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June 12, 2009


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BEEN fascinated with your blog since I found you, mostly your whimsy. Your designs are the stuff of my girls' imagined friends. So here's my comment and looking forward to the 100th episode and the BIG giveaway. ~anna in md, right near my hometown of DC


Hi Kellie!

It was really interesting to read about your machine, thanks for the great advice of how to organise yourself for shopping for a new one.

I have signed up to attend your workshop in Hawthorn this August... does that count as a purchase?!! I am really looking forward to learning new skills - and to meeting you!

Warm wishes! VIkki :-)


I can't get over your use of color. It's just stunning. I love how vibrant each piece of your quilt is, but everything flows together so harmoniously. Thanks for sharing your beautiful quilts and patterns online!


It's good to hear that your work is becoming more well known via classes and so on. I love the gorgeous things you make and check your blog frequently.


4-6 hours a day sewing?!! Wow - that's awesome!! Sounds like heaven for any sewer. I really enjoyed reading about your Bernina - what a fabulous machine.


Oh my goodness, I would give my eye teeth to be able to take one of your classes.....maybe one day you can do an online class? I just love my Bernina but it is only the activa 230


love visiting you here.
I haven't had a chance to make anything from the pattern I bought.....but I'm trying. :)

Joy Gross

WOW would I be able to create things like you your work is amazing.


I found your blog about six months ago, when I got back into patchwork. Wow - I just love your colourful quilts and pillows. I would love to learn how to machine embroidery. (I must attend one of your workshops!).
I have a brother embroidery machine and I just love it. (In the past I have done all of the embroidery for my daughter's dance school).
Thanks for sharing your quilts to us all.


chriss jasper

I am sure we all think you are amazing, managing to juggle all the things you do and be so creative as well. You get my wonder woman award! And you keep us entertained on your blog - way to go. Thanks heaps.

Kathy Watt

I love my Bernina too and would love to upgrade. My quilt shop in the US has started selling machines; the 820, in US Dollars, is a just every so slightly under $10,000. I enjoy your blog and like your quilt style very much.

Tanya Holt

HI Kellie,
I love your bright colours and funky style! First comment I have left so thought I should 'check in' about that! I love my Bernina 440- and you have inspired me to go and check out that knee lifter which I just don't use at the moment.


Congrats on your 99th post! You do beautiful work. I want to sew like you when I grow up :)


Yup this is my dream machine too. But its a big dream for me. I'm just hoping to upgrade a little bit from my little singer that my hubby bought me for my fist machine sometime this year.


I have machine envy! I would love a Bernina but sadly mine is not.


Thanks for sharing all the info on your shiny new machine! Sadly, my 3 kids eat up the budget and there's none leftover for my sewing habit!
On the bright side, I'll be 40 in 2 years! That gives me time to work on my negotiating skills!!!
Can't wait to see the new project unveiled....

Magnolia Bay Quilts

Very informative post on the 820. I saw this machine in person recently, and it does look really big! I'd love to have the extra throat space, though.

Love the sneak peek of your quilt. As always, your work is amazing.


Sounds a lovely machine and I can really see the advantage of some of the features like the big area to work on and the knee lift they are both features I love on my industrial machine but those on a domestic that does more than straight stitch and is possible to move around would be wonderful.

Judy in Michigan

Your work is amazing and I will be looking for your patterns. I have a Bernina 440 and I love it too - but the 820 is really something - I hope my dream machine comes true.


Fantastic post!!! Very informative. I've been trying to decide between getting the 440 or just going all the way and getting the 820....... decisions decisions! Thanks for you opinion.


Oooooo! that sounds like a grand machine! Maybe for my next Bernina. I have had mine for 9 years and love it. And 4-6 hrs daily?!!! Kellie, do you sleep and eat???


I Just love all of your work


The bird is adorable, and your quilt shots look great too. I am still using my old Kenmore.


lovely colors as always!


The new Bernina would look great in my sewing room. She would sit next to my Bernian 730. I just ordered 2 of your patterns to make for my grand daughter Chloe. I made the pillow listed on a previous page and it turned out wonderfully. They are so bright and cheery..just like Chloe. Can't wait to get started ! Thank you for sharing your design talent.


of course I commented on the wrong page, Love love love your blog, read it 100 times a day. I am mustering up the courage to try a pattern and can't wait for Oh Christmas Tree. Thank you for the inspiration. Please come to California soon so I can take lessons from you.


why don't I live in Australia?


