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June 12, 2009


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Loving your work, fingers are itching to try some ideas.
YOU have such talent and not the machine.


Your machine is a really fantastic one! I only can dream about a machine with such a luxury. But day. You never know.
I love your work and I enjoy reading every post on your blog!

Caroline from Germany

Anna McD

Love love your blog!!

Lisa L.

I am so in awe of your projects - that birdcage is beautiful. Good luck getting everything done.


I've been drooling over that machine for awhile now. Super jealous. What an amazing and wonderful husband you have! The quilt shown is so cute!!

Raphiel Thompson

Love your work! Funky, whimsy, you inspire me. I'm new to the world of quilting and all things sewing. Your bird cage is amazing.


What an amazing looking machine! I am not surprised you love it so much. I have a very old, basic singer and am positively drooling over all the wonderful machines I am seeing via sew mama sew. Thanks for the information about yours!


I began with sewing/quilting in February this year. I have a Bernina 430 and I love it! Of course, your 820 is a dream machine but I'm not as pro as you are;D
I want to thank you for your tutos (the biding one is the first I read which explained exactly how to end up a biding!) and your inspired appliqu├ęs!!!
Success with your hand sewing and read you soon!

Cath Roberts

Kellie, So nice to see you back - you mentioned in your email a couple of weeks ago that you may have a few delayed blogs - but I have to say it was just too long between installments! I'm more than a little jealous after picking up my Elna S26 from a service last week - it is the one I learnt to sew on over 30 years ago! My 40th is late 2010, so I'll have to start practising now on my negotiation skills with my husband!!!
P.S. The error I was having accessing your blog has now gone - thanks.

Vreni Kohler

Thanks for the info on the Bernina 820. I've tried it out last week at the Sydney quilt and craft show and I was instantly hooked. Now I just have to convince my hubby that I need to upgrade my 440 to a 820 ;). Wish me luck....
Congratulations on your 100th post and I'm looking forward to the next 100 posts.


I feel the exact same way about my Bernina. I just love it. I have to tell you I adore the quilt you are working on with the circles and dots. Happy stitching, Donna

Rebecca Clarke

Thank you so much for the review and tips on buying a new machine, I am looking into a new one at the moment and although I am a Janome lover the tips will be extra handy. I so love your work and patterns. I will be hoping that one day when my kids are a bit bigger I can make it to one of your workshops if you come nearby.

Karen C

Wow what a blog, how long did this take you? It must have seriously eaten into your quality stitching time but good on you, there was a lot of useful info. What a machine.


I enjoyed reading your Ode to Bernina. :)

I recently got a new machine myself, and what a difference it makes.


I love your work and the new bird and birdcage design is amazing - very into birdcages at the moment as i want to wall paper my daughters bedroom in 'birdcage walk' - gorgeous wallpaper


I have heard Bernina is a good brand of machine to go with, someday I will have my dream machine.
I am always looking for an update on your blog, I LOVE you work.
Jill "o)

michelle cress

Love the machine! If I had the money, Its what I'd buy! Good luck with catching up on all your projects!

Beate Teale

I'm not up to needing a great new machine yet but I do LOOOVE the bird in cage. How did you get such straight lines doing it freehand???? It is soo lovely. Thanks for sharing.
If I bought a mag because of your pattern inside does that count as a pattern purchase. huh, huh???


Your work is beautiful! I've been thinking about upgrading to a Bernina; thanks for the insite into what these machines can do!

felicia pollard

Your work is amazing. I love your ideas, your blog and your pics. I'm impressed and so glad i found you.


What a wonderful sewing maching you have. I wished I lived in Australia for lots of reasons, but one so that I could attend one of your classes. Your patterns are gorgeous!

Mary  Martin-Brake

I love your work....and your blog. I don't see how you get it all done. You have such a wonerful gift thank you for sharing your work.

K. Schroeder

Am so in awe with your talents. Thank you for sharing.
Must start saving for a better sewing machine.


That was quite an ode to your machine...I wish I loved mine that much! Maybe I should go visit the Bernina dealer...



I have just started reading your blog this last month. This is actually the first time I've left a comment on any blog! I love the quilt in the picture, do you have a pic of it from the front anywhere? Maybe I missed it.


Oh my goodness! So that's how I get needle down! Thank you so much!!!!


What an amazing post! I love hearing about the pros & cons of a machine from a real person! Your polka dots are looking amazing I can't wait to see what it is coming together to be! Congrats on the upcoming 100th post!


Your work is Wonderful! The machine is a great tool, but your talent - so fun, so joyful, so inspiring. Thanks for sharing!! I love your site!


I am so jealous that you got one of these machines from AQC. I was there, and did test drive one and fell in love, but was told that they would not be selling the display models (which really p**** me off!) I really really want one! But unlike you, I won't be trading in my old machine when I get it (I have a 430) mainly because when that baby gets set up, it wont be moving for classes!


