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July 14, 2009


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Oooh, your new birthday quilt is stunning - your children are very lucky!

Thank you so much for How Does Your Graden Grow - it arived yesterday (in record time!) and I can hardly wait to get started!


How wonderful to be able to just pack up and head off to such a beautiful destination. Hmm no fresh knickers for a few days would bother me too. Love your new quilt, just beautiful and the sneak peek of what looks like a tree. Enjoy your holiday the sunshine and that special time with family.

tracey petersen

even on holidays you are still managing to astound! The Love Bird quilt is a stunner. I'll be sure to buy my copy of that magazine!! (the twins must be wonderful kids... their birthdays are just one day before mine...)


Your vacation looks fabulous, especially once your luggage arrived! Love the Love Birds quilt! Enjoy your day! :0)

sue brown

so glad you got your luggage, glad you are having a wonderful time. The quilt is gorgeous.


I love your quilts! They are so funny full with spirit.


I love the Love Birds quilt. Jessica must just love it. She is a very lucky girl. I think it's beautiful.


bula! Looks like a lovely part of to share the resort name (for next year when we are back to actually having winters and will need to escape!!!)
Love love love the love birds!

Robin (rsislandcrafts)

Your Love Birds quilt is gorgeous! Such fun colors.

Dolores Sedore

Congratulations to all the winners and have fun, fun, fun on your holidays. Wish I were there.


I love the new quilt. I'm still waiting for a peek at the one in your blog title though. I'm so jealous of your vacation! Have fun.

Sharon L F

Ooooh i'm so jealous...would love to have some time in the warm.
Can't wait to get my Homespun next month. Your quilt looks gorgeous.


I tried the Kia scissors and I LOVE them. Thank you for recommending them to us. I'm so excited to get my next issue of Homespun. I subscribed just for your quilts which are so wonderfully whimsical!!!

Shelley C

Yes, that is a lovely quilt. Your work is such a signature style.

I've had my luggage take scenic routes as well :P Looks like a wonderful vacation spot! Enjoy the ocean breezes for me!

Claude MUAU

J'adore ce que tu fais, c'est très joli et les couleurs sont très gaies ! Merci pour ton blog !


what a lovely quilt again! congrats!
last week I went home for a few days from our summer house, and as I had not seen my garden for 4 weeks, I was totally awed by a beautiful corner full of flowers which were not in bloom at the time I had left. They reminded me of your patterns, so I thought of you a lot :-) I even took a few pictures of them.
Enjoy your holiday, it sure looks a good place!


Your holiday destination looks idyllic!! Hope you have a great, relaxing break!

The Love Bird quilt is gorgeous. I bet Jessica falls in love with it immediately! Happy Birthday to Jessica and Ben for Thursday.:)

Nancy wonderful..

Love Jessica's quilt. Such a girly girl quilt..

Linda DiVall

Fiji looks like a beautiful place to create memories.

Your love birds quilt is amazing---how do you do it---four kids and all that piecing and applique. Very, very nice....


Lost Luggage? Yep, been there, done that! So now I never travel without a spare pair of undies and a tshirt in my carry on bag!
Love the new quilt; it's so colourful and bright. Enjoy your holidays and the kids!


Figi- looks AMAZING! Maybe someday.... Birdie quilt is stunning, I love it!

Carolina H

Me and my husband went to Maui, luggage lost somewhere between Amsterdam and San Fransisco...It´s amazing that it turned up 47 hours later in Maui ;-)
Hope your vacation will be as wonderful as it looks like!
Quilthugs, Carolina in Sweden


Oh my! How wonderful for you and your family! Have a great time!


Fiji, that's just not fair! Hope you are having a wonderful time!! And I LOVE the Love Birds quilt!! So pretty!! Hoping there will be a pattern for that. Because I'm gonna have to make it. Someday...


the birthday quilt is wonderful, hope it is a wonderful birthday, and enjoy the rest of your trip - it looks amazing xox

Darcey Peters

Have a lovely holiday....and thank you for yet another chance to win your absolutely sweet patterns. All the best and have a great time!


Wow, another beautiful quilt. I am such a fan of your work. Fiji looks gorgeous too...ah nice to dream about that blue water.

D Spack

Sorry abt. the luggage! Everything you do is lovely colorful, even your luggage!:) Love Birds is so so pretty. Have fun. Thanks for another chance to win.


