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June 29, 2009


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Kellie, Megan is such a beauty! Happy birthday to her!!!! Jess' art work is wonderful!!!! such a talented bunch you have... but no wonder, they have such a talented Mum!!!! Love your new idea!


Happy Birthday to Megan! What a pretty girl! I had my 10 year old daughter come read your post with me so she could see what kids in other countries are up to. I love the tree you are working on, it has a great look to it.


Happy Birthday to Megan!

Sue Bone

Happy birthday Megan on 27th from Elizabeth who was 11 on 28th.


I like the way that tree is looking. Please show us more as you get further along.
Happy birthday to Megan.


Happy Birthday to Megan! Looks like a fun day!!

Love the new quilt you're working on! Can't wait to see more!!


Hello, I too lately have had this "thing" for trees, and spots. Go figure? The white and grey are great, especially with the pop of pink. Happy birthday to Megan, just wait till she's 13 and a really teenager. Mine turned 13 on the 21st of June.
Your kids learn on a clay court? we play on hard courts. All 3 of mine know how to play too. Tennis is a great sport and I enjoy it along with the quilting. Something,both things, you can do until you are 90. I have been meaning to ask you what weight thread you use to applique? I think it is heavier, via the pictures, but??? Thanks, Mary


Oooh, I shall be in Hampshire next weekend - will have to look out for that shop!


Looks like you guys have had a lot of fun! Happy birthday to Megan! (It is funny to think that it's winter over there when we have had the hottest days of the summer here.)
Your tree quilt will be stunning! You seem to achieve so much in so little time! How do you do it?
Take care.


You really are going to have to chase the boys away Kellie, she is such a cutie.I'm not one for fairs , I get nauseous just watching the rides so I think I'd be with Joshua .. I think Jess is going to be designing your quilts soon, she's very talented but then again - it's in the genes :-)


Happy B-day Megan and congrats to Judy & Rachel on winning the giveaway. Jessica keep up the great art work.

[email protected]

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl!

Lots of love Lucy xxx

Allie in MI

Happy Birthday Megan, double digits is awesome! Jessica's zebra is awesome - congrats to everyone for moving on from white belts! Love your tree, your patterns are so wonderful!


Looks like a lot of busy fun!
I love trees too, can't wait to see what you do!

Dolores Sedore

Looks like Megan had a very happy birthday. Those little ones sure do grow up fast and I see they are talented too.
Congratulations to the winners of the patterns.


Happy Birthday Megan! I hope you had a great day.
And I would love to win one of the patterns, so please count me in.


I'm already in love with your new tree quilt. I can't wait to see how it unfolds. I really need to become more like you. I never get around to starting on the ideas in my head. You seem to be able to get motivated, find the time (or give up sleep) to start on them. I keep hoping I will have a bit more time when my oldest starts kindergarten this coming August. But we all know how carefully thought out plans work!


seems like you had a great day!

Robin (rsislandcrafts)

Happy Birthday!!!

I love your tree quilt so far :)


Happy Happy Birthday Miss M!!! I can't believe you're 10 either. Seems like only yesterday I was reading about you turning 9.
Looks like another fabulous birthday party.
And don't you have a lovely and clever family?!?
Your little sister is turning out to be quite the little artist, just like you!!
And your brothers are too cute for words.
And your mum is certainly a very lovely and talented artist too.
What a family!!
Andi :-)


Happy Birthday, Megan! What a wonderful day that you had. Enjoy being 10!


Wow, happy happy birthday! We're celebrating the big 7 here, I know 10 will be here before I'm ready. And that is some zebra, that's amazing. Enjoy the lazy, carefree school holidays!


Hi Kellie, Happy birthday to your eldest. Our school holidays start on Friday and I must say I am looking forward to it too. I only have to work one day each week so will have lots of time with the kids and hopefully not much whining will take place as they will only have to go to nana's one day each week. Just have to plan activities.

Janet / What Comes Next

What a beautiful big girl you have - and the rest of the family's none too shabby either! Looks like everyone had a ton of fun - me, I'd be with the sensible ones for sure! Hope everyone has a great school break. Love your tree - bring'em all on!


happy birthday to your beautiful daughter! time does fly, my firstborn was 10 in March too, I still cannot believe it (neither can I believe that I turned 40 in March...)
congrats to the winner, and I hope I'll be the next one! :-)


Our oldest just turned 10, too. I can't believe this much time has passed!

Maree @ Farmyard Crafts

Happy Birthday to Megan! Looks like an awesome day was had by all. Love your tree! I think I could be happy looking at a million of them!!


Happy Birthday Megan, it must have been great fun at Luna Park.
Kellie, your tree will be beautiful, just like all the beautiful work you do.


Happy Birthday Miss Megan -- you're such a cutie! And Congratulations to your drawing winners too, Kellie!


What a lovely birthday outing. You are amazing that you can stitch so much with 4 kids 10 and under! Your new tree design looks really good.


Happy birthday to the 10 year old!!! I hope you had a great day!


Wishing Megan a very Happy Birthday!! Looks like she had a great celebration - how lucky to have her birthday during the school holidays. Jessica's zebra picture is amazing. Love the beginning of your latest tree quilt.


Looks like Megan had a great birthday- double figures are very scary!!

Love the new quilt.

Term time looks like it was very busy- enjoyt he school holidays :)


You guys do need these holidays - for a rest and a bit of a catch up. I love that new tree kellie, spookily beautiful !
I am coming up a childs 18th soon, just after a 40th? Mid life crisis anyone???


totally digging the trees -- can't wait to see everything you come up with!


Happy Birthday to the beautiful girl. What a lovely family you have, Kellie!

And how cool that I won your pattern giveaway. I'm so excited!!! This is definitely not an entry for the next giveaway - I wouldn't be so greedy ☺



Happy, happy birthday to your beautiful Miss Megan!!


Happy 10th Birthday to the birthday girl....I often wonder where the time has gone when I realise I am the mother of a 34 year old!!...and my "baby" is about to turn 25....yikes!!! have an incredibly busy household.....AND you find time to create all your fab patterns/quilts/monkeys!


What a fabulous day for the kids, birthday wishes to Megan.


Happy Birthday Megan - does make you feel old doesn't it?

quiltmom( Anna)

Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter- It looks like you had lots of fun- Kids do grow up very fast.
Congratulations to your winners - you do lovely work.
Regards from A western Canadian quilter,


quite a beauty and what a fun day at the park! Love your work, always looking forward to the next thing.


What fun! My big little girl will be my first 10 year old this year too! It's crazy but it sounds like you had a marvelous day! And your projects are looking lovely!


Happy Birthday to your lovelydaughter. And congratulations to all the great things your lot has achieved this year. It's impressive. Love the tree, by the way.


Happy Birthday to Megan! My oldest turns 10 next year - where does the time go? Looks like you all had a wonderful time at luna park, I hope to take my children there next time we go to Melbourne.

Bev C

Double figures,that is a huge Birthday. Have a great school holidays.

Maree .W

Luna Park in Sydney was a hangout as a Teen...brings back Memories...Enjoy your Holiday Break and am really Loving that Tree so far...Looks Fab.!


That tree is very intriguing.. Will you tell us at some point how you did that?
Happy Birthday to a cute 10 year old. Looks like there was a fun day...


Happy birthday Miss double-digit, what a wonderful day at Luna park , brings back many memories of when I was 10.


My baby is 10 - how time flies! Your daughter is beautiful. I'm glad you all had such a fun day together. Love every quilt and pattern you've made! They breathe joy - I love that! Thanks for giveaway!

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