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July 22, 2009


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So glad you all had a lovely time and were able to recharge your batteries! Loved the shadow pictures; looks a bit like the "Scherenschnitte" I used to make as a child. I can't wait to see more of what you've been working on.


Looks like you are having a wonderful holiday, I am looking forward to meeting you at your upcoming workshop at the Patchwork House next month


OOOOh it sounds you had a great time. I stiil have to work 4 weeks and than I have my summer vacation. The summerholidays starts here on friday for 6 weeks. Last yera when were on holiday I was also the only one stitching ;o).


What a gorgeous holiday and birthday treat for the kids. How many pins do you think you lost in the sand, lol.

Beth Dasecke

so glad you have had a fantastic time I am sure you will all have many happy memories of your trip
I am looking forward to seeing what you have been working on
hugs Beth

Sue Bone

Our summer vacation has just started. Your trip to Fiji sounds fabulous. I'll add it my one day list.


Oh what a marvellous, wonderful holiday! So pleased - you all deserve it so much! The photos really tell it all. I'm going to the craft fair on Saturday with Mum and Clare - see you there hopefully?

jo 戎嶋

Happy Birthday to the Twins, it looks like they are having a great time, all of you in fact!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Sounds like the perfect holiday! And that final photo is absolutely brilliant!

Lucy x


It looks like you have had a wonderful time! I do like your work so much! The colors always get me! So cheerful:)


Your vacation looks amazing! We leave this weekend for the beach and I can barely contain myself!


Now I REALLY want to go to Fiji! I wish it wasn't so far away. How lovely learning to swim! The girls' braids are wonderful! That last picture is awesome, I love it!


I think everyone wants a holiday in Fiji after your post. Looks fantastic. Great photos of the kids.

Fancy Elastic

Wow, it all looks glorious. Four and a half hours? My, they must be relaxed too if they can sit for that long!


I love the shadow photograph too.:)

What a perfect holiday! Sun, water and relaxation.


I have so much enjoyed your site. Being in Canada I see such a difference in your colour choices and actually your pattern styles. You certainly have opened up my eyes to a whole new world (yikes, now I have to go and buy new material once again *sigh*

Winnipeg Manitoba


What a great vacation it seems you are having - I am not surprised you were the only one sewing by the pool - LOL!!! Can't wait to see what you are creating next!


I can't wait to go to Fiji - six days to go. I was sitting here in pain. I just had an operaton on my nose. (It still hurts) and looking at your photos - I can't wait now... how exciting!
I am so glad you had a great time with your beautiful family.
Happy birthday to Ben and Jessie. (How funny my husband name is Ben and my daughter name is Jessica!). I can't wait to see your new project and your quilt in Homespun next month.




Sounds like you guys are having a wonderful time. I'm not a hand sewer so I know I wouldn't be sewing poolside. I also don't think my sewing machine would make it into our luggage!


The support and encouragement of of others is indeed a good and lovely thing. It is great to read back over your posts and see how far you've come. Good on you! But also it encourages me to keep on going with my creative pursuits too. Mind you I don't know how you kept dry stitching by the pool I'm sure my stuff would be wet from my kids. Enjoy your break!


oh, FIJI looks wonderful. What fun with family.... The girls look so cute and that boy....swimming? and playing tennis? and golfing? what memories you all will have...


Wonderful holiday, I had a bit of a giggle when you said you were the only one stitching by the pool. Not too many others would think to take their sewing with them. I'm amazed it stayed dry. Happy birthday to your twins.


Congrats to the lucky winners!!!

Looks like you're having an amazing trip... the kids are so beautiful and look so happy! LOVE the pinks in your latest project, and how funny... I am usually the only one sewing (or doing embroidery) by the pool!!!

Ruth B

What wonderful pictures of your happy family. Your new project looks like fun. Can't wait until we see what is new!


I've really enjoyed reading about your holiday. You've cheered me up!

Cath Roberts

Kellie, What a wonderful holiday you are having. I would be jealous if I din't know how much you deserve it - with the amazing amount of stuff you pack into every day and then still find time to share with us on your blog!

What a fantastic place to celebrate some special birthdays!


I'm a winner! Thank you so much! Enjoy the rest of your vacation! :0)


I love that last picture!

Shelley C

What a beautiful family those children are....Love the cornrow braids. Looks like everyone had a great time. Thanks for the sneak peek at the beach....

Carrie L

Thank you for telling us about your vacation. Makes me want to take a trip to a far away place!

I really enjoy your work. I'm a fairly new sewer, and would love to attempt one of your patterns someday.


Hi from Spain.What wonderful holidays.Lovely family.Soon I will be on holidays, too.
Happy summer!!


Looks like a wonderful family holiday. Can' wait to see your new project!


Birthdays on the beach are the best! Can't wait to see what you're working on now!


Very sweet! I went on a mission trip to St. Vincent when I was 17 and one of the locals there braided my hair like that! So fun, and it made it so easy to work hard in the sun the rest of the trip without dealing with flyaways!


Oh my! I looks like you are having a blast!!

I have a special place in my heart for shadow pictures! I love them!!!!!


Your vacation does look lovely. Looking forward to seeing your next creation. Just love the colors. And that shadow photos is very cool


Looks like you had a great holiday - happy birthday to the twins.


Love that last photo! Fantastic.

Kelly O.

I have just been thinking that I need a handsewing project to do while we're on vacation so I can keep my sewing mojo!


Wow - Fiji.... and still you stitched.... sounds like something I would do :) And do... on the beaches of North Carolina. I LOVE your work and it inspires me to do a little more applique. Enjoy Monday!!! And welcome back.


Looks like you had a wonderful vacation, such sparkling blue water! Happy Birthday to the twins and congrats to your winners!
Love all the recent projects you have posted!


Janet made me laugh out loud. I hope you didn't lose any pins in the sand! The vacation looks lovely, I need to get one of those planned...


happy birthday you guys , a perfect way to spend it I think. So much patience sitting there for that long to get a cute new hairdo. Looking forward to seeing what you are up to Kellie, but then again that;s nothing new :-). That pic at the end is great - you should frame it ..
Lisa x


Lovely photos, your kids are just beautiful and look like loads of fun. can you tell me what resort you stayed in, looking for a good recommendation...


Hermoso tu trabajo!

Lynn T

Happy birthday to the twins! The braids are awesome but not sure if I could sit still for 4.5 hours! Your new quilt looks great and it must be so awesome for you to sit on the beach and sew. How relaxing is that? I think I am extremely jealous! Good luck adjusting when you come home :-)

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Fuji looks awesome! And the twins birthday photo is so cute as are the braids! must take concentration to keep sewing with all of that going on.


Thank you for letting us come alone on this wonderful trip of yours, its so great to see pictures of other people on their vacations and having so much fun. How beautiful it is.

tracey petersen

There is something about warm sun, sand and long shadows that just makes everything alright! Pop that photo of you stitching on sand onto the wall of your studio.

Happy birthday to those beautiful babes...

Nan S.

What a wonderful and memorable vacation. I'm sure your kids will remember it forever! I loved the picture of your shadows - very cute!!

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