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July 31, 2009


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Mama Spark

Your tree is fabulous. I just love all your designs. Keep em' coming!!


I love your tree!!! Your work continues to amaze me! The new fabric is wonderful too.

Michelle F

I just love the tree. I could see that hanging in my classroom.


WOW! That tree is just amazing. I'm in awe and so very inspired.


LOVE the tree! You have such a gift for finding compatible fabrics!


I love your tree! The colors are just fabulous! You put a lot of time and effort into it. You are such an inspiration. Thanks for sharing.


Oh my! That tree is incredible! If I were doing that tree, I can guarantee you that it would look like it was straight out of a Halloween story with crooked limbs and wonky leaves! lol You do such beautiful work!


I have been eyeing off some of those pinks and greens to add to my stash for a couple of weeks now am heading for an spend up with the girls on Tuesday and some of those will be coming home with me they are just too yummy for words. I might have to get some linens as well.


Your tree is simply divine Kellie - what beautiful colours. And what lovely additions to your fabric stash! I particularly like the ones that you described as making your heart sing. All very lovely - and I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with for Jessica's party - you are the birthday queen! And at this stage I think Stella and I would LOVE to come along on Friday - shall be in touch.


Wow, what an incredible post, love the tree, love your patterns and would LOVE to win one. Where do you buy your linens from? GORGEOUS!! xo


The tree is looking gorgeous. I love your selection of boys prints (the oranges and blues with the cogsmo stuff), I have been eying some of those off myself!


Ooooh Kellie - that tree is beautiful! I just bought some of the fabrics you show in your pink picture and I love them!

Amy C.

I adore all your patterns! I am trying to work up the nerve to try to make one for my daughter!


I wanna win, I wanna win, I wanna win!!!
Love your designs sooooo much. I have a similar facination with trees but I haven't come up with anything as bright and pretty as yours. Well done. Can't wait to see it finished.


Your tree is absolutely stunning. I can't even begin to imagine the amount of time that goes into creating something like that. I always feel like such a slacker after seeing all that you create. :-)


I bought a new 'green' bag from Coles this week and the cancer council logo on the side is a made up of many smaller flowers. It reminded me of your patterns, right there in the supermarket! I'm amazed by how much you cram into your life, I know you don't need much sleep, but still it blows my mind!!


Whoaw ! I love your tree !!!!

Mary B

I love your work..........


Kellie, your tree is beautiful, I love all the pink, red and purple together. I am sure your restful time away will inspire lots of new projects.

Account Deleted

I have just found your blog and I must say I certainly have been the one missing out! I just love the freshness of your designs and attention to detail. While I have seen and admired your work before, your blog gives it all a whole different experience. Keep up the great work and I think I will have to purchase some patterns and have a little "play" very soon.


What an awesome collection of things to add to your stash. I seem to be in a bit of a quilting hibernation, can't seem get going, must have something to do with it being the middle of winter.

Jo from the farm

Hi Kelly, I looove your new design and your new fabrics... Love Jo xxx

Ann-Maree K, Highfields

The tree is looking a treat. Love the pink and can't wait to see the finished product. Also have fallen in love with the pink and green fabrics which you added to you stash. Why is it when I go to my LQS that I struggle to find fabrics that are bright and cheery? Must have another look. As always keeping the fingers crossed.


Love your tree and also enjoy seeing the fabrics you buy. Your sense of colour, pattern etc. is incredible. I am looking forward to seeing the creative ideas you come up with for Jessica's party as well.

Christine Miller-McKinley

Love the new tree and only 4 more sleeps to the class on Thursday, have been playing with my stash tonight to choose my fabrics - "very excited".

Pam Capstick

Hi Kellie, great to see you are back from your holiday refreshed and raring to go! I am very much looking forward to meeting you in Ballarat in a few weeks time, I have booked in to do a class with you. Glad to see that you have managed to fit in some essential stash building since you have returned..happy hunting at Amitie on Friday! Warm regards Pam


Gorgeous as usual Kellie!

Robin C

your designs are just amazing. I love trees too. Keep up with the inspiration!


oh my - I have fabric envy BIG TIME!!!!


The tree is awesome! The fabrics are beautiful. Hoping to be picked for your generous giveaway... I need some inspiration, feeling like I've lost my sewing/quilting mojo lately....


Your trees are fantastic. oh and that pink and green fabric, wow. If you take a look at my quilts - many of them are pink and green!!


THE TREE... oh my goodness.. its wonderful.. I LOVE IT!!!! And probably getting better and better the more you will work on it!!! Well done...

And congratulations to the winners!! :o)

Carolina H

What a beautiful tree!! It is amazing! I love to win a pattern from you.
Quilthugs/Carolina from Sweden


Kelly, I just found your blog this a.m. and have spent hours and hours in here! You are so inspiring.....I love the tree quilt and the fabrics. Just beautiful! I love everything you do BTW!


Wow - stunning work, as usual. I just love seeing your stash - you have amazing taste in fabric!


Looks like you've hit the ground running (or is that climbing?) since getting back from hols. Love, LoVe, LOVE those bright pinky/greeny fabrics. I can just imagine the bright, cheerful view that would be seen if I were to climb that delish tree of yours.


Gorgeous patterns and colors. Great giveaway. Thanks

karen h

I love your new tree design - you have an amazing ability to take a simple tree and make it into something absolutely amazing! Glad you had a productive as well as enjoyable family holiday :o)


I love the trees! Very much my kind of trees! Bright and beautiful. :)


your quilts take my breath away - just beautiful!


I love the tree you're making, it's beautiful!!!, I'd like to participate in your giveaway


beautiful! Love your trees! the colors are wonderful!


I just love your new tree design Kellie! WOW!


Oh....the tree is amazing!!!!!

Jellybean Soup

I just love it! Oh how much time that must take! Ooo and those fabrics? Wonderful! Thanks for posting all of these fun giveaways- I've go my fingers crossed! :)


I also love trees, and this one is beautiful! Thanks for all the giveaway fun, I hope I get picked!

Lizzie Swinney

YOur new tree is wonderful. Love it!


Oh, that tree! Every time I come to your blog I fall in love with your work over again. That tree is just stunning...
We're back from Eilat. Had a lovely time. I posted photos on my blog if you are interested.
Lisa x


Your tree is looking really good. Congrats to the winners. I hope to be one some day.


LOVE!!!! beautiful tree!!!! Hello from Russia

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