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July 31, 2009


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Your tree is looking very you Kelly and will turn out to be just fabulous I am sure. Awesome deisgns.:) Cant believe I am first to comment too:)


WOW! Completely in owe, love love love the tree. Looking forward to the pattern xox


Just amazed by your tree. Would love one of your patterns just to read the instructions! Amazing work
Chris x
P.S. What are the blue & green fabrics - the colours are great

Julie Strauss

Your tree is absolutely gorgeous. I am so in awe of your ideas and your color choices and love to check your blog for inspriration.


I love that tree - just gorgeous!!! and your new fabric is just too fun. Thanks for sharing everything with us.


Spectacular tree! I recognise some of my favourite Kaffe Fassett fabrics in those leaves. With those stunning colours your stitching must have attracted quite some attention by the pool in Fiji.

jo 戎嶋

odds are that I will win someday - I LOVE the tree!


LOVE your new tree!!
Looks like we got a couple of the same fabrics at GJs this week.
I had such fun shopping!!!
Andi :-)


So gorgeous-- I'm envious of your perfect points on those leaves!


Wow, your tree is stunning! I love all that pink. Great new fabrics too...I appreciate seeing what you are buying for a little boy. I have a little guy and I have a hard time finding good fabrics for him!


Oh, I love your tree. Can't wait for the pattern (there WILL be a pattern!! )to come out... The pinks are wonderful...


Your tree is looking absolutely amazing!!!!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

What a gorgeous tree! And huge congratulations to all the lucky winners!

Lucy x


YEEEE haaaaa , i'm dancing and a singing :-). Thank you so much , I've got some fabric left from the little thing I did for your birthday so I'm thinking this will look great -- just got to find some green now. I am going to try and find some time to do something for me for a change ... Your tree is looking awesome and I love the new fabrics too .. love you x

Sue Bone

Love that tree. There needs to be more pink in the world. Also love your new fabrics and in particular the turqouises.


Love the tree and your new fabric. You have such a great eye for color.


Now it wouldn't be a Kellie quilt if it didn't have limbs and leaves, just gorgeous, and I'm just loving your new fabrics.


WOW! That tree looks great! I just can't stop being amazed at how much you get done! And I adored the fabrics behind the invite to Jessica's party. Simply delicious.


I too love trees - particularly the quilted kind and yours especially. Yummy fabrics!


ooh the tree is divine, and so is your new fabric! have fun planning the party, I just know it will be amazing!

Darcey Peters

Good Morning....your tree is stunning!! I can't even begin to imagine how long that took you? I'd love to know. The colors just make your heart sing!


I love trees too - especially YOUR trees! My goodness you have an eye for design and color. Love all your new fabrics too!

Shelley C

I love trees too! Yours is looking especially nice.
Love the fabs you've got picked out for the boy quilt...i want my sewing room in those colors...they are so calming. Linen is making a comeback. Are we nuts?

Erin in MI

I just love your tree!! I'm hoping to get your Christmas tree pattern soon (the white one on green) - as soon as $$ opens up! Keep up the good work!


Kelly your tree is beautiful. the colors are fantastic. I am in love with nature,flowers trees all of it. I live in Mexico and saw your Meg´s garden in the web. You can´t imagine what I did to get the Homespun magazine to do it. I already finished it and it looks great, you should come and visit it on my blog. I am looking forward to do the tree. no matter what I have to do for the instruccions.
Congrats yout tree is beautiful


Wow, what an amazing tree, lovely and great fabric choices too!


The tree is so pretty - love the colors. Beautiful fabrics! I would love to win one of your patterns.

quiltmom( Anna)

Lovely tree pattern Kelly,
You are having fun with your patterns.
Congratulations to your pattern winners.
Regards from a Western Canadian Quilter,


That tree is spectacular...I didn't think you could top the Christmas tree quilt, but I believe you have...

I bought your Pretty N' Pink pattern from you, LOVE IT, even though I have yet to make it up!

Des Moines, IA


That tree quit is going to be so cool! I love the colors. I also love the colors that make your heart sing -- mine is joining in!

Carrie L

I love the color choices. Maybe I'll get to make one of your designs someday!


Most gorgeous tree! The trunk too, is outstanding. Love those stripes, you didn't piece that, did you?!

Janet/What Comes Next

I love your new fabrics - especially the blue and green batch, but they all make my heart sing - as does your tree! Its looking gorgeous - can't wait to see it all completed.


The tree is so neat! I am not if I would have the patience to do all of that!

I'm jealous of your fabric. Just so you know...

Sherry Bedard

Soooo very beautiful. I'm in OOOOOOOOOh over your work.


I love those little leaves, I think more than the flowers.

I also love the fabric on the right end in the batch you bought for the colors- the sprockets. I want to find my own piece of that now.


I'm loving your new tree quilt project. But I am really digging the greens and blues added to your stash as well as the rocket/robot fabrics.

Thanks for sharing!


That tree is absolutely beautiful. That must take a lot of time to applique all those leaves on! And congrats to your winners!
Love the fabrics you have added to your stash!!


That tree is absolutely stunning!
I LOVE it.


LOVE your trees!


I love your tree! Your quilts are just so gorgeously colorful.


Your new tree looks just awesome. Then again most of your work does.


WOW your tree is looking amazing. I was so excited the other day to discover your blog again, I forgot to put it on my blog list and spent quite sometime trying to find you again (could not for the life of me remember your blogs name :)). Now I discover you are selling and giving away patterns, yiiippppeeeee. I'm very very excited about this. Will be purchasing your patterns for sure. I love your work, it is truly beautiful. xx


Oh how I love your taste. The colors are all so bright and pretty. I love the blues and greens that you have I really want to win a pattern.


Wow, the tree really is stunning, congratulations on the choice of fabrics, awesome!


Oh, this tree is so amazingly gorgeous. Please pick me for a pattern giveaway!

Renee G

Your tree is just gorgeous. I love the colors.

The Chocolate Cat

Wow you are always busy!! Love the fabrics especially the ones that 'made your heart sing', my problem is when I pick up those fabrics I hate cutting into them!!! The tree is looking great. Enjoy your week!


Your trees are gorgeous and the stash additions aren't bad either!!


Your tree's looking fabulous!

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