Congratulations from Germany on your 100. I love your blog and your work, try to get inspired by it and hopefully will tend to be less shy when it comes to applications. By the way my machine is over 30 years old!

tracey petersen

You should work for them. I'm not sure how I even survive without that machine after your breakdown of its features and advantages!

Beth Fosut

Kellie - I was so excited to read your new post and read about your new bernina. I have been looking at the Bernina's trying to decided which one to buy for my daughter who is majoring in clothing and fashion design. I am thinking perhaps she can have my old Bernina and I'll get a new one. It was interesting to get your take on the stitch regulator.

Oh - and how I wish I could come take a class!!!! Utah, USA is too far away.

Mic B

Happy 40th and new machine. Your work is awesome.


I've been a Bernina girl for over 20 years! I'm avoiding even looking at the 820!


I've just come back from the quilt show in Sydney where my dh surprised me by buying this machine!!! The price on one of the demo models was very good added to the show special. Now I can't wait for it to be delivered but we'll have to figure out how to accomodate it. It's pure luxury and a dream come true. I'm still in shock.


Wow - your 820 makes my little 150 look like a poor relative. If I didn't love my 'Bernice' so much, I'd be jealous!

Happy 100th post! That's quite an achievement. Way to go!


Phew - that was a long post to get through - so many interesting things to note and link and visit and think about!! Thanks so much for being involved in the Bushfires Quilt Hanging on Sat 20th June - I am definitely looking forward to seeing your quilts up close - though I hope yours are not placed too close to mine - it would be going from the sublime to the ridiculous(ly simple)!!


Thank You So Much for joining in on the Meme... My Dream Machine has always been the Bernina 820 & I just loved reading your review... Now I Heart it even more... Lol !!!

Carrie A

Love your stuff! really!


Kellie, I LOVE the look of your new project and can't wait until you reveal the full design! I must say I'm a little green with envy over your new sewing machine - it sounds like a dream. Now, with the combination of your creative mind and a fantastic machine - the sky is the limit - we will look forward to lots of great designs in the future!! Karen


really really enjoyed the intro to your bernina! now I want one!

I can relate to avoiding posting, I just notice I hit 101! and don't have time for a contest.

Keep up the sewing and I wish I could do as much as you.

Margy Aerts

Now I also want one of those. I am still working with my old, very cheap machine, but it gets me what I want so that is the most important thing. Love your designs.


I'm still in awe of the bird cage - wow - it is fabulous!


That is an amazing machine. I do love the one I have at the moment but yours does sound really special. I do love your free motion quilting. I have had a lesson but am a little daunted! Must practise.


A Bernina girl I am too! The machines allow you to be a creative queen - you encapsulate the creativity of Bernina within your designs and quilting. looking forward to making one of quilts soon! I dream of an 820 - after reading your blog I need to find a way to afford one. Continue your creative journey, the left foot hint works wonders and is easy to get the hang of.


Kellie, you are amazing! I just love the colours in your latest project. I can't wait to see the whole thing. I have just found my machine attachment to do free motion quilting and I am a bit scared, but seeing the wonderful things that you have created I am excited to give it a go. I love your sewing machine, by the way. I hope you continue to enjoy using it to create more fabulous projects!


Thank you so much for sharing your perspective on your machine. I've been so curious about the 820/830 and wondering how it compares to the 440 (which I have and love). I'm afraid you've planted a seed in my brain... oh, my... that extra space would indeed be lovely! :)


I was beginning to feel like a stalker, checking in to see if you were ok! So glad your life is so busy, but remember to take time to relax!! You've been the inspiration for me to take up a new hobby and I love it! More stash, more fun!
Take care Kellie. x

Carol Spacagna

Love your blog and your quilts are so gorgeous and that sewing machine what a dream. I'd love to win something from you please enter me. Take care Carol


Wow what a machine, I have a 30 year old Berina, that was my mums and she still sews beautifully. I have only just started to get into quilting (it is my mums love) but your designs and use of colour have inspired me to get into it too. Mum is so excited she has started my fabric stash for me, lots of Kaffe Fassett and Farmers Marker. I have already made one of you girls art smocks, every one comments on it. Once again thanks for your creative gifts and inspirations.


Thank you for the Bernina know how. I would love your machine - one day - maybe!


Your work is incredible! Thanks for the sewing machine review. I found it very informative.

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