Wow Kellie what a detailed post! I don't know how you manage to fit it all in, with family to care for as well.
Just love your style, & your designs.


What a fab machine you have, I have a very old Husqvarna, I've used it to stitch everything from curtains to quilts. Maybe one day I will upgrade to my dream Bernina - it doesnt hurt to dream .............


What a great machine! I only have a simple Pfaff, but it does what I want (most of the time!).
I think a Bernina won't be in my budget for a long long time.

Jittina (


Thank you so much for posting this info, as a recent subscriber I had a bunch of questions to ask you about your machine and techniques and you have now answered most of them. I was especially interested to hear that you no longer tend to use the stitch regulator for you work ...which is so even I "assumed" you used it! Maybe there is hope for me yet!...your work in inspiring!


Hi from Spain I just want to say your blog is wonderful and your patterns gorgeous. I just love your work


Much as I love my baby Pfaff, I think I now officially have sewing machine envy. Thanks for your fabulous post!


I LOVE your quilts. They are so happy. How do you make all of those perfect circles?! I have the original Bernina 830- the very, very old one. It works great but it sure would be fun to have the new version sitting on my kitchen table!


Your machine sure sounds like a dream machine. I love my Bernina 170E too. I really love your bird in the cage, too cute!

cindy b

i just love your blog - it is so cheery! thank you for being so generous with your patterns and ideas and tutorials. inpired, i made several of those little tissue cozies for mother's day. last summer my husband helped me create a perfect little nook for quilting and for my new bernina!


Congratulation on almost your 100th post! I have an Pfaff 1475. Its about 13 - 14 years old and it would take a lot to get me to give it up. I have used a older Bernina and I didn't like it. I have not tried out the new ones. Maybe I will check it out.


So jealous! I would love to have one to have more freedom with my sewing...



I love your blog and I have only discovered it today. Just skimmed through from your first to last entry. What fun. You have a great bunch of kids too:)

I have been teaching myself needle turn applique - following the Piece 'O Cake DVD and book. I also have tried some fusible/machine stitched applique blocks using the Piece 'O Cake designs. I wasn't sure about this method. Love using the machine and loved the edges with the stitching on the machine - but not sure about the slight stiffness of the result.

However, tripping along and oohhing and aahing at your work - I can see several things fall into place for me. Machining - whether zig zag edges or blanket stitch edges of the free machined edges (why did I not think of that?? - I have a long history of machine embroidery) I can see a way forward. I like the needle turn - bt it's far from practical for me - timewise.

I aAm going to try machine quilting a couple of the blocks I have recently appliqued - to get to the end result (make them into cushions) and I really feel I've found a way forward.

I want to use my own hand dyed fabrics and am developing a palette - my other great love being dyeing cloth.

Thank you for being so inspiring. Off to see if I can get back issues of the magazines in your blog and then to sleep - to dream applique:)

Kind Regards


I really love your circle quilts - I am trying to get up the courage to attempt something like that myself.


Hi Kellie, great 820 article. I don't think I would be able to talk fast enough to get my hands on one and I llllove my 440 so I don't think I could part with it, i regret parting with my previous machine (not that I could sew with 2 at the same time but I am sure it would have come in handy some times). New project looks great and I am so looking forward to your class in October.


I am so Green just love that machine and would love to own one one day. My 1530 is wonderful but that Large Throat would be a just be the icing on the cake. I did buy a XLotto ticket this week. Ever hopeful. Love that little birdie in the cage. It has such personality.


awesome machine
i am glad you like it
sweet quilt and that bird in the cage is so lovely
i wish i could "draw" with my machine like that

Tozz - Vicki

Thank you for all that information about your machine and you sound like you have the ultimate machine. I love your designs Kelly and one I will get to meet you and even do a workshop with you. Looking forward to your future patterns and blog entries :)Congrats on your upcoming 100th!!


I wish I had a beautiful Bernina machine...maybe someday!


I enjoy reading your blog. You work in such a happy color palette, that I cannot avoid feeling good while looking at the your photos. Marking an important date, a rite of passage or a significant event should bring happiness and a feeling of warmth to those involved. I congratulate you on both your birthday and your amazing husband who thought to give you such an amazing gift. I too am a "Bernina chick" and have been extremely happy with mine. I purchased the 180 with the embroidery unit to celebrate the one year anniversary of my cancer surgery. Since then, I bought a serger (the 1100DA) and I won an Activa 230 (which is the machine I take to classes).

Thanks for writing a visually entertaining blog. It is fun to see a new entry. Enjoy your new Bernina and keep up the good words :)


love the birdcage


The four to six hours a day sound heavenly! I can't manage that much but I do love the time I do spend sewing. The bird in his cage is delightful!

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