quilt :)


The Kai scissors are great aren't they, I have a few different pairs. You can tell Joshua loves his quilt! Lots of lovely patterns to drool over, and as usual, they are beauties. Have a great holiday.


I am new to blogging and have just discovered your wonderful blog!:)

I agree with you about the Ansell gloves. I also found out about them from Deb Louie.

My latest "best friend" is a very fine needle threader. I also love the BSR on my Bernina!

Your patterns look very inspirational. I love your colours; very bright and cheerful.

Beth Dasecke

congrats to the winners
I think I need to try the steam a seam it sounds good
your pics are all so yummy thank you for the inspiration
hugs Beth


I love it all! Congratulations to the winners. Thanks for all you talent!


I can see why Joshua doesn't want to share his quilt it looks so bright and cheery.


The puffy polka dots are adorable and fun. Is there additional batting to make it puff so much? Also quite envious of that luscious stack of gorgeous materials~


Joshua looks very proud of his new quilt! Love the fabrics you are taking on holidays with you - have a great trip!

Robin C

your patterns are just too much. They are beautiful. That Christmas tree is very nice. Do you have the quilt? I'd love to see a picture of the design up close. Your stuff is takes my breath away.

Robin in Virginia USA


You are a powerhouse such complicated patterns how do you find the time- Fantastic work

Elizabeth McMahon

The colours in that stack of fabric are just inspirational, sunshine and lollypops spring to mind on this dull, cold winters day here. The new patterns are fabulous, I love the Christmas tree :o)

Lynn T

I must say that my Bernina 440 sewing machine is my favorite item in my sewing room! I purchased it after seeing all the beautiful work you created with yours and have to say that It was one of the best investments I have made!

I have two quilts in progress from your patterns and will never get bored looking at either of them! Thank you for continuing to create such beautiful masterpieces!


Gorgeous fabrics! Love that quilt full of dots. I have a Joshua too!

Sue Niven

I just adore your patterns, I will have to try to get my hubby to let me have his credit card for a moment!
Seriously though, i would love to do one of your creations one day.
Just love Joshua's quilt.


Congrats to everyone who won your wonderful giveaways. Joshua looks so cute with his quilt and I am sure he will be waiting eagerly for its return. Your new patterns look great too, will have to tell my sister all about them.


I love the Christmas tree quilt from the first time i saw it. I'm so glad you are making up a pattern for it. I can't wait to get my sewing room all set up so I can order this pattern.

I'll probably be ordering Meg's garden too.

I love your work


Wow! Those fabrics are so yummy! I love the colors!

Mary on Lake Pulaski

The new patterns that are coming out are amazing! Yay-you!! And that quilt Joshua is laying on is adorable. My favorite sewing "thing" is the time I have now that I am retired. I missed sewing so much for 25+ years because of the time, energy and commuting to work. I have so many projects I want to do now, I'm still short of time, but I can do them.


Ack -- for the 1st time spied the monsters on the new quilt -- so exciting!

Oh, and I also love Lite Steam-a-Seam 2. I have a whole big roll of it!

One of my favorite tools is my HUGE 20" square. So much easier to square things up, or cut wider-than-6-inch strips with the big ruler.

Carolyn cdn

Joshua is one lucky fellow, what a stunning quilt. I've just come over from Quilt Taffy and am I glad I did. Oh please include me for the chance to win one of your brilliant patterns.

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