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July 14, 2009


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Aaaah! Such a gorgeous post! Lovely photos of your trip (we're heading off to Eilat in a couple of weeks!) and that quilt is just stunning!!! Can I have one for my birthday please??


It's been several years since I visited Fiji. Isn't the water beautiful? Love your quilts!!! You're so talented!

Sandy Gray

That gorgeous sunshine is making me envious, so cold here today! Enjoy! Love the Love Birds quilt. Pillow patterns almost all gone in preparation for our stitching afternoon Sat. week, they have caused quite a buzz!

Gail Mitchell

I love your patterns. Do you have any North American suppliers who carry your patterns? I'd really like to win.


Oh bad me - I'm insanely jealous - a lovely family holiday with hubby and kids in the sun. Do enjoy yourself! It's my birthday next week, I wish someone who loved me was making me a gorgeous quilt full of beautiful flowers.


Oh WOW!! I love your Love Birds quilt! and Fiji looks amazing! Enjoy your holiday!


How exciting to have a vacation in Fiji! I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing time! Love Birds is gorgeous. You never cease to amaze me.


Thank you for sharing Love Birds with us. It really carries your signature mark!
The new one with baby blue and light pink looks lovely.
I hope you enjoy your holiday. The place looks amazing!
Take care.

Sam D.

I wanna go. Next time invite me!


What a superSTAR! You clever, clever thing whipping up those delish quilts the way you do!! I'm glad you have your bas back, what a bummer to be wearing jerseys when its so damn hot!
Thank-you thank-you from the bottom of my heart for drawing me out for your give away. I have NEVER won anything in my life, and now I've won something truly worth waiting for. so worth the 40 year wait!!

Have fun enjoying that fabulous family of yours! Kids SO love it when they have your undivided attention.

Tania - jetbeadscraft

So So Jealous!


I love your patterns!! Your color sense in very inspiring to me, so bright and cheerful. Have a wonderful vacation.

Karen C

Love your style and went to SEW Bright in Bright only a few weeks ago, what a gorgeous place to visit in a gorgeous part of the world. Went with my gorgeous MR so made for a gorgeous weekend.


Jessica is one lucky birthday girl to be getting the Love Birds quilt. I can't decide which quilt I love the best - the Circles Quilt or the Love Birds. They are both fantastic!


I can only imagine what Figi will conjure up in your creative mind. I'm sure t!he resulting quilts will be fabulous


Oh Kellie - your "love birds" quilt is scrumdiddlyumptious!!!
I so want to do a workshop with you. Pleeeeeease can you pop up to Queensland to teach? In the meantime, I know I will be picking up a copy of the Homespun Magazine for a closer look at this gorgeous quilt. The combindation of colors in the bundle of fabrics you took away is so pretty. blessings from Barbara


Hi from Spain.
A wonderful quilt.I love your work.
Enjoy your vacations!!


I dont think anyone would be able to choose one design over the other as far as your quilts go. Your holidays seem to have gone on well despite no luggage!

Beth Dasecke

wow wow wow I think that is all I can say your work is amazing
I am glad you are having a fantastic time away
hugs Beth


I know you are super busy (always!) but i was wondering if you were going to join the DQS7? Sign-ups are going through this weekend over on FLickr


I love your designs! count me in for the pattern giveaway!


I want to be in Fiji. Instead maybe I will win a pattern. I would just love to have one. Your blog is so inspiring


Your new quilt is just gorgeous. So is the waether in Fiji by the looks of it. Enjoy your family time.


Oops, Should be "weather" in my previous post. That'll teach me not to preview.

chriss jasper

So pleased you are all able to get away and have a fantastic holiday in the sun!! Your kids will be having the time of their lives. Hope you get a break yourself and have some "feet up" time too.We may see a whole new slew of designs come from your holiday. Have a great time.

Jo from the farm

Love Bird quilt is gorgeous and so are your sneak peeks... Have fun in the sun, you lucky things... Love Jo xx


I am envying you in Fiji....and I am sure you all will have a good time. Lots of lovely sunshine and swimming. YOur new designs look fabulous and am looking forward to Homespun next month now :)Well done Kelly are so clever

Pina Refat

Fiji is a great place for a young family. We took our three there when they were 12 10 & 7 (5yr ago)
But unlike your misfortune, we had to STAY an extra day because our flight home was cancelled for some unknown reason, how inconsiderate of them lol :) I must add the resort offered freebies for the day.
Can't wait for next months Homespun so I can get my hands on "Love Birds" quilt.


I love the Love Birds, but I am entranced by those few, beautiful leaves in that "small project" (all of your projects look Huuuge to slow, slow me) of yours. Have a wonderful vacation and return.


Absolutely LOVE the border on Love Birds and can't wait to see more of that sneak peek... oh how you tease us!!! Glad your bags were reunited with you! My dad traveled all over the world but learned early on to always have a shaving kit (which of course you don't need!) and a spare pair of briefs in his travel on bag! Any quilt shops on Fiji!???? and... thanks for picking my name!!!!!


Looks like a fun time! And gosh I cannot wait to see that primary colored quilt!


Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

Love the new quilt!


Your Love Birds Quilt is absolutely gorgeous - your usual standard of exquisite quilts! Enjoy your vacation and creating special memories with your family. :o)

Ann-Maree K, Highfields

Wow! Love birds looks great. The to do list is forever growing with all the wonders I am finding. The holiday looks great, not sure how I would cope without luggage thou even if it was only for a few days. Hope you enjoy the rest of the break and return home safely. Keeping my fingers crossed that I may be one of the lucky ones.

Linda Gerig

fun quilts . Linda gerig


Hi, I saw a tiny pic of the beautiful quilt in the 'coming next month' section of the current Homespun mag, and I instantly recognised your style! I particularly love the border- the wide expanses of white with nuggets of bright colour. Well done! Do you use white Kona-cotton-type plain fabric for the backgrounds, or are they white on white prints?
I just finished the ugliest quilt in Australia- my just turned five year old requested a quilt made with his two loves- dinosaurs and lime green. The dino print was skeletons on black and the quilt's only redeeming feature is the Michael Miller disco dots I used to back it with. Hopefully it will fall apart in the dryer and it can be relegated to the cubby house soon. So dispiriting to waste precious crafting energy on something so ugly! (although Jasper loves it) Susan

simone mayze

Home for the winter so Fiji looks great. I love the vitality of your quilts. You are very talented.

Carol R

Isn't that always the way it is with flying, luggage is always late. So glad you got yours relatively quickly. It looks like a really pretty place, but I thought Fiji was always warm...30 degrees? Yikes. Have fun on vacation and enjoy the kiddies.

Such beautiful quilts! Will definitely try to find Homespun when your quilt makes it's debut.


As always your quilts and designs are stunning. Your holiday looked fantastic as well.




Love your quilts! They are very gorgeous! :D


Your quilts are gorgeous, have a great trip, i can't wait to see the next quilt.


What an amazingly talented person you are, Kellie! All your work is just so beautiful and I am in awe of you and what you accomplish with 4 kiddies. I have 4 kids as well but certainly don't accomplish anywhere near the amount of things you do! Have fun in Fiji, it looks lovely!

Beate Teale

your work looks SOOO happy and bright. brings joy to my heart. only sorry that my machine applique is... well, not near what i hope it wil be with practice!


What a wonderful holiday......and the birthday quilt is stunning!!!
Have a restful time.
Hugs, Barb

Kelly O.

That circles quilt is fabulous! Your work just lights up the room!

Fiona Harvey

I have just come across your patterns at Patchwork Angel. I find your work so beautiful and colorful I fell in love with them. Just amazing.

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