Enjoy Fiji!! You are so generous with your pattern give-a-ways. I certainly would love to win as my birthday is next month and my husband is not so good at remembering to buy me things I like and will use :)

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Jessica's Love Birds quilt is amazing. I'm sure she will love it forever. And the Circles and other project for Homespun look equally beautiful. You are so talented to create these wonderful thing.


I'm so jealous, Fiji looks wonderful! And I love Love Birds! :)


Your quilts are so sew beautiful. Thanks for the giveaway (fingers crossed). And I just took a free photography class at REI in S. Cal. He used a fancy 3200speed camera to capture a fire throwing shot like that. But your picture looks amazing. Can you please tell what camera you are using and the setting if you remember it. Gosh, you're giving me vacation longing, but we just can't afford it right now.


I'm glad that our visit didn't put the quilt behind time.
fiji looks fantastic... with or without luggage,

Linda from California

Your quilts are so beautiful!!! Thank you so much for sharing them with us!!! I will tell you my favorite thing, besides my ruler or sewing machine, it's my co-worker that Oh and Awes over my quilts and tells me they are beautiful and appreciates all the work that goes into them. She inspires me to continue on. Enjoy your time in Fiji - and don't read your email til1 you come back!


Have an amazing trip!! (When you get back, I must grill you on your holiday details. We are wanting to plan a family holiday and this one looks like a ripper!!)
New quilt projects all amazing.
Especially loving Jessie's new (oldish) quilt!! I saw a little shot of it in this month's Homespun and just knew you had another winner!!! YAY!!
Andi :-)

Ruth B

Your work is so gorgeous it is a treat just to see your blog. I love your designs. Bulla!!


The new quilt for Homespun looks so wonderful. Must finish a few other things and then have a go at your amazing techniques. Have a wonderful WARM holiday. I am very jealous in chilly Canberra!

Cath Roberts

Bulla Kellie, Denarau Island is a wonderful place to relax and the Fijians are just amazing with kids. I am so jealous and wish I was back there too - but with only 2 weeks to go until #2 arrives I will have to suffice with relaxing on the lounge at home in Sydney with the heating on! Have a wonderful time, looking forward to the issues of Homespun featuring your amazing work.


Funny and how exciting. I am flying out on the 28th July to go to FIJI. I can't wait - just look at the photos.!!! I hope they don't loose our luggage!!
I love your new quilt - I wish I was one of your children....LOL


Wow Fiji! That's amazing! I hope you're having a wonderful time!! I love the Many projects you have going and recently finished! Enjoy your holiday!


Oh you lead such an amazing happy family life Kellie and you deserve it too. I bought Homespun this week and did see that the next issue will contain that gorgeous pattern. I am hoping to try my hand at quilting one day so perhaps I will put this on my list. I cant wait to see what the sneak peek is too, it looks very pretty. Enjoy the sunshine too, and I am glad that your bags finally turned up.


I cant wait till homespun comes out, I will just have to come back here each day to admire, lovebirds and all your other beautiful works...ah


Jessie's quilt is beautiful! Looking forward to seeing the completed version of Ben's quilt too!

PS I'm so jealous of you guys in Fiji - it's freezing in Melbourne today!

Vanna Owens

Your quilts are gorgeous! I am so jealous of you vacation and hope you have a wonderful time.


Someday, I will make it to Fiji!! It looks and sounds gorgeous. I hope you are having a wonderful time. Congrats to the winners! Drats for the rest of us. But maybe luck will shine on us this time around. Thanks for another chance to win!


I think I have to move to Australia. By way of Fiji, of course. Creativity surely abounds Down Under! I love love love your quilts. I hope I can get Homespun here in the states! And I'm so glad your luggage finally arrived.


the new quilt is just beautiful...and fiji looks fabulous...have a great time!

Di Jobbins

Left a comment yesterday but I can't see it now :-( Just wanted to tell you I can almost feel the warmth of that Fijiian sun through your lovely photos! Ready to pounce on my copy of "Homespun" when it arrives at my newsagent's!


Oh how I'd love a holiday. Sounds like you're all having a great time.

I love the Love Birds quilt!

Debbie  St.Germain

The quilt is gorgeous and that water is gorgeous, I love them both;